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DIY steady cam for iPhone

(Above is shot and painted using iPhone and the SketchBook application) I’m sorry, I’ve been looking at pictures all day long and suddenly I felt I wanted to do something different – looking around and found much foam board / … finish reading DIY steady cam for iPhone

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my first sketch on iPad!!

And no, I don’t own one yet but my friend Martin does (the 5D owner). I managed to make him download both Sketchbook pro and the Brushes app – both fantastic painting apps made for the iPad. (which I often … finish reading my first sketch on iPad!!

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Brushes vs Sketchbook continued..

I never really wanted to make a second post about this, but I was perhaps a bit fast to post the first one so here comes a second.. :) My thinking is that lots of photographers such as myself often … finish reading Brushes vs Sketchbook continued..

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I had some real problems..

With my domain. It sort of got in between the move I made a year ago to from – The name had an administrative email address that I no longer use – and can’t reach. So when … finish reading I had some real problems..

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First DP1 music video?!

Alright. I took a deep look into my growing DP1 video library and made a music video out of it. Upsized to 640×480.m4v (which is the iPhone format). Some quality is still lost but I think you get a feeling … finish reading First DP1 music video?!

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HDR with one shot iso3200 process – movie! :D

Turn volume down! Sounds like old radio with broken speakers. And, beware, you might need to know your RD in order to really follow – anyways. It’s a simple workflow. :)

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Apple Quicklook X3F plugin!

Jeff Sickel has just finalized the long awaited X3F Quicklook plugin. The plugin makes it possible to see the full embedded JPEG in the Sigma SD14 RAW file and with the spacebar you quickly zoom in and you can without … finish reading Apple Quicklook X3F plugin!

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Going off line for a while…

I’m taking a small vacation for the internet and computer. Will use it for images and work only but I will try to spend tops two hours a day with it if possible. At least till new year. Until then … finish reading Going off line for a while…

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Building new workstation [edit #5]

I’ve been using my powerbook since I bought it three years ago and now, finally it’s time for upgrade. My dad has lent me his Macbook a lot and going back to my own is really really boring. So, I’m … finish reading Building new workstation [edit #5]

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Can someone please send me an..

iPhone?! I’d like one so very very much. Thanks! :D

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