Linn to Paris between 12-16th of Aug. Room?

Hi folks!

My wife has a dear friend visiting from China and they decided to go to Paris as a small vacation in the vacation – and they will stay at hostels but if anyone out there lives in or close to Paris and can host my wife and her friend that would be awesome! They don’t need anything fancy, just a sofa or the like.

Please email her at or call her at +46 734-015124

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. thierry says:

    hi carl
    you’re welcome if you decided to come in south of france at nice cote d’azur

  2. tom bako says:

    Not a very smart move considering the kind of world we live in. Not trying to scare you but there are a lot of predators out there and I think this is very naive on your part to say the least. IMHO.

  3. Fabricio says:

    @tom bako

    Well, you are scaring readers with the use of words like « there are a lot of predators out there »… I guess you are listening to much TV… Instead, if you would look at real and scientific numbers, like the ones provided by the International Crime Victims Survey, you would read this:

    « Figures 3 and 4 allow a comparison of the 2004 rates with rates recorded in previous rounds of the ICVS for most of the participating countries. Available trend data point to a curvilinear trend in victimisation by common crime since 1988. The rates of victimisation of North America, Australia and the nine European countries for which ICVS-based trend data are available, show distinct downward trends. In the USA the drop in crime was already in evidence between 1988 and 1992. According to
    ICVS data, the level of common crime in Europe reached a plateau around 1995 and has shown a steady decline over the past ten years. The level of victimisation in Europe has now decreased to the levels of 1990 ».

    Considering that Lynn is going to Paris, France, here is another quote from the latest ICVS (data for 2004/2005):

    « Countries with victimisation levels just under the mean include Norway, Poland, Bulgaria, Scotland, Germany, Luxembourg and Finland. Lowest levels were found in Spain, Japan, Hungary, Portugal, Austria, France, Greece and Italy. The latter eight countries all have victimisation levels significantly below the average of participating countries. They can be regarded as low crime countries in this context ».

    So please, stop spreading your unwarranted fears. Read instead.

  4. Dennis says:

    I must admit that when Tom posted I knew what he meant even if I might have phrased it a bit lower key.

    Statistics are all very well, but it’s a bit like unemployment: The percentage rate may only be 5% but if it happens to you it’s 100%!

    But then again Carl and Linn are obviously seasoned travellers and as Jeremy Ckarkson wrote: “Enjoy your travels and the people you meet en-route for it’s all there is”.

    At the same, wherever you travel, be alert and just a little bit careful.

    Have a wonderful time in Paris, pictures please, preferably DP2 since Carl hasn’t used it recently :-)

  5. Fabricio says:

    What the statistics show and help to understand is, unlike the view expressed by Tom Bako, the world is not more dangerous than it has ever been.

    What the statistics help to understand is that Linn is not more at risk of being assaulted because Carl posted a request for accommodation on his blog.

    Traveling with a minimum caution, which is something Linn is already aware, because as you said, she is a seasoned traveller, that’s all she needs. Thus, there was no need for Tom Bako’s comment, as it only comes from a distorted perception of reality, which itself is most certainly the result of our capitalist media, who need to sell to survive. And as crimes sell well, media talk about crimes all the time, at the trivial level, without making any broader analysis.

  6. Robin says:

    Well, think it’d be fine if everybody just tells his opinion. Don’t see a need to claim others to be wrong or to have a distorted perception of reality.

    Btw my thinking when reading Carl’s post was a mixture of all you; I first thought of risk, then I thought about all those successful couch surfers traveling the world, and I ended up with: It’s okay, but of course there’s always a risk left – and it might be a bit higher by looking for a room to sleep this way on this site than writing to one of many offers in a couch surfing portal.

    I like Dennis words about percentages. Risk may be low, even overrated because of media, but I doubt it’s fine to ignore it at all. But Linn seems to have male company…should minimize the risks, too. =)

  7. Hi guys… Working really hard for the moment, Linn has the SD1 with her so not much room to play with the new firmware and stuff..

