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Sigma Dp2x announced and..

Sigma today announced the following (or some of it).. And as far as I can see they’re really pushing that optical stabiliser into more or less all lenses in the line up! And not only that, if you translate that … finish reading Sigma Dp2x announced and..

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Silkypix and Sigma DP2

A year ago I used Silkypix quite a lot, I really loved its noise and color control, I was running the UK 4.0 Pro version and at the time it had native support for SD9, 10 and SD14 raw files. … finish reading Silkypix and Sigma DP2

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DP2 in the mirror..

Crop from first shot. not 100%. I found this cool mirror when passing a beauty shop. Btw, all these shops are located in something that looks very similar to a garage – both by design and size. And it’s not … finish reading DP2 in the mirror..

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Some BW’s from tonight. DP2

Well, we were supposed to have one of my studio classes this evening but our key to the locker containing our strobes were lost and all I had was this strong (1000w) light that we tried to hold and aim. … finish reading Some BW’s from tonight. DP2

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Introducing DP1x and DP2s!

and As many of you know, I’m a full blood lover of Sigmas smaller cameras – the DP1 (24mm) and DP2 (42mm) – Cameras known for their extremely nice optics and fantastic sensor. Now, the DP1s was introduced not long … finish reading Introducing DP1x and DP2s!

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some DP2 and SD14 from today..

First some DP2 shots.. (all images, mixed ISO between 50-400)

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Cold day with DP2 and polarizer.

I had to brake my online habits again but now I’m back. :) A couple of days ago I went to a friend in Stenungsund and the day was below zero for the first time on a while. Sky was … finish reading Cold day with DP2 and polarizer.

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With which camera? SD14, DP1 and DP2..

All are developed using SPP. No post production made except vignetting on three shots (you see it clearly). Can you match the number to the correct camera? They’re so many so if you pick two shots from each camera that’s … finish reading With which camera? SD14, DP1 and DP2..

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Nightly Mushrooms and DP2

DP2 ISO50, f2.8, 1/3s – Sigma Photo Pro + Apple Aperture (same to all photos below) Also, all these have their full size version on flickr. I admit! I’m not a big fan of picking mushrooms but I LOVE to … finish reading Nightly Mushrooms and DP2

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Again, a Sigma DP2 shot developed with RD, LR and SPP [updated]

Sigma DP2, ISO200. SPP conversion. Click above photo to enter article. EDIT: The above shot is taken using Sigmas optional polarizer  (DG Filter, Wide C-PL).

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