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Får i StarrkärrOriginal size
I have not left the planet. ;) But my SD15 is currently in the hands of a friend and the SD1 just arrived back from Bengt Werner who wanted to try it out.. Now, seeing that the new Firmware is out (1.03) I upgraded and went out a couple of times this week, these shots are all from yesterday and they’re all low ISO (max 200) but I did take a few ISO800 a couple of days ago that looked stunning. It feels like the SD1 has grown a lot since the first firmware and it’s now more quick in respons and I also feel that exposures ends up much more controlled than before. A lot better. The sunny shot below was well balanced but the strong evening sun was problematic for ISO100, but to my big surprised it wasn’t a ruined shot as it would have been in the past but it was all nice looking in SPP 5.1. See screen of what it looked like before processing! 

Btw, the PhotoScala wooden shell for the SD1 isn’t my cup of tea. Perhaps if they made something that fits truly tight and made out of beautiful leather. :D That would be super awesome.

Another note, these shots are all hand held using the super great 120-300 OS and luminance is turned to the lowest setting in SPP so that no detail would be left out. Some has been slightly sharpened after and some has not. I’m not sure how the new SPP 5.1 does sharpening so I feel a bit unsure about it yet.

Får i StarrkärrOriginal sizeFår i StarrkärrOriginal sizeFår i StarrkärrOriginal sizeFår i StarrkärrOriginal size



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An update..

Hi everyone! You might wonder why I’ve been so silent lately and the reasons are a few – first because my job does take lots of energy – and the second being that I’m not very satisfied with how SPP5 works – not very satisfied being the kind way to put it. No other player have shown up having good support (or any support) either so here I am with half a tool.

Linn took about a thousand full RAW’s on her trip to Paris (which by the way went perfectly fine!) but dealing with those raw’s and with others has been painful. Both because of speed but also because of how colors and noise are handled by SPP. But Speed being my biggest concern. SPP as it is, gives me RLS.

Anyways. I’ll be back when things changes.
Btw, SD1 isn’t bad. SPP is.

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Linn to Paris between 12-16th of Aug. Room?

Hi folks!

My wife has a dear friend visiting from China and they decided to go to Paris as a small vacation in the vacation – and they will stay at hostels but if anyone out there lives in or close to Paris and can host my wife and her friend that would be awesome! They don’t need anything fancy, just a sofa or the like.

Please email her at liudongyun@gmail.com or call her at +46 734-015124

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New SD1 firmware, New SPP

Ah, I’m so late. :D I’m back in Sweden and I’ve been busy at work since hour one. But, thanks to some of you I also noticed a welcome note about the release of a new firmware which I now know makes my SD1 a bit less useful as it’s more responsive during write – and a new SPP5 that has much improved colors on saved files (profiles included). I did notice however that it’s not a 100% fix for Mac users.

Person wrote:
The SD1 color problems have FINALLY been fixed.
You can even work in Pro Photo and save as Pro Photo with no issues. The whole thing looks and works like a normal camera now!

Rodzyn wrote:
New soft SD1 :


new wersion SPP5:


So, as I’m too busy for the moment I can’t fully test everything but I do have a shot from yesterday using the new SD1 firmware and the new SPP. 12-24 used.

Linn by sea

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64GB UDMA6 works on SD1

Just a short note about my new CF card that I ordered from Taiwan, Photofast G-monster – the 64GB 90mb/s read and 60mb/s write card that has gotten great reviews in it’s smaller siblings – now, would it work on the SD1? And with what speed? I’m pleased to announce that it works and that with 1111 shots left in the display I feel great! Also, taking a 7 shot burst with RAW+jpeg takes 82s from first shutter to no blinking light – that’s 11,8s per picture (or, per two pictures) – what was more interesting wad that I got the exact time with RAW only! Size? Images took 408mb of disk space.

I might add that the SD1 takes a longer time to calculate / process the shot than saving it.. I think 3-4s for each save.

