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A day at Marstrand. Strobist.

The knife maker. Shot on Marstrand using SD14 + Sigma 50mm 1.4 and using sun as main light and Sigma 530 DG and back shape light.  ISO50. Now, ISO50 is such a compressed format that you really need to expose … finish reading A day at Marstrand. Strobist.

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some DP2 and SD14 from today..

First some DP2 shots.. (all images, mixed ISO between 50-400)

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Studio shots processed

Second batch from the session with my students only this time I involved a little bit more photoshop. All these are available as big size (around 4573 x 3048px = 14MP) in this flickr set they’re all developed using Sigma … finish reading Studio shots processed

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Studio again! :D

We had real fun last night – me and my young peoples group. I told them to add some make up this time and telling by these shots, at least there is some hair spray! They’re all saved as double … finish reading Studio again! :D

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My kitchen is yours!

I took these shots yesterday for an ad on “blocket” a swedish online market place. I have this kitchen that I have to trow away but it hurts some to just trash it so we are giving it to anyone … finish reading My kitchen is yours!

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Wedding shots revisited..

SD14 + DP1, 12-24 and 120-300 used most on these. Sigma Photo Pro for all color pictures and Raw Developer 1.80 used on all Black and white shots. Aperture for post and publishing.  Click more for more! :D Full size … finish reading Wedding shots revisited..

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Escort MK1 with 500hp+

Trying out the new Lightroom 2.1, these shots were taken with SD14 + 120-300 and 50mm 1.4. (Sigmas). I did add lots of vignetting, so don’t blame sigma. ;) I’m not satisfied with Lightrooms way of handling the RAW Foveon … finish reading Escort MK1 with 500hp+

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Jon and Carolina | Wedding session

Another really fun wedding session, this time a bit north or everything in a town called Mariestad – more famous for it’s fine beer. It was a bit tricky as Linn is now working down south as a guide on … finish reading Jon and Carolina | Wedding session

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50mm compared. Nikon vs Sigma vs ..

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Sigma 50mm F1.4 Wide open!

The above shots are wide open – shot at F1.4 and processed this time with my good old favourite – Raw Developer. Not sure why I jump from developer to developer like this. Maybe I’m crazy. The next shot with … finish reading Sigma 50mm F1.4 Wide open!

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