Some recent pictures from SD1..

As you know I’m on a laptop and I developed these in different light etc so just enjoy, don’t pick too much on the development. I used iPhoto as my post production software and iPhoto saves JPEGS either as super compressed or not compressed – the not compressed option creates JPEG’s of 15MB-21MB each so it’s really a no no.. So, jpeg artifacts can be seen quite easily. So beware! :)

Some shots from Kunming:

Look closer

At night, Kunming. DetailsSummer. (her name)Testing out.Our Kunming home.

Linn’s grandmother recently past away. Some shots from her grave and home.
At the grave..At the grave..Nai Nai

My Chinese family, with mom and dad (in China, the custom says that when married, they become my parents as well.. So saying mom and dad to them feels awkward but nice. :)

Food..Me, Tien Tien, Mom and Dad..What a ride!SDIM2179My chinese Dad

70-200 in action! I’m not often keen on using it as it’s a bit heavy. But it’s really a nice lens! It’s the old version btw, without Macro.

NatachaRed coverHer hands! Look closer!Monochrome output..DofuHere looking at you..

Have to go, all at full size over at flickr. Please go there for more images and more info. I’m off now to the old parts of Dali.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. Person says:

    Great photos Carl!!! I especially LOVE these portraits and the funeral shots, great look and some are very film-like indeed.

    Really looking forward to the new 50-150 OS and the 12-24 II!

    I do think the default tone curve on the SD1 is usually too snappy and doesn’t quite get the best out of the images. Number 4 and 5 shows this I think, since they are already high in contrast to start with.

  2. Person says:

    p.s. i don’t think EVERY pic need sharpness at -2.0 (unless exporting for further work in photoshop)

    i think -1.2 is the highest you should go, but sometimes it helps to sharpen slightly. after all, -2.0 is about the same as -0.8 in SPP4.2, and you didn’t always use negative sharpening before SD1…. or did you?

  3. Ed says:

    Hi Carl, many thanks for sharing that many Sigma-related experiences with us. (and a good part of your private life aswell ; )

    the latter part of my love/hate relationship with my DP1 has a lot to do with blown highlights, DR in general.

    I was eagerly awaiting the SD1 to overcome this obvious Foveon-weakness, but …

    As far as I can tell from the pics you provide, DR still is an issue.
    What do you think?

    Cheers Ed

    • Hi Ed, when you say DR is an issue, in what way? And with what do you compare? I think DR is only an issue when you use too low ISO (100 on SD1 and 50 on DP1).. Except that, DR is mostly about how you expose. I don’t think any of the above shots really has any issues that has to do with DR – more about processing. when you have no idea about what you do because of screen and brightness, then what looks good at one moment, looks bad a couple of hours later.. :)

      • Anonymous says:

        Hmm, let’s take a pic for example: You and your family watching TV (“A couple of seconds later..”). Interesting picture, really has nicely rendered shadows. On the other end of the scale though, the white areas seem to be prone to blow out, in a light situation where I whould not expect to see a behavior like that from a top notch digital picture taking device.

        // processing
        Since you are on vacation and I presume the situation you took the picture in was not completely under your control … let’s wait for your return ;  )
        thanks so far, have a nice trip!

  4. Bill C says:

    First I have to echo the other posters, thanks for sharing your personal photos. You obviously have great love and respect for not only your extended family but for all the people in your photographs. This and your sense of humor always make for some great street photos when you’re in China!

    Looking at the full size photos on Flickr, keeping your post processing notes in mind, it is clear that this new sensor shows the best and worst of whatever glass you put in front of it. Likely too that you’re finding it amplifies shooting technique. I imagine a lot of people are going to say “the new sensor isn’t as sharp as the old one” when in fact it is sharp enough to show the weakness of a lens, a slight camera movement, or even tiny focus errors that just didn’t resolve before. You really said it in your previous post, it takes the best lenses that Sigma has to offer to get the most out of this.

    You haven’t commented too much on just the general handling of the SD1 so far. How is the AF behavior? How does the shot-to-shot timing feel? Just how big -are- the raw files from this monster!?!

    Thanks again for your time to share with all of us.

    Bill Collinson
    Austin, TX USA

    • I have commented some but in comments only so far. I’m planning of making a short movie instead, like a review thing. but as I’m in China I can’t post to any large video site such as Vimeo, youtube or even facebook. So perhaps I should write a little something instead. :)

      It’s also the case that I’m still a new user and I feel that I’m still stuck in my habits of SD14 / SD15 and it does take some time getting used to this new camera. Learn how to fully use the new Custom modes etc.. There are some irritators and inconveniences that I’m reporting to Sigma and in a couple of firmware upgrades I will likely have the camera where I want it! :)

      Also in conjecture with a better SPP5.1.

      And hey, I’m on vacation here! :D

  5. Bill C says:

    Look Closer…
    Wow there is so much going on in this shot. The extra resolving power of the SD1 really gives you a lot artistically. You can really “look into” this shot (reminds me of MF a little in that way). I wish I could compare to a similar shot from an A900 or similar high-MP Bayer camera to see if it “feels” similar to this. I think the delightful find in this is the Dad (Grandad?) carrying the pink school pack for daughter.

    I hope you get to print a couple of these detailed birds-eye shots in a larger format (at least 20×30), I bet all this detail would hold up very well! As an aside, I could see some of this vein of your work showing well, would be fun to pick up an issue of Blind Spot someday and find some of your China work.


    • That is one of the shots I plan to print bigger.. it’s quite interesting to go close.. :D I’m happy you tried as well!

      Perhaps I should add that shot to my next raw pack just as a bonus?

  6. konradmaciej says:

    well look at the skin tones in the shadow i can only describe them as muddy i mean the camera renders color awfully reds and skin tones especially. Skin tones in shadow or mixed lightning = tragedy .

    here the sky is green. I mean come on $6,899.00 camera . same here

    Sky could by gray blue but not green maby it is green on Jupiter or something.
    Why didn’t they make a 8 million pixel camera with descent color low noise etc. and a price tag of a canon 7d. They head to give the price of a medium frame camera for money the Ruined it.

  7. petr says:

    Carl, after various bugs and disappointments (price, Sigma PR, first images quality, etc.) now finally SD1 seems like an incredible tool to capture reality… It´s because of you. It´s not a simple camera and requires personality. Great photos.

  8. person (original person) says:

    to conrad:

    i think the skin tones are actually excellent if you process correctly. the tint is because of the color space / mapping bug. can be fixed in photoshop, carl just doesn’t have access to that in photoshop.

    hopefully SPP5.1 will make this irrelevant, or other raw developers too.

  9. konradmaciej says:

    One last thing witch i have noticed. I have sd15 witch i was using with spp5 so there is an issue with noise cancellation. I mean there is a bug. having a high iso shot turn on full noise cancellation in spp5 .. and nothing happens.. than take that “dingy” -eyedropper to chose a neutral color to set the gray balance and click on the image ..only than the iso reduction kicks in,- and the noise cancellation is applied to the image. Really look closely on the noise and what happens. I guess it is also true with SD1. So Maybe the SD1 isn’t so noisy after all…

  10. luofei says:

    Hey Carl~are you in Kunming? I’m going to Sweden with my wife this Sunday(7/17), stay in different places, Sweden-Norway-Denmark…,I will see if I have time to go to Gothenburg, if so, I will contact with you!
    have fun in China!

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