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one or more pictures in this article contains photos taken with the Sigma 30mm EX lens.

One saved moment..

I took photos of candidates of confirmation the last week and I’m dealing with those shots right now. I saw this more or less black shot a moment ago – always keen on seeing if something cool could be saved … finish reading One saved moment..

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Maria and Magnus..

Had another wedding session this friday and just started to develop the first images and thought I could share some.. It was a pretty cold day that ended in heavy rain! :D (grain is fake, yes)

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Chinese artist XuYun, late session..

My friend and artist, XuYun has been artist in residents at the Nordic Watercolour Museum on Tjörn. She’s just leaving and I rushed out to her little island to take some last minutes pictures of her. Here’s some of them. … finish reading Chinese artist XuYun, late session..

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A kids portrait.

This is Joakim and I shot him today with my SD14 + my good old 30mm. And yes, it was really cold when I took this shot, and bit of warm reflector comes in from the right. It’s really an … finish reading A kids portrait.

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30mm and 10-20 wide open..

Today I got back two lenses that I sent for recalibration and they came back in very good condition. Well, the same as they went but now focusing nicely. (I recently got myself a newer SD14 body, that’s why I … finish reading 30mm and 10-20 wide open..

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Chinese water color art by Linn

Half transparent rice paper wasn’t as easy as I thought to photograph. I know you can glue it onto some harder surface but Linn didn’t want that.. Here’s how I did: (above taken by Linn with DP2)

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Silkypix and skin tones.. Really something!

Before After And how this is done and some more, watch this movie in HD and full screen. :) What do you think? :)

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Behind a face at the barber..

When I’m doing weddings I always go to the hairdresser to take the first shots and to get to know the bride. Sometimes it takes forever – like two-three hours and that’s sometimes boring time, time sometimes hard to kill. … finish reading Behind a face at the barber..

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Remember this?!..

Original Memory from years ago. Found the RAW in a folder – Redeveloped using RD (perhaps I did first time too?) It’s a pretty cool image taken using the SD14 and the 30mm lens set at F2.2. It was cold … finish reading Remember this?!..

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This man, living his life inside a trailer outside Göteborg / Sweden. Had it all more or less. Great job, lot’s of friends, money. (he’s mentioned in Life was rock’n’roll. Too much Rock’n’roll. Really. That was ten loooong years … finish reading Edge

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