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one or more pictures in this article contains photos taken with the Sigma 70mm EX lens.

Karin och Patrick

Some shots I recently took of my sister Karin and her husband and daughter. :) Sigma SD14, 10-20 (first shot) and 70mm. And yes, the Sigma 530DG flash is used from a distans – would be better if I for … finish reading Karin och Patrick

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Online shop photography..

Today I’ve been very busy taking pictures like the ones above – my dear mother paints for a living and sells reproductions in a huge amount of different frames, and sizes. She has an online store today but the images … finish reading Online shop photography..

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Jewelry photography, Day three.. (Update)

EDIT. Late Evening, day three. Last edit for tonight. This last one has very strong colors because I selected “vivid” color mode in SPP. No added saturation – actually I pulled it back a bit in PS. The full size shot, with … finish reading Jewelry photography, Day three.. (Update)

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Jewelry photography day 2.

Alright, it’s not really day two, but at least it’s first shot! I dealed a little with it in Photoshop and will play more with reflections to get the right feel (but not in Photoshop, but on the set). What … finish reading Jewelry photography day 2.

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Some additional SD15 images.. (pbase gallery)

This post will look strange because these images has been taken from my pbase gallery. They’re all uploaded at 100% quality, no PS used. Enjoy.

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Maria and Magnus..

Had another wedding session this friday and just started to develop the first images and thought I could share some.. It was a pretty cold day that ended in heavy rain! :D (grain is fake, yes)

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Chinese artist XuYun, late session..

My friend and artist, XuYun has been artist in residents at the Nordic Watercolour Museum on Tjörn. She’s just leaving and I rushed out to her little island to take some last minutes pictures of her. Here’s some of them. … finish reading Chinese artist XuYun, late session..

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Macro photography with reverse lens

Me and my friend Martin Carlsson had one of our nerdy meetings yesterday. We didn’t have a real plan, more then go out for a session but weather was really as dull as it gets and none of us felt … finish reading Macro photography with reverse lens

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Studio shots processed

Second batch from the session with my students only this time I involved a little bit more photoshop. All these are available as big size (around 4573 x 3048px = 14MP) in this flickr set they’re all developed using Sigma … finish reading Studio shots processed

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Studio again! :D

We had real fun last night – me and my young peoples group. I told them to add some make up this time and telling by these shots, at least there is some hair spray! They’re all saved as double … finish reading Studio again! :D

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