A little something about the new Adobe Sketch for iPad..


I confess! I have an addiction to sketch apps.. I’ve used too many and had real fun with most of them. They all have their qualities and often I miss one or two features that I know another app has..

My first favorite was Autodesk SketchBook on my iPhone 3G.. I made lots and lots of people portraits – at that time I thought that the iPhone’s 3,5″ screen was enormous but today I know better. It’s tiny! The iPad on the other hand has a enormous screen. And back in the future the A1 tablet will be reviewed if possible.

Back.. Now I can’t use my favorite sketch app. ProCreate. Why? Because it’s wicked on iPad Air 2 – I know they found whatever was bugging it but they’re being somewhat slow with update. (They’ve known the bug for a week – Am I asking too much?!)

So Adobe released a set of really cool apps a couple of weeks ago and they promise much.. Problem is that the sketch app which I like some – really lack in features that has to do with painting and drawing.. One very important aspect of a sketch app would naturally be to resize the pen size. But somehow they have it in their Adobe Draw which is a vector draw app but forgot to add it here. (Both apps released at the same day).

Above: Linn is working as a language teacher and she often ask me to make simple drawings that she can cut out and use..

But perhaps the most annoying part is that they use gestures that collide with each other. Two finger swipe to the left means undo.. Not bad, I like. Two finger move, with a paus means move around.. You actually need to paus in order to move!! And two fingers also means zoom in and out. Not as confusing though. The even stranger part is that you have to use the ipad in one direction – if you rotate, gestures don’t. So suddenly you find undo to be two finger swipe up! Great thinking.

The canvas or painting itself can’t be rotated either so you NEED to rotate the ipad in order to sketch. So 2010.

But there are good too.. Those brushes! They are brutal! I like them, very very much! They have a wonderful interaction with each other and I might get a Adobe pen only for the purpose of getting sizable strokes. There is also a great line / figure / help tool that you can use to have part of a shape or just a straight line drawn with ease. Never seen in any other of my sketch apps.

They also have a great companion app called Adobe Brush in which you create your own fancy brushes. And it’s great! And the best of all.. You CAN change the size of your own brushes! Everything you do is saved to the Adobe cloud and I often find myself playing with some simple drawing with the brush app on my iPhone and then I draw using it on my ipad. Instant gratification!

In above drawing I used my own photographed drawing and used it as a brush. Genius simple.

Anyways.. Now it’s dark, I need coffee and I better go before william wakes up. I’m still at the hospital and I’m trying to use WordPress own app on iPad to make this second post possible.

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  1. Anderson says:

    Great! Feeling nice to see this post.
    One of my best friend told me about your post.
    I am also a canvas printing expert.

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