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one or more pictures in this article contains photos taken with the Sigma 50mm EX lens.

Even more impossible detail revealed!

I really can’t wait for the SD1.. Can you? Btw, my facial expressions isn’t in sync with what is going on in the video – I was eager to make this video and get it OUT as it would make … finish reading Even more impossible detail revealed!

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50mm compared. Nikon vs Sigma vs ..

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Sigma 50mm F1.4 | First look!

Just received the new Sigma 50mm F1.4 and due to heavy sunshine I couldn’t really in a fair way try it wide open – but even if the above shot is taken at F4 the bokeh is amazingly sweet. I … finish reading Sigma 50mm F1.4 | First look!

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Fun with coffee..

Linn is pretty active in some Chinese photo-forums and they have these missions that they give eachother. This time it’s about coffee and well, I became assistant! Nice. :D These are two of the resulting pictures, the rest can be … finish reading Fun with coffee..

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Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen evening. Part 2

We had lots of fun and after looking thru the resulting bunch of images I found a couple that I’m willing to share. :) Some flower closeups are pictures taken by Linn, and I’m sure some more. Anyways. 27 Photos … finish reading Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen evening. Part 2

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Liquid Nitrogen and my Dad

Above flower and a 16MP crop. Both these shots are developed using Raw Developer 1.7 using X3F file. My friend Filip aka Thunderlance had the wonderful idea of bringing dry ice and liquid Nitrogen to my home. We had fun … finish reading Liquid Nitrogen and my Dad

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Painting colors in air

30s of my home – this was pretty late. F11 – can you see my sister Emmy? She came in the middle and… Oh, the strong yellowish tone comes from streetlight behind me. I’m thinking if i should go and … finish reading Painting colors in air

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Raw pack 3 and Flash movie!

[flv: 496 350] Download RAW pack 3 now. I just bought a screencast software named iShowU – very small and cool. Makes screen movies in real time in whatever file format you want. Cool! The Lightroom movie you see is … finish reading Raw pack 3 and Flash movie!

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Norway – 121 images

I’m back with some pictures! First some here on the blog, and then if you click the picture you will be moved over to the big version (1000px). And the rest. Camera: SD14. ISO100 – 1600. Lenses used: Sigma 10-20, … finish reading Norway – 121 images

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[img] bubbles and wine, three photos.

Ever since Sigma photographer Olga Vasilkova showed her amazing bubble work I wanted to explore the world of bubbles myself so last night me and Linn took a small, pretty square, glass flower vase and pulled the SD14 trigger. Lenses … finish reading [img] bubbles and wine, three photos.

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