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one or more pictures in this article contains photos taken with the Sigma SD14 camera

Updated Sigma RAW quicklook plugin!

[edit, this post is bumped (brought to top) every time there is an important update being made on the X3F Quick look plugin. The original post was made back in 2008 and bumped a couple of times since then. Now … finish reading Updated Sigma RAW quicklook plugin!

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Product photography in rain..

Original Original What do you do when you have set day to shoot, and that day turns out to be very dark and rainy? You could reschedule or.. use your SD14 and the Sigma 120-300 OS for every single shot. Why … finish reading Product photography in rain..

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Sigma SD14 revisited..

Been fooling around with my mirror adjustments and one of my old SD14’s got helped and asked for a last ride – we had our glorious moments in the past and I must say that although the SD15 is a much improved … finish reading Sigma SD14 revisited..

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120-300 OS | Part three.. (updated)

Alright a third post with only 120-300 OS images! As heavy as it is, it’s also very well balanced which makes you stable – that plus stabilizer and you will be able to take hand held shots in situations you … finish reading 120-300 OS | Part three.. (updated)

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Exploring the new Sigma 120-300 2.8 OS

A while ago I was asked to take sample images for Sigma using their new 120-300 OS. So a month ago they sent me a working beta sample which was said to be alright optically but perhaps not perfectly refined in terms … finish reading Exploring the new Sigma 120-300 2.8 OS

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Say hi to Felix Wesch..

Many years ago I saw some fascinating shots over at the Dpreview forum – most of them was taken early in the morning and they all had nature as the main theme. I was blow away by their unique quality – the … finish reading Say hi to Felix Wesch..

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A few from this week..

I’ve been busy with christmas stuff and also with the trip to Stockholm – it’s now in the middle of the night and I just can’t sleep without having posted at least a few pictures before falling into infinity.. So … finish reading A few from this week..

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Even more impossible detail revealed!

I really can’t wait for the SD1.. Can you? Btw, my facial expressions isn’t in sync with what is going on in the video – I was eager to make this video and get it OUT as it would make … finish reading Even more impossible detail revealed!

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Impossible detail! 46MP?

Photo prepared using SPP 4.x. I’ll let the video speak for itself. The lens? 50mm 1.4

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Karin och Patrick

Some shots I recently took of my sister Karin and her husband and daughter. :) Sigma SD14, 10-20 (first shot) and 70mm. And yes, the Sigma 530DG flash is used from a distans – would be better if I for … finish reading Karin och Patrick

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