for the moment..

this site is not updated. I know you noticed and all but i should perhaps write it as well. I’ll be back, but not sure when – lots of you have written to me without getting an answers and I’m terribly sorry for this, i’ve been focused on other things.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. Bob van Ooik says:

    No worries mate :) Hope the new things in life are worth it. Just give us a peep every now and then :)

  2. I’m confident your focus is spot on and your current project is being done right.

  3. LionelB says:

    The important thing is that you are healthy and content. Nobody can make a priority of everything :-)
    Just be sure to pick up a camera once in a while. Buy some film. Do some sloooooow photography in some spare minutes.

  4. Ricky says:

    You’re not obliged to write here, no way. But I will miss you :P, all the rest of world is speaking about sharpest lenses, ISO and frames per second, I’m overburdened and lost… I miss your family shots, your Sweden, your China, your wife modeling, your sister singing :P. Have easy working days.

  5. Henry says:

    Guess that after the SD1 there isn’t any community of actual users to talk to … ; ) Only ‘old’ SD14/15 users …

  6. Isiah says:

    I think Ricky and Henry really described my feelings as well.

  7. Divorceman says:

    Hope everything works well out with your divorce.

  8. Dennis says:

    If you know that I don’t think it’s a nice thing to post, if you are guessing that it’s inappropriate, if you are joking, well I for one can’t see the joke ….!

    I just hope that Carl is busy fixing Aperture to work with Foveon.

    All the best Carl, we’ll still be here when you make it back!

  9. John Driggers says:


  10. Dan says:

    I ran across this interesting read titled
    “Blown out highlights”: what happens when the sensor is overexposed?

    You might enjoy it as well.

  11. Olinka says:

    Is it true that you are having a divorce? It is spread on all forums. Dont know if its true though.

    • Karlo says:


      Carl isn’t one of those stupid celebrities everyone has to read the latest gossip about. Leave the man alone with such nonsense. If Carl wants to tell about his private life, that’s ok, if he doesn’t it’s no worse.
      Leave his private life up to himself and enjoy his blog and photographs, nothing else.
      Or Olinka, do you want to tell how your anal bleaching went last friday? I heard you had one? Is that true?

  12. What kind of spammers adds comments about a divorce? Last time I asked Linn, we were doing just fine! :)

    Also, thanks for kind comments..

  13. Nico says:

    Hey Carl

    Really missing reading your posts. Such a pity you no longer have time to write on here :-(


  14. Jon says:

    Its a real shame that Carl can’t give as much time as he used to to what is arguably the best photography blog on the internet, especially for us Sigma users. But that’s life and things happen sometimes. Speculating about divorce is pathetic nonsense.

    However, I must agree with Henry and his comments about the overpriced stupidity called the SD1. A blog such as this is at its best when people relate to it and learn from it; feel a part of the experience if you like. Who feels a part of the SD1 experience? Unless you are prepared to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a camera that may or may not be fractionally better than a Canon for 1/3 of the price, there is no involvement whatsoever.

    I hope that one day either Sigma will design a camera, say the SD16, that we can all buy and enjoy, or else in a few years the price of the SD1 will inevitably drop to something akin to reality.

    In the mean time, all the best Carl. You are missed.

  15. Henry says:

    Maybe the sweetest photography blog, all that juvenile excitment was kinda cute ; ) Then the eventual hangover.

  16. Ricky says:

    surely MY favourite photography blog :P.

  17. Dan says:

    Here’s an example of the fantastic resolution of the SD1, a photo shot by Laurence Matson:
    Make sure on the bottom you select the “Original” size.
    You can see Jupiter on the right of the frame. I’m guessing he shot it with a focal length or around 1000mm in 35mm format after the crop factor.

  18. Claus says:

    Bof, it looks smudgy and interpolated, you can see the upsampling … just forget about the ‘MF / 45 Mp’ resolution myth, it’s not there, and never will be.

  19. Ricky says:

    It really not is upsampled, that image is 15 megapixel and it’s not about sensor resolution, you can do that with every camera with the same result because that image is lens-limited.

