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Autumn depression by Kerstin Karlsson (music)

For those that follow my blog also knows that I sometimes use my little sisters music – and her song Autumn depression was a theme song on one of my videos (can’t reach youtube from China so I can’t find it … finish reading Autumn depression by Kerstin Karlsson (music)

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One more thing..

Before I go to bed.. Don’t forget to visit Bob and Olga’s SD1 page over at Vstudio! They have some awesome shots to show! They even have RAW packs for download! :P That’s it for today. Good night.

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Some recent pictures from SD1..

As you know I’m on a laptop and I developed these in different light etc so just enjoy, don’t pick too much on the development. I used iPhoto as my post production software and iPhoto saves JPEGS either as super … finish reading Some recent pictures from SD1..

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Sigma Dp2x announced and..

Sigma today announced the following (or some of it).. And as far as I can see they’re really pushing that optical stabiliser into more or less all lenses in the line up! And not only that, if you translate that … finish reading Sigma Dp2x announced and..

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The beginning of something new!

The history of Sigma and Foveon has in the past been somewhat clouded and the vision has in the past not been the most exiting – I remember when the SD10 came a year after the SD9 with the new … finish reading The beginning of something new!

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Laurence Matson about lenses and Sigma SD1..

Laurence Matson and myself are both old timers – perhaps the oldest of the Sigma community as we both got our first Sigma SD9’s back in 2002. Now Laurence has for many years been the grand father (no, he’s not … finish reading Laurence Matson about lenses and Sigma SD1..

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Interesting interview about Sigma SD1

Dpreview have interviewed Sigma Chief Operating Officer Kazuto Yamaki, Foveon Vice President for Technology and Operations, Shri Ramaswami and its Vice President for Strategic Marketing, Rudy Guttosch.. It’s an interesting reading! Thanks Mauersegler for the heads up!

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Some new wedding shots!

Bob and Olga did a amazing job, I never thought I would fit properly inside any of those images but they managed to squeeze me in! :D They used three cameras, the Sigma SD15, the Nikon D700 and a Sony … finish reading Some new wedding shots!

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Sigma Photo Pro 4 released!

Sigma announced yesterday the release of the new  Sigma Photo Pro 4! In addition there is a new firmware to the Sigma DP2s version 1.04 which has focused on AF speed and accuracy. Please download some of my RAW-packs in … finish reading Sigma Photo Pro 4 released!

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Ranger Quadra Ringflash!

Ahh, finally! A ringflash for my Quadra! I can already see how cool images I’ll be able to take with the SD15! :D

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