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one or more pictures in this article contains photos taken with the Sigma SD10 camera

Updated Sigma RAW quicklook plugin!

[edit, this post is bumped (brought to top) every time there is an important update being made on the X3F Quick look plugin. The original post was made back in 2008 and bumped a couple of times since then. Now … finish reading Updated Sigma RAW quicklook plugin!

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SD10 revisited.

I tend to forget that I lived in China for a very long time and during that time I took a huge amount of pictures all in raw. Since then lots have changed and new raw developers has popped up … finish reading SD10 revisited.

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LiveJournal stories! :D (added)

Back in China I didn’t use WordPress at first but another blog tool named LiveJournal. Now, I couldn’t back then import my old entries into wordpress so I skipped it. Today I was googling my own name (do that sometimes … finish reading LiveJournal stories! :D (added)

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A bottle of home made wine..

Camera: SD10 Lens: 15-30 Exposures: four (background + inside + ouside + side reflection). Handheld. Light: Halogen table light Me and Linn had some fun last night. We wanted to see if we could make a bottle of wine look … finish reading A bottle of home made wine..

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The Köln Dom

The most mighty building I’ve seen must be the Köln Dom (and I have seen the great wall and the heart of Linn). A huge, enormous catholic church in the center of Köln, Germany. I went there many times during … finish reading The Köln Dom

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Photokina | day three..

Sorry, one more bunch of photos that has not much to do with anything. mm.. If you like, please take a look. :)

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Photokina | day two..

See photos from day two

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Photokina | day one in pictures..

I took my girlfriend under one arm and my SD10 under the other. Together we spent today at Photokina in Köln, Germany. It’s been great. I wanna tell you so much but I can’t. It’s sleeptime and I’m so so … finish reading Photokina | day one in pictures..

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Two moose and one Linn

On the way home from our oceanic trip we saw two young moose and stopped to see if we could get close enough for a photo (wanted to use my 30mm at F1.4 because this was after sunset but had … finish reading Two moose and one Linn

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A horse and a brother.

Me and my brother went for a little ride today, trying to find a place for a multi exposure shot of him climbing all over the place. In our search for a good spot we found this horse. When we … finish reading A horse and a brother.

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