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LiveJournal stories! :D (added)

Back in China I didn’t use WordPress at first but another blog tool named LiveJournal. Now, I couldn’t back then import my old entries into wordpress so I skipped it. Today I was googling my own name (do that sometimes … finish reading LiveJournal stories! :D (added)

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Help with WordPress..

Fixed thanks to Matthias and Bob! :D I’m gettng crazy!! Somehow everything is falling apart. Order etc is wrong, and distances between headline and text, and < p> is just wrong. Just look at some of my older post were … finish reading Help with WordPress..

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Wedding coming up!

[edit] It was a fantastic wedding and one of these days I will present some pictures. [/edit] On saturday my little brother Sven Ingvarsson gets married and not only am I the host I’m also the photographer. :D So, hopefully … finish reading Wedding coming up!

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11th of May – Come as you are!

Welcome to my home in Älvängen on friday the 11th of May! (tomorrow) It’s my birthday and I would be very happy if any of my viewers could make it. Easy to find, close to Göteborg. Address: Malmers v 5, … finish reading 11th of May – Come as you are!

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Did I clean my site from spam today? Yes sir I did! There was SOOOOO much! Maybe a total of 20-30 000 messanges in all my articles, and I had to uncheck everything that was man made BY HAND! (or … finish reading SPAAAAAAAAAM!

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It’s coming out folks!!! Sigma SD14 site

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Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!

[EDIT] The 14th of February we engaged. We’re very happy! :D

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Photokina 2006 | I’ll be there..

Will you?! I’ll be at the Sigma both quite a lot and if you’re coming, please leave a note.

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[link] – cool spot..

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Link tip.. | Josef’s blog.

My brother owns a mobile phone. A Sony Ericsson K608i. It’s a pretty functional, standard 3G phone with a simple camera. The thing is that he carries it with him all the time, and can therefore take pictures all the … finish reading Link tip.. | Josef’s blog.

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