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one or more pictures in this article contains photos taken with the Sigma 12-24 EX lens.

New SD1 firmware, New SPP

Ah, I’m so late. :D I’m back in Sweden and I’ve been busy at work since hour one. But, thanks to some of you I also noticed a welcome note about the release of a new firmware which I now … finish reading New SD1 firmware, New SPP

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Come away with me | Kerstin Karlsson

Linn’s grandmother died recently and Linn wanted to send a little something from Sweden to her (our) relatives in China – and we asked my Sister Kerstin if we could make a recording of her singing “come away with me” … finish reading Come away with me | Kerstin Karlsson

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A very cold morning, a thousand angles.

SPP, Another lens. (slightly tilted?) How many photos can one take of a bridge, I asked myself. It was freezing, some time after 8:00 and the strong snowy wind never took a breather. Lucky me I had lots of clothes … finish reading A very cold morning, a thousand angles.

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Video from Schillerska.. (NEW, IMPROVED)

EDIT: You saw it? Please check it out again as it’s now much nicer looking, especially full screen” Make sure you have HD selected. This video is made for Linn to show on her last day at work for colleges. … finish reading Video from Schillerska.. (NEW, IMPROVED)

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Schillerska revisited – Day in Black and white!

I must admit, I’m still in love with how SD14 handles monochrome white balance. It’s so rich! I had three classes to photograph today and I selected a few pictures to show. Everything is shot using SD14 + 18-50 2.8 … finish reading Schillerska revisited – Day in Black and white!

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Outside in..

A house once belong to Surte glasbruk. Surte glasbruk is the glass factory famous for designing the very first Coca Cola bottle. But that’s another story. Now the house has since the last 13 years been the home for people … finish reading Outside in..

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Wedding shots revisited..

SD14 + DP1, 12-24 and 120-300 used most on these. Sigma Photo Pro for all color pictures and Raw Developer 1.80 used on all Black and white shots. Aperture for post and publishing.  Click more for more! :D Full size … finish reading Wedding shots revisited..

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Danish wedding, first pictures!

120-300. Sigma Photo Pro. Alright – with my new Mac I had to get started! These are produced with the help of Sigma Photo Pro 3.2 (color shots) and Raw Developer 1.8 (black and white shot). All pictures ends up … finish reading Danish wedding, first pictures!

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Jon and Carolina | Wedding session

Another really fun wedding session, this time a bit north or everything in a town called Mariestad – more famous for it’s fine beer. It was a bit tricky as Linn is now working down south as a guide on … finish reading Jon and Carolina | Wedding session

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Oscean trip..

Rainy day going out with my little brothers boat. Windy and dark sky made my day. Light changed rapidly as sun sometimes came throu and I must say there is lots more easier tasks than correct white balance a day … finish reading Oscean trip..

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