64GB UDMA6 works on SD1

Just a short note about my new CF card that I ordered from Taiwan, Photofast G-monster – the 64GB 90mb/s read and 60mb/s write card that has gotten great reviews in it’s smaller siblings – now, would it work on the SD1? And with what speed? I’m pleased to announce that it works and that with 1111 shots left in the display I feel great! Also, taking a 7 shot burst with RAW+jpeg takes 82s from first shutter to no blinking light – that’s 11,8s per picture (or, per two pictures) – what was more interesting wad that I got the exact time with RAW only! Size? Images took 408mb of disk space.

I might add that the SD1 takes a longer time to calculate / process the shot than saving it.. I think 3-4s for each save.

Alright, over and out.
From TC/G Nordica in Kunming on my iPad

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  1. person says:

    NEW FIRMWARE AND NEW SPP are here!!!!

    The SD1 color problems have FINALLY been fixed.

    You can even work in Pro Photo and save as Pro Photo with no issues. The whole thing looks and works like a normal camera now!

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