Alright, over and out.
From TC/G Nordica in Kunming on my iPad

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SD1 Shangeri-la RAW Pack 4

Download SD1 RAW Pack nr 4 255MB
You need Sigma Photo Pro 5 (or any other SD1 compatible aw converter).

The above shots all have a huge dynamic range (perhaps not the water shot) for you to play with – and in order to achieve good results you will have to either use X3 Fill light a lot – or save the image two or three times with different exposures and make a “fake HDR” in PS or whatever software you fancy. You can also dodge and burn if you save as 16bit tiff.

As I’m on the road and I do think above shots has been problematic – but interesting –  I’d LOVE to see what you guys can do! Anyone up for the task with any of these shots?

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Autumn depression by Kerstin Karlsson (music)

For those that follow my blog also knows that I sometimes use my little sisters music – and her song Autumn depression was a theme song on one of my videos (can’t reach youtube from China so I can’t find it nor link to it) but I just noticed when playing it to my parents in law that Kerstin updated the song and it’s now super great! :D

SDIM4498 Original

To the song I give you my first Pixelmator edited photo, it’s tough to work in a new software and it was frustrating but I think result is OK. It doesn’t have any advanced sharpening – and RawTherapee that I relied on so much lately doesn’t work in OS X Lion – So I’m stuck with what I got. Not much. :)

Hopefully Pixelmator 2.0 will have everything that I lack right now, but then it’s too late as I’ll be back home to my safe PS. :D

If anyone has any other suggestions for great sharpening softwares outside PS and on a Mac – and free or not very expensive then feel free to shout!

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Updated Sigma RAW quicklook plugin!

[edit, this post is bumped (brought to top) every time there is an important update being made on the X3F Quick look plugin. The original post was made back in 2008 and bumped a couple of times since then. Now it’s time again!].

Jeff Sickels, the creater of Sigma X3F quicklook plugin has once more shown his skill and released a new update with OS X Lion support! He writes:

An updated build of the X3F Spotlight Importer and Quicklook generator is now released for Lion. See version 1.5.1 on the software link.

Continue reading

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A Yak bull.. Single shot HDR

Yak from Shangeri-la - SD1 Original

Another shot from my trip up north and this time it’s a Yak bull (At least I think so).. :) It’s a shot taken at ISO200 – You may want to open the shot in PS in order to fully see what I see, it’s still the strange profile bug making my shots look weird online. :(

Now, maybe you would like to know what the shot looks like in it’s none edited state?



I started with the last shot (almost) and saved at 16bit tiff, and worked with the dodge brush in Aperture to get where I wanted. I’m getting better with Aperture with everyday that passes. It’s good to be forced sometimes. :) I’m even thinking of installing Pixelmator and work with that instead of Photoshop.. At least while in China. :)

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Trip to Shangeri-la. SD1 shots.

SDIM4498 Original from the window of my car..

For the last four days I’ve been on vacation on my vacation to the north of Yunnan province, to a place named Shangeri-la.. I used ISO200 in order to get the entire scene without having to bracket (take three or more shots with different exposures). So in order to get sky and foreground in one shot I used x3 fill light which works remarkably well with SD1 images, very different from my past experience.

Now, the colorbug within SPP5 isn’t yet fixed and I have to fight the magenta touch in Aperture and I feel/fear that I loose density because of this fight. Anyways. Don’t forget to click the boy shot and the water shot as they’re both incredibly detailed.

Some additional info can be found in my Dpreview Sigma forum thread.

SDIM4480 Original Fill light used and cropped as well. Have a look at the original as it’s super-detailed. 18-50 macro at it’s best!

SDIM4327 Original

SDIM4581 Original Driving at Tiger Leaping Gorge

SDIM4603 Original <– Look at this one at full resolution!

And last a shot from when I passed a waterfall just beside the road, Linn opened the window to touch the water. :P


There will be more!

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