  20. Claus says:

    Don’t wanna seem like a spoiler kind of guy but I don’t really see the point of discussing resolution when there’s lens-limitation (?)

  21. LionelB says:

    For the tiny band who have an SD1, new firmware was released a few days ago.

  22. LionelB says:

    But new Photopro for all of us. Claiming better highlight adjustment.

  23. LionelB says:

    “Reduced frequency of processing errors” in PhotoPro could mean different things. Fewer poor outcomes overall or fewer individual processes which have faults within them. Interesting to see whether the changes are significant.

  24. Henry says:

    Sigma Announcing New Stuff on January 10, 2012

    New cameras announcement to be expected, maybe a chance for Sigma to make good on prior mistakes.
    A 15MP DP3 would be nice, or how about a SD16 with the 15MP sensor, maybe they could cripple the treacherous ’45MP’ interpolation to differenciate from SD1, I wouldn’t use it anyhow ; )

  25. ChristianHass says:

    Happy New Year to you Carl and to everyone else reading this blog.
    Your blog and videos have always been very inspiring and your enthusiasm is very infectious.

    Hopefully 2012 will bring us new excitement in the Foveon camp!

  26. Thanks and Thanks and Thanks!! Happy new year to all of you!! I really hope that this new year would bring some awesome stuff!! :)

    I’ll also have a week off now and I’ll play around with the new firmware and spp that was just released. If its really great than I’ll try to post some..

    :) anyways. Miss you all!

  27. LionelB says:

    Good to see that you are well Carl.
    A very Happy New Year to all. 2012 will be difficult but I am sure there will be lots of good things too.
    Maybe we will catch that elusive perfect photo of a lifetime …

  28. Jeremiah says:

    Damn it Carl

    So they managed to kill your interest.

    Hope Sigma will go out of business soon.

  29. luofei says:

    Dear Carl, wish you had a happy new year!and looking forward to read you updates in the future:)

  30. LionelB says:

    The linked image is I suppose after all recent updates. Setting aside the easily corrected blue cast, the two things which strike me are the detail – astonishing but so extreme that I find it uncomfortable. It is beyond natural. The other thing is that the light has the quality of flash illumination, not sunlight. That may be just the blue again I suppose.
    Again, the breast feathers on the duck have that ‘raked wire’ look. The question is whether users are spoiling the real possibilities by chasing after the most extreme rendition of detail, at the expense of everything else ?

    • Dan says:

      Thanks for sharing. I agree this “$10K duck” looks artificial. The contrast is quite high. There’s not much detail in the shadows (under leaf on right, or tail of duck). It seems like someone tried hard to show the pixel color and detail accuracy at the expense of natural expression.

    • Paul Paris says:

      Lionel, that’s it exactly: “the detail feels uncomfortable” and that’s what I see in all SD 1 images: striking detail, but shadows more black than a black hole, it looks very unnatural.
      I don’t know if this is a hardware or a software problem; but even if this camera costs over 2 years a mere 500 euro’s , I’ll stay away of it…

  31. philippe says:

    And the new Miu Miu campaign by renowned photographer Bruce Weber (the guy behind Ralph Lauren and Abercrombien and Fitch) … the images are actually a bit soft and blurry . Sharpness is out, it’s SO 90’s ; ). In this campaign the colors are nice and natural and ‘film-ish’ … It’s a fantastic campaign actually … completely doing away with all the retouching-porn usually seen. Authenticity … it’s nice for a change ; )

  32. LionelB says:

    Authenticity and simplicity yes — but at the same time we should resist being helplessly pulled along by the allure of nostalgia. Advertisers always reach for that in a recession. We need to stay sharp even if the images become softer. I do like the images a lot but I know the game he is playing.

  33. philippe says:

    Oh yes of course it’s tons of sugar and softerner and tenderness specifically used to warm people’s hearts in these ‘times of crisis’ ; )
    Still it’s a smart move and you have to give em that they had the balls to pull it off, given the cost of a global advertising campaign and the media-buying which can go into a cool couple of millions it’s quite amazing to do that with blurry pics.

