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one or more pictures in this article contains photos taken with the Sigma 10-20 EX lens.

Karin och Patrick

Some shots I recently took of my sister Karin and her husband and daughter. :) Sigma SD14, 10-20 (first shot) and 70mm. And yes, the Sigma 530DG flash is used from a distans – would be better if I for … finish reading Karin och Patrick

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A day at Marstrand. Strobist.

The knife maker. Shot on Marstrand using SD14 + Sigma 50mm 1.4 and using sun as main light and Sigma 530 DG and back shape light.  ISO50. Now, ISO50 is such a compressed format that you really need to expose … finish reading A day at Marstrand. Strobist.

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Some additional SD15 images.. (pbase gallery)

This post will look strange because these images has been taken from my pbase gallery. They’re all uploaded at 100% quality, no PS used. Enjoy.

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Chinese artist XuYun, late session..

My friend and artist, XuYun has been artist in residents at the Nordic Watercolour Museum on Tjörn. She’s just leaving and I rushed out to her little island to take some last minutes pictures of her. Here’s some of them. … finish reading Chinese artist XuYun, late session..

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The artistic 10-20.. and some magic

This first one I prepared as a desktop image for Linn – it’s now 1900×1200 in size. I really enjoy my 10-20 again and it’s more like it was once upon a time, years back when I first got it. … finish reading The artistic 10-20.. and some magic

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30mm and 10-20 wide open..

Today I got back two lenses that I sent for recalibration and they came back in very good condition. Well, the same as they went but now focusing nicely. (I recently got myself a newer SD14 body, that’s why I … finish reading 30mm and 10-20 wide open..

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Linn doing her thing, actually, she’s painting the front of our wedding invitation card. Jaij! She’s a really talented painter in case you didn’t know.. maybe I’ll post some of her works.. :)

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Macro photography with reverse lens

Me and my friend Martin Carlsson had one of our nerdy meetings yesterday. We didn’t have a real plan, more then go out for a session but weather was really as dull as it gets and none of us felt … finish reading Macro photography with reverse lens

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Fun using Cokin filters..

Wanted to share how to use a Cokin filter with this little movie. I’m currently making my DP2 video review and I’m more or less testing my gear to make it possible. We’re experimenting with a new microphone from Röre.. … finish reading Fun using Cokin filters..

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What I’m dealing with..

…Right now. Or was, now it’s time for bed. These images are screen dumps taken from within Sigma Photo Pro, will deal with them later in Photoshop I think. Or play some using ACR too just in case. ;) I … finish reading What I’m dealing with..

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