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Recent works..

As you might have noticed I haven’t posted in about a week – and it’s mostly because I’ve been busy taking photos.. And to make things more fun I also used the Nikon D300 along with my SD15 – the … finish reading Recent works..

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A tiny Sigma SD14 vs Nikon D90 comparison..

Some time ago I had this photo session for a company – some portraits made “on location” using my Quadra. Now, I had this 18-50 lens that I adore but that had a bit of a focus issue on my … finish reading A tiny Sigma SD14 vs Nikon D90 comparison..

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Painting with light – revisited..

2 världar and Broshan (names of above guys) is about to release a new album called Hollywood and asked me if I could take their cover shot. Bob and Olga was staying at my place at the time so we … finish reading Painting with light – revisited..

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Thoughts of today – Canon 1D Mark IV & Nikon D3s

Much can be said about the specs of each of these beasts – but nothing for me more interesting than the possibility to grab stunning video or perhaps I should say film – it’s far from “video” in my book. … finish reading Thoughts of today – Canon 1D Mark IV & Nikon D3s

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