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A new family.. (chapter 3)

On Williams ninth day I talked quite alot with doctors and nurses the way I always do with people that fascinates me, and especially now when I nervously awaited something important – that chromo report – Normally these people gladly … finish reading A new family.. (chapter 3)

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In the beginning.. (chapter 2)

This story begins when there were about three months left before giving birth – at this time we went to the maternity clinic every second week as we were closing in for delivery. For three checks in a row they … finish reading In the beginning.. (chapter 2)

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Trisomy 9 mosaic.. What’s that?

As I will write quite a bit about my son it might be good for you to know some more about him. He’s born in February 2013 diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder called trisomy 9 mosaic – there are … finish reading Trisomy 9 mosaic.. What’s that?

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A few shots and..

Original size I have not left the planet. ;) But my SD15 is currently in the hands of a friend and the SD1 just arrived back from Bengt Werner who wanted to try it out.. Now, seeing that the new … finish reading A few shots and..

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New SD1 firmware, New SPP

Ah, I’m so late. :D I’m back in Sweden and I’ve been busy at work since hour one. But, thanks to some of you I also noticed a welcome note about the release of a new firmware which I now … finish reading New SD1 firmware, New SPP

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SD1 Shangeri-la RAW Pack 4

Download SD1 RAW Pack nr 4 255MB You need Sigma Photo Pro 5 (or any other SD1 compatible aw converter). The above shots all have a huge dynamic range (perhaps not the water shot) for you to play with – … finish reading SD1 Shangeri-la RAW Pack 4

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A Yak bull.. Single shot HDR

 Original Another shot from my trip up north and this time it’s a Yak bull (At least I think so).. :) It’s a shot taken at ISO200 – You may want to open the shot in PS in order to … finish reading A Yak bull.. Single shot HDR

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Trip to Shangeri-la. SD1 shots.

 Original from the window of my car.. For the last four days I’ve been on vacation on my vacation to the north of Yunnan province, to a place named Shangeri-la.. I used ISO200 in order to get the entire scene without … finish reading Trip to Shangeri-la. SD1 shots.

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The magenta girl..

Couldn’t resist.. And she even exaggerate the magenta effect quite a bit.. :) A bit later I saw her again, now her dad had collected some more of what he was collecting.. I tried to make her smile, but she … finish reading The magenta girl..

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Electric trip

Original I love ev-bikes! I had one many years ago when I lived in Kunming and the other day we tried a few to see if perhaps it would be time to get another one.. They’re really awesome!! This one … finish reading Electric trip

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