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A little something about the new Adobe Sketch for iPad..

I confess! I have an addiction to sketch apps.. I’ve used too many and had real fun with most of them. They all have their qualities and often I miss one or two features that I know another app has.. … finish reading A little something about the new Adobe Sketch for iPad..

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SD1 Shangeri-la RAW Pack 4

Download SD1 RAW Pack nr 4 255MB You need Sigma Photo Pro 5 (or any other SD1 compatible aw converter). The above shots all have a huge dynamic range (perhaps not the water shot) for you to play with – … finish reading SD1 Shangeri-la RAW Pack 4

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Electric trip

Original I love ev-bikes! I had one many years ago when I lived in Kunming and the other day we tried a few to see if perhaps it would be time to get another one.. They’re really awesome!! This one … finish reading Electric trip

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Merry Christmas from us to ALL of you!!

Myself and Linn would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!! (And yes, she wanted Manga eyes..)

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My desk, DP1x shot(s)

Open full size version (not extremely big, but bigger and very detailed). About the desk. I always wanted something bigger that we could use, both of us at the same time. The solution that I now settled with, as you see on the picture … finish reading My desk, DP1x shot(s)

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A day at Marstrand. Strobist.

The knife maker. Shot on Marstrand using SD14 + Sigma 50mm 1.4 and using sun as main light and Sigma 530 DG and back shape light.  ISO50. Now, ISO50 is such a compressed format that you really need to expose … finish reading A day at Marstrand. Strobist.

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Two young girls in Kunming.

A couple of days ago Linn wanted to get her nails done as it’s extremely cheap in Kunming compared to Sweden (about 1/20th of the price) and while waiting I walked around a bit and saw these two young girls coming in … finish reading Two young girls in Kunming.

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H&M Spring collection..

Another 50-500 OS shot.. :) Golden reflector reflected too much yellow – skin tone was gone so I made it black and white. Still nice I think. :)

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50-500 OS @ 300mm – hand held 1/60s

I really do enjoy the Stabilizer, I feel like I could take those impossible shots such as this one. :)  Camera used: SD14, at ISO200. Lens set at f7.1 and a shutter speed of 1/60s. Pretty amazing really. No extra sharpness … finish reading 50-500 OS @ 300mm – hand held 1/60s

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Elinchrom Ranger Quadra | day 2.

Alright, I just got my umbrella replaced (got a one that didn’t fit and HAD to buy Elinchrom’s own – which is four times more expensive). grrr. Alright so I took some test pictures in my kitchen today – to … finish reading Elinchrom Ranger Quadra | day 2.

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