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A new family.. (chapter 3)

On Williams ninth day I talked quite alot with doctors and nurses the way I always do with people that fascinates me, and especially now when I nervously awaited something important – that chromo report – Normally these people gladly … finish reading A new family.. (chapter 3)

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A few shots and..

Original size I have not left the planet. ;) But my SD15 is currently in the hands of a friend and the SD1 just arrived back from Bengt Werner who wanted to try it out.. Now, seeing that the new … finish reading A few shots and..

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A Yak bull.. Single shot HDR

 Original Another shot from my trip up north and this time it’s a Yak bull (At least I think so).. :) It’s a shot taken at ISO200 – You may want to open the shot in PS in order to … finish reading A Yak bull.. Single shot HDR

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Trip to Shangeri-la. SD1 shots.

 Original from the window of my car.. For the last four days I’ve been on vacation on my vacation to the north of Yunnan province, to a place named Shangeri-la.. I used ISO200 in order to get the entire scene without … finish reading Trip to Shangeri-la. SD1 shots.

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The magenta girl..

Couldn’t resist.. And she even exaggerate the magenta effect quite a bit.. :) A bit later I saw her again, now her dad had collected some more of what he was collecting.. I tried to make her smile, but she … finish reading The magenta girl..

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Sigma SD1 – What we don’t know..

EDIT: We now know that MED resolution is 3264 x 2176! (directly from Sigma). Yes! EDIT2: Eric Magnusson corrected resolutions on the SD9 – which is Hi: 2268 x 1512 Med: 1512×1008 and Low: 1134 x 756 EDIT3: Info about batteries. … finish reading Sigma SD1 – What we don’t know..

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A couple of ducks later..

Camera: SD15 Lens: 120-300 @ 176mm Exposure: ISO200 f5,6 1/100s How big is the buffer on the SD1? How many frames per second? How much space will one shot take? And how many different resolutions will be available?! And will fps … finish reading A couple of ducks later..

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Why I choose Sigma..

I was talking to Bengt Werner today, a former Nikon user who switched to Sigma for his landscape photography. And we tried to put our finger on why we love the way Sigma images look and what it is that … finish reading Why I choose Sigma..

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Even more impossible detail revealed!

I really can’t wait for the SD1.. Can you? Btw, my facial expressions isn’t in sync with what is going on in the video – I was eager to make this video and get it OUT as it would make … finish reading Even more impossible detail revealed!

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Impossible detail! 46MP?

Photo prepared using SPP 4.x. I’ll let the video speak for itself. The lens? 50mm 1.4

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