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14mp B&W sample for download.

I got lots of questions / full size sample requests about the first black and white portrait so I decided to make it available not as RAW this time but resized to match 14mp. All noise reduction is completely turned … finish reading 14mp B&W sample for download.

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[img] Village photo session

The 24th of May I was invited to hold an open photo session for the locals in a smaller village in Sweden. To view the whole session (around 90 images) and view images in higher quality please click here: CLICK … finish reading [img] Village photo session

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a book in 12h | record?

I have a friend that has a daughter that is now 18 and will graduate today saturday. The father wanted to make a great little book about her life in china (they’re not from here but lived here for about … finish reading a book in 12h | record?

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A screen company | 12 images

About a week ago we (that would be me and Linn) went to a new print company that has specialized in making BIG screen prints. The screens are huge, as you can see on the above image. Max size is … finish reading A screen company | 12 images

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Test print target | free download!

There is many test print targets out there and I’ve been searching to find the perfect one. None has really been great so I decided to make my own. This test-print is made for testing grey scale, CMYK as well … finish reading Test print target | free download!

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Anonymity from anonymous..

The last week I’ve been working on a book for the italian artist/director Leonardo Corallini and soon it’s time for printing. The book has the convenient size of 17×13 and has 64 pages. Feels good. Leonardo just had his exhibition … finish reading Anonymity from anonymous..

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Too much fun! | new gift photos..

Type 907. Long pottery necklace. Different types & colors. Hand made by the Moso branch of Naxi minority in north part of Yunnan province / China. Photos taken with Sigma SD10, lens was my good old Sigma 105mm EX. Shutter … finish reading Too much fun! | new gift photos..

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Make a stamp! | New possibilities!

Printing a stamp? We now have laser engravers which makes it possible for you to design your own stamp. You can draw it by hand or just make it in your favorite software. The smallest square version cost €10, the … finish reading Make a stamp! | New possibilities!

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Gift shop! | coming soon..

Truly hand made. by the Naxi minority in northern parts of Yunnan province. Why not order something more than a print, a tube with rolled photos have unused space and the weight of these new items are close to nothing. … finish reading Gift shop! | coming soon..

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Imacon 848 scan! | NEW!

Scan cheap in China – Now with Imacon 848 scanner! Scan from as low as 0,12 USD / MB! Continue reading

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