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one or more pictures in this article contains photos taken with the Sigma 120-300 2.8 EX lens.

A few shots and..

Original size I have not left the planet. ;) But my SD15 is currently in the hands of a friend and the SD1 just arrived back from Bengt Werner who wanted to try it out.. Now, seeing that the new … finish reading A few shots and..

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Product photography in rain..

Original Original What do you do when you have set day to shoot, and that day turns out to be very dark and rainy? You could reschedule or.. use your SD14 and the Sigma 120-300 OS for every single shot. Why … finish reading Product photography in rain..

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Sigma SD14 revisited..

Been fooling around with my mirror adjustments and one of my old SD14’s got helped and asked for a last ride – we had our glorious moments in the past and I must say that although the SD15 is a much improved … finish reading Sigma SD14 revisited..

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120-300 OS | Part three.. (updated)

Alright a third post with only 120-300 OS images! As heavy as it is, it’s also very well balanced which makes you stable – that plus stabilizer and you will be able to take hand held shots in situations you … finish reading 120-300 OS | Part three.. (updated)

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120-300 OS | Part 2

Just wanted to tease a little bit more with some 120-300 OS shots.. So I’ll skip most of the talk and let you see a couple of shots – most of which is taken with the Sigma SD15 but some … finish reading 120-300 OS | Part 2

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Exploring the new Sigma 120-300 2.8 OS

A while ago I was asked to take sample images for Sigma using their new 120-300 OS. So a month ago they sent me a working beta sample which was said to be alright optically but perhaps not perfectly refined in terms … finish reading Exploring the new Sigma 120-300 2.8 OS

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Sigma 120-300 shot Linn @ 2.8!!

Sigma SD14, 120-300 @ 2.8  1/500  ISO50 (hand held) The 120-300 is a classy lens, here I’m trying hard (especially the second shot) to shoot it against the 50-500 and I might add it was a bit tricky as the wind was … finish reading Sigma 120-300 shot Linn @ 2.8!!

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Sigma 120-300 @ ISO50

Amazing lens, so clear and crisp results. These are all ISO50 and of course still using the SD14.. Sigma Photo pro 4 might not be the very best at everything but with lower ISO, it’s king!  Also notice the danger … finish reading Sigma 120-300 @ ISO50

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Common Cranes – 120-300 [updated]

Went to the famous Hornborgarsjön today, it’s famous because every year tens of thousands of Common Cranes come here to play and so do tourists. And me. The lake is located about 100km from where I live so it’s a … finish reading Common Cranes – 120-300 [updated]

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some DP2 and SD14 from today..

First some DP2 shots.. (all images, mixed ISO between 50-400)

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