    But getting back to this particular post and question about my integrity, being naive and all. Well, it’s quite naive to think that I would pick anyone coming with a suggestion. And, it’s also not the first time we do this – we lived in both Beijing, Shanghai and Cologne like this and it’s been all good – actually more than that. It’s been fantastic experiences as we don’t live with someone completely unknown – we live with people who knows us a little bit from my website and that shares our joy for photography.

    It’s in other words worth the risk. Also, it’s easy for me to read up on my users past history with comments etc – which would give me a pretty good picture of how a person are. Although I do like to think that there are plenty more trustworthy people than the oposite out there.


    • LionelB says:

      Good that you are busy but don’t exhaust yourself. The nights are shortening fast … Save some time for photography :-) I wish the ants would slow down too. Always motion blur versus depth of field blur. It teaches patience though.

      • Carl Rytterfalk says:

        You should have added an ants-shot here now! :P

        • LionelB says:

          Your wish, my command. They are wood ants. I know that flash would fix the problem – also 400ASA – but I want to keep it natural. These were in deep shade, not the best place for an SD14.

  8. Fabricio says:

    « Although I do like to think that there are plenty more trustworthy people than the opposite out there ».

    I agree. I have traveled in North America (Canada, US, Mexico), some islands of the Caribbean Sea and several countries in Europe, and I have met many more wonderful people “out there” (old and young, men and women) than the opposite.

  9. Miguel says:

    hello Carl.
    I guess that I’m having a problem with my sigma, I think that I’ve read somewhere in your blog that you have had a similar problem with your SD14. The facts: well I’m having some troubles with front focus, so, it may be result from two diferent problems: my lens have a front focus (probably this is the problem) or I’m having a problem with the miror ( I guess that you have had this same problem with your SD14). My question is, when you had this kind of problem ( in the miror ) with your camera, you are able to do correct manual focus and the problem is only in AF, or is impossible to do an precise focus at all?? because I’m still able to do correct manual focusing, my problem is only in AF.

    Other question is about focusing screens. well, as you probably know, several brands have diferent focusing screens that the users may adapt in there own cameras. As a Sigma user, you know that the focusing screen from the SD14/15 is not the better thing in the world (SD1 looks much better), for this reason, and we can say that you have a direct contact to “God”, this is a nice tip for a issue that Sigma Corp should solve.

    Regards, Miguel.

  10. marc says:

    >Not a very smart move considering the kind of world we live in. >Not trying to scare you but there are a lot of predators out there >and I think this is very naive on your part to say the least. IMHO.

    Awwww c’mon how about crossing a street, not a very smart move either considering the kind of dangerous motorized world we live in … wonder what kind of statement you’re trying to make with such broad globalisations, it’s just irrelevant. You know people have the faculty to look left or right when crossing a street and I guess that in this context a. the chances to fall on a ‘predator’ are extremely low for starters, and b. if something predatorish is going on most people will have the faculty to sense something dodgy is going on. I also don’t see why predator types would hang out on Carl’s blog, unless they’re photography-loving predators, more specifically Foveon-loving predators, which to me seems like a very unlikely combination.

  11. Fabricio says:

    SD1 RAW files and SPP for Mac

    Sorry to be out of thread, but as I can’t start a new one myself, I am left with no choice but to ask my question here. Hope you don’t mind.

    I have SPP for Mac installed on a iMac with MacOS 10.6.8. I have recently downloaded the SD1 RAW packs kindly offered by Carl. When I open a X3 RAW file from the SD1, I have noticed that I no longer have access to the magnifying glass tool. It stays greyed out. But with the same software and system, if I open a X3 RAW file from my SD14, then the magnifying glass works again.

    Do you know if this is a bug with the RAW file of the SD1 or have I missed some piece of information along the way?

    I use the magnifying glass tool in combination with the eyedropper tool to get the RGB values of any pixel in the image. This is the way I do color correction in SPP. If I can’t get the RGB values with the RAW files of the SD1, this is another good reason not to buy this camera, on top of the outrageous price.

    Thanks for your comments.

  12. Stoneage says:

    Fabricio, with SD1 images you need to press the “Full Res” Button first and wait until its rendered.

  13. Fabricio says:

    Thanks Stoneage. It did solve the problem.

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