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A new family.. (chapter 3)

On Williams ninth day I talked quite alot with doctors and nurses the way I always do with people that fascinates me, and especially now when I nervously awaited something important – that chromo report – Normally these people gladly … finish reading A new family.. (chapter 3)

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A little something about the new Adobe Sketch for iPad..

I confess! I have an addiction to sketch apps.. I’ve used too many and had real fun with most of them. They all have their qualities and often I miss one or two features that I know another app has.. … finish reading A little something about the new Adobe Sketch for iPad..

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Air text using iPhone

I really have a tough time getting a place to stay in Cologne / Köln (The whole city is packed with people – every corner seams to be taken. aaaaa)  so in my misery I found two ways to air paint text using … finish reading Air text using iPhone

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DIY steady cam for iPhone

(Above is shot and painted using iPhone and the SketchBook application) I’m sorry, I’ve been looking at pictures all day long and suddenly I felt I wanted to do something different – looking around and found much foam board / … finish reading DIY steady cam for iPhone

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ToonPAINT iPhone app..

Well, I don’t ever get any cash for anything I do but alright, why not just continue to be nice? :) Here’s one app that I really LOVE! I used this quite some recently and I find it so easy … finish reading ToonPAINT iPhone app..

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Brushes vs Sketchbook continued..

I never really wanted to make a second post about this, but I was perhaps a bit fast to post the first one so here comes a second.. :) My thinking is that lots of photographers such as myself often … finish reading Brushes vs Sketchbook continued..

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WordPress on iphone..

This is great although not ready for prime time. I just successfully had to trash a long article because the “save” button vanished. Better keep this short if it happens again. :) For a guy like me with a broken … finish reading WordPress on iphone..

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