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Updated Sigma RAW quicklook plugin!

[edit, this post is bumped (brought to top) every time there is an important update being made on the X3F Quick look plugin. The original post was made back in 2008 and bumped a couple of times since then. Now … finish reading Updated Sigma RAW quicklook plugin!

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Sigma Dp2x announced and..

Sigma today announced the following (or some of it).. And as far as I can see they’re really pushing that optical stabiliser into more or less all lenses in the line up! And not only that, if you translate that … finish reading Sigma Dp2x announced and..

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Some far away relative of mine..

Sigma DP2, Silkypix development. Full size. At least I think she is a relative, somewhere there on Linn’s side.

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Silkypix and Sigma DP2

A year ago I used Silkypix quite a lot, I really loved its noise and color control, I was running the UK 4.0 Pro version and at the time it had native support for SD9, 10 and SD14 raw files. … finish reading Silkypix and Sigma DP2

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A few from this week..

I’ve been busy with christmas stuff and also with the trip to Stockholm – it’s now in the middle of the night and I just can’t sleep without having posted at least a few pictures before falling into infinity.. So … finish reading A few from this week..

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…is offline or missing.

Ahh.. Not sure if you ever been in this situation? I’m currently online with one of my students, she’s from Germany and she’s asking me to send some old shots of her. So I’m digging some in my Lightroom library … finish reading …is offline or missing.

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Air text using iPhone

I really have a tough time getting a place to stay in Cologne / Köln (The whole city is packed with people – every corner seams to be taken. aaaaa)  so in my misery I found two ways to air paint text using … finish reading Air text using iPhone

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One bridge, two shots..

Those fire shots from a couple of days ago made me wanna try SPP 3.3 again and I realize that I should try it much more in the future. Above shots are developed using SPP33 too even though I’m not … finish reading One bridge, two shots..

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Dali fire festival! (edited, new shots!)

EDIT! I redeveloped some using SPP 3.3 and added some others. Please see the full set for higher resolution. Now, it was getting dark, really dark and that’s when people started to gather in the city center of Xia Guan, … finish reading Dali fire festival! (edited, new shots!)

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DP2 in the mirror..

Crop from first shot. not 100%. I found this cool mirror when passing a beauty shop. Btw, all these shops are located in something that looks very similar to a garage – both by design and size. And it’s not … finish reading DP2 in the mirror..

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