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one or more pictures in this article contains photos taken with the Sigma 105mm 2.8 EX lens.

Jewelry photography – day 6+ (Updated)

Here’s a short wrap up on how far I’ve come to date. I now actively use my home built opal plastic tube thingi that some of you have seen and I want to thank Ted who gave me the idea (the round … finish reading Jewelry photography – day 6+ (Updated)

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HELP ME! See embedded video..

I now tried so many different setups – and I’m still not satisfied with how my ring shots come out. I do make one or two images here and there that looks perfectly ok but as soon as I change … finish reading HELP ME! See embedded video..

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Jewelry photography, day five.

Now I moved so much away from my initial setup that I feel that I will show you a picture or two of what my current setup actually looks like. Woohoo! I will post some in the comments section.  The above shot is slightly … finish reading Jewelry photography, day five.

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Playing with OOF

I noticed that it’s more or less impossible to get correct focus at more then one ring at a time (at f7.1) – so I took three shots and combined them in PS.. :)  It’s really late too, I should … finish reading Playing with OOF

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Jewelry photography, day four. (Updated)

Final capture for day four: We had a long talk today, me and the jewelry guy. He wanted the text within each ring to be unreadable so we decided that taking each text away using PS would take way to long, but … finish reading Jewelry photography, day four. (Updated)

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Daniel & Maria | Wedding with SD14 and DP1

Another wedding session, and I’m happy to announce that DP1 is a great b camera! :D Linn had hers with her all the time (she assist me) and she took quite a few really nice shots. I used mine as well and … finish reading Daniel & Maria | Wedding with SD14 and DP1

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Fun with coffee..

Linn is pretty active in some Chinese photo-forums and they have these missions that they give eachother. This time it’s about coffee and well, I became assistant! Nice. :D These are two of the resulting pictures, the rest can be … finish reading Fun with coffee..

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Product photography [Update]

Latest update above – just to let you know I’m alive. ;) Can’t give you bigger for the moment (I want to give you the original at 12800px) but for copyright reasons I can’t. The biggest problem has really been … finish reading Product photography [Update]

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Very tiny frogs – Five Macros

My little sister has some pets, they’re growing fast and soon their tails are gone. (or built in) so I had to take these images tonight, at least she wanted me to. So here goes. Small mini tiny frogs. Five … finish reading Very tiny frogs – Five Macros

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Part #2 Yuan Yan | 31 photos

Link broken, take a look here for some of them:

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