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Autumn depression by Kerstin Karlsson (music)

For those that follow my blog also knows that I sometimes use my little sisters music – and her song Autumn depression was a theme song on one of my videos (can’t reach youtube from China so I can’t find it … finish reading Autumn depression by Kerstin Karlsson (music)

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Electric trip

Original I love ev-bikes! I had one many years ago when I lived in Kunming and the other day we tried a few to see if perhaps it would be time to get another one.. They’re really awesome!! This one … finish reading Electric trip

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The God Fathers..

Original I will not post much until next release of SPP5 is out. It’s just an amazing amount of work to get anything right and out without looking too off from your original idea. But please enjoy this small selection. … finish reading The God Fathers..

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The China wedding.. Full story. :)

Images taken by two Chinese photographers using Canon and Fujifilm cameras in jpg mode. I tried my very best to enhance in LR3 but there wasn’t enough data really. Although we got lots of good memories!

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Alone in the rain, moving pictures.

It was raining and great shutter speeds turned into seconds. Well, what to do?  These are shots taken with the DP1. I have lots of this type of pictures as I love them. It’s a cool way of isolating a … finish reading Alone in the rain, moving pictures.

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Pregnant chinese women, a short studio visit..

  An old friend of mine is about to have a baby and wanted me to take a shot or two of them together. :) Lucky me I meet another friend that has a smaller studio – more made for … finish reading Pregnant chinese women, a short studio visit..

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Kunming next! Brain UPDATE!

When we arrived Kunming we headed directly to a hot pot restaurant where some friends already had eaten (buss was a little late) and so hungry as I was I took my chopsticks and started to move around in the … finish reading Kunming next! Brain UPDATE!

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Four DP2 Raw Developed shots..

Now I took the time and downloaded Raw Developer 1.84 and oala I can save the day (sky and clouds that is).. Bonus: Another fellow photographer.. :)

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Unbelievable detail!

EDIT: It’s a DP2 shot. Not from Dp1. I was fooling around with Raw Developer, old version too and converted some new DP2 shots to see what they would look like with noise reduction turned off and sharpening smoothing turned … finish reading Unbelievable detail!

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People in China | 40+ images..

The following photos are all available as full size. I’m back with more shots from Yunnan, Dali – I really enjoy my stay so far and my DP’s hasn’t run out of juice once yet. I have one spare battery … finish reading People in China | 40+ images..

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