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You want to share a foveon shot with the world?
To make things easier – Name your files like this:

Ex: Sigma-SD14-30mm-wonderboy-By-Georges-Lucas.jpg

Only your very best shots, and max three per person / day. :) Thanks.

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61 Responses to Share photo

  1. mphcev says:

    Great Idea!
    So i share a few shots of my DP2

  2. kamihunter says:

    I share some of my shots. I have a SD14. I’m not very good but I have fun :D.
    Thanx Carl for your wonderful and useful site.

  3. RitterRunkel says:

    Just uploaded two shots =) Name and camera are not used to build another filename – just mentioning if it should do that. Maybe you should write if one has to divide name and lens/camera by space, comma, or whatever. For now it doesn’t matter of course since it is ignored anyway. Guess it’s under construction … ;)

  4. garyleung says:

    HI, i’m new here, just uploaded some DP1 photo, enjoy, btw, it’s a great idea to have place to share among sigma photos!

  5. garyleung says:

    sorry, uploaded too many, i’ll follow the regulation next time

  6. Sven says:

    My sons name i Jakob!! Not Jacob!!

  7. Fabrizio says:

    Hi Carl , i like your idea to share the photos.
    I submit three of my pictures taken with my Dp2

    Ciao ciao


  8. There are some really nice shots shown in here! :)

  9. And Mathias, your shots are really well processed! If you’re “over processing” then that’s the way to do it! :P

  10. mphcev says:

    yes, this is possible ;-)
    I bought the Nik collection and now it’s the time to practice and see and find out, what i can do with these good tools ;-)

    I show you again a few shots of this over processed pictures :-P

  11. mphcev says:

    … AND i forgot to say, that i love the Filmsimulations of Silver Efex Pro 2 :-)))
    Perhaps you have seen it ;-)

  12. mphcev says:

    Sorry perhaps i uploaded a picture twice :/

  13. titus.grall says:

    Hello Carl,
    thanks for to share Foveon shots.
    All best, titus

  14. mphcev says:

    Ist this a bug of the Site?
    If i upload o photo and reload the site after this – my photo ist uploaded a second time … :(

  15. put it as a comment and I’ll see which one it is..

  16. LionelB says:

    Summer has arrived before Spring in UK. A crazy 26 degrees in April !

  17. mphcev says:

    sorry i forgot to rename my file!

  18. Barrie Grieve says:

    Hi all,
    Bought a SD14 instead of a DP2 with some lovely pentacon m42 lenses, this was taken with a 28mm @ f8.
    Almost came out the camera like this.


  19. Dennis says:

    Quiet now all the SD1 fuss has died down, so three small DP1s images from an Amateur … if I can get the electronic paperclip to work?

  20. Dennis says:

    Can more than one file be attached?

  21. Dennis says:

    Can more than one file be uploaded?

    • Robin says:

      Me and myself tend to overread the bold letters above … you may have overread as well? ;) Upload should be max. 3 pics a day, and only the best/better ones. But if you just wanted to know, if more than 3 pics can be attached to the comment-posts: I don’t know … ^^ Think it’s the same rule!? Anyway, if you want to show many pics, you should either link your website or use the regular image upload above, day after day, I think. =)

      By the way, this pic is a very beautiful wandering impression! =)

      • Dennis says:

        Kind of you Robin, many thanks.

        This (I hope) is the 3rd picture I was trying to upload yesterday …

        Sorry Carl, if I’ve messed up the thread, please delete as needed.

        Kind regards,

        • Dennis, Nothing is ever messed up around here! (at least not stuff like yours) I LOVE when people show their skills and nice shots – it’s not a “forum” but a place were we all learn. (especially me).

    • Great shot Dennis! and yes, as you mentioned yourself you can upload more. :) And if they all look great as your above shot, then I would even allow you to upload some more! :)

      EDIT: Meh, double post! :D

      • Dennis says:

        Rather like this DP1s image too, but that may be because it was such hard work getting up there :-)


        DP2x arrives this week ….

  22. Dennis says:

    Sorry Carl, not making a very good job of this. Instructions please?

  23. Dennis says:

    Sorry Carl, I must have done this the hard way. Instructions please :-)

  24. Dennis says:

    Last try – promise …

  25. malguinhas says:

    hello everyone!!
    decided to share a picture.. my beautifull sister!!

  26. Jürgen Krüger says:

    I own some original Olympus OM lenses, so I modified a SD14 with an OM-Mount from – here some results taken in my garden with the OM 50mm Macro lens …

  27. Jürgen Krüger says:

    see my comment from yesterday

  28. Jürgen Krüger says:

    a third picture, see my comment from yesterday

  29. Luís Vives says:

    Hola Karl
    Unos de mis colores para compartir. Thanks.
    Luís Vives

  30. LionelB says:

    The butterfly is so common it is considered a pest. No bright colours but it has its own beauty. Great lens the 70mm ! Cropped …
    The teazle shows fractals at work :-)

  31. Miguel says:

    hello, this is my first upload.
    I’ve take this shot at the end of the day, the light condictions were very poor, so I’ve push it at iso 800 and over exposed it +0.3.
    In my camera, the settings are allways:
    contrast: -1 (this allows that the sensor capture more information without exploding the highlights.)
    saturation: it depends from the light conditions, but I keep it between -0.5 and 0.
    sharpness: it depends from the lens and from the subject. In most of cases, I keep it in 0 with a good lens this is enough to get sharp images, however, sometimes I push it to +1.

    sometimes I like to photograph with high iso and at low contrast and saturation, because the results, like this one, are very similar to film photography.
    [img] 800-Miguel Angélus.jpg[/img]

    • LionelB says:

      Miguel. I think some cloning and a tight crop gives more of a punch – like this. The background takes my eye away from the owl.
      [img] 001.jpg[/img]

  32. Miguel says:

    apologize for the double post :S

    I forgot to say. I always use manual focus for two reasons. first, i do like to manual focus . second, the lens have a front focus problem!! :)

  33. Hi says:

    forgive my poor english~
    i want ask you a question,how about dp1x to take photo of image with figure in center?

  34. Dieter Bialon says:

    Eye of my son with the reflection of his mother in the pupil.

  35. Hi Carl,

    Wonderful site, wonderful community & wonderful citizens! Well done Sir.

    Across the 70’s, my father taught me much about photography – but left it all behind to attend university at 17. I just pulled out of everything photography. Uninspired I remained, until reading George’s chronical. Only then did I find something that transcended the experiences from my past with that of the future. 30+ years of abstinence, but with the delivery of my DP-1x, and her incredible capture, I have returned to the pursuit.

    Thank you Misha, whose doctoral thesis provided the very impetus for the talents that became Foveon. In my mind, it is her interdisciplinary work that we have so much to be grateful for. So impressed was I with my DP-1x exposures, that I ordered an SD-1/M a few months without hesitation. Lastly, a heartfelt farewell to Michihiro, whose technical acumen & visionary brilliance enabled him to see well into the future… even with his eyes closed.

  36. Nasrin says:

    We always process photography images, I’ve share here one photography with our processed image.

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