  34. Ricky says:

    this post is like a forum ;)

  35. LionelB says:

    Incidentally, the Bruce Weber images which include the railway track have been banned in Britain because they might encourage children to sit down in front of trains …

  36. Boris says:

    I heard Carl is now shooting Canon. Good luck to all of you. Im also dumping my Sigma gear.

  37. Ricky says:

    nice, I can dump your Sigma gear for you, and in case also carl’s SD1. No problem.

  38. Best wishes in the new year Carl. I haven’t been shooting much myself, and haven’t been to the Sigma forum much either – just not much interesting Sigma news as far as I’m concerned.

  39. Ricky says:

    Dear Sigma, open source the firmware, particularly if you have limited resources and can’t make the details as a fast and reliable contrast autofocus. Then m4/3 foveon, perhaps. Perhaps. If it’s not too late. Cooperate with some medium format sensor manufacturers. This would be my plan, but I’m not so intelligent.

  40. Gosh Carl it sure has been a while, hope all is going well for you.
    Throw us a bone what has been going on in your world.

  41. Dan says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing about Carl and I hope all is well in his life. It’s nice that he’s kept this site up and running, despite the lack of updates.
    Best Wishes Carl from all of us!

  42. Dennis says:

    I think Carl must have two jobs keeping him 100% busy at the moment. The day job being to help make Aperture work with Foveon, and the night job helping Sigma decide on the specs of the new DP3 :-) After all, they won’t be selling many SD1’s against the new Nikon D800 will they?

    Best regards all,

  43. Dennis says:

    Carl must have been busy last night :-)

    “Sigma DP series reinvented as DP1M and DP2M with 15MPx3 sensor from SD1″

    Just what we wanted ……
    [img] Shot 2012-02-08 at 08.46.58.png[/img]

  44. Toby says:


    Follow this Link to get new Energy:

    • Dennis says:

      Well done Sigma!

      Seems the SD1 has also been rebranded and (much) reduced in price.

      Please just be sensible with the pricing of the new DP and I’m sure Carl (and the rest of us) will regain our enthusiasm!

      PS: Next model should be called DP Rytterfalk :-)

  45. Ricky says:


  46. jacketpotato says:

    Carl so happy for you.

    Wonderful breath of life into SD1M, DP1M, DP2M

    (I photo with a DP1)

  47. Andre says:

    I hope Carl is well. Looks like 2012 is going to be a fantastic year, photography-wise. And the new pricing and new DP models from Sigma are just lovely.

  48. Andre says:

    BTW, in my opinion, if Sigma would create a SD1-Merill F (with F mount) and SD1-Merill EF (Canon mount) they would sell boatloads of these cameras. From what I’ve seen in terms of samples, the SD1 is a camera capable of resolution and colors that’s equal (or better?) than the new D800.

    I am very curious what Carl has to say about all these new developments.

  49. Henry says:

    This just in … SD1 at NORMAL prices (2500 USD) , no need to wait for a new product cycle ; ) !!!!!!!!!

  50. LionelB says:

    Looking like a step forward at last. Some caution though — if a lower density of sensors on the chip would have been better in engineering terms or if PhotoPro is not yet able to pull the best out of the chip as it is, we may not yet get the quality we all hope for. Have the teething troubles of the SD1 [with this chip] been completely overcome now ? I am not clear about that.

  51. Ricky says:

    However the new price tag will push the 3rd party raw converter software makers as Adobe and Phase One to do it, now it’s no more a niche.

  52. Warren says:

    Wow big news, I can’t wait until Carl is able to find time for his site again and give us his thoughts on the new DP1m, DP2m and price drop for the SD1!

    Carl, we miss you!!

  53. Bill says:

    It’s a good news, new dp Merrill cameras have same sensor like SD1.
    Carl is busy, but looking forward more details from him.
    And hope the price will be much acceptable :-)

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