SD1 life RAW pack 3

SD1 "life" Raw pack 3
SD1 Raw pack 3, 250MB in size. Click here to download.

18-50 2.8 Macro. All hand held click and run exposures.. :)

You need Sigma Photo Pro 5 in order to load the above pack. get it here.

Again, Please try sharpness at it’s lowest possible setting – this time lower the exposure slider to somewhere around -0.9, add a little highlight, a little saturation (+0.2) and have X3 fill light at +0.2 as well..

Good luck! Please post your best results as a bit smaller in the comment section. True with all my RAW Packs.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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45 Responses to SD1 life RAW pack 3

  1. Matthias says:

    Hi Carl,

    Looks like you have a good time!

    Keep posting…

  2. Al Carlay says:

    thanks for the raw pack Carl.. it’s fun playing with other people’s raw especially when it’s in an exotic place like Kunming,China.. i feel like i’m there..

  3. Greg says:

    Hi Carl, thanks for new packs, i start to understand better the SD1 capabilities.
    What do you mean by the lowest sharpness setting? do you mean – 2.0 in SPP5 and then unsharp mask in ps?

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  5. Al Carlay says:

    here’s my interepretation of the man sleeping,

    • Beautiful! Although I wouldn’t had blown the highlight as much ( on the sign).. Btw, the sign says he can create fake ID’s and driving licenses for you. :D

      • Person says:

        Love it Al! (and Carl)

        You can use Shadows & Highlights function in photoshop to bring back the sign.

        How come with SD1 raws in SPP, the shadow & highlight slider don’t work that way anymore? Now they only seem to change the ends of the tone curve, and have no effect on perceived dynamic range. How come? I don’t get why they changed it.

  6. Al Carlay says:

    yep.. gotta watch out for my highlights.. that’s funny about the job description — i guess anything goes in China!

    Person : i agree that they changed how the sliders behave for the SD1.. it kinda bummed me out cause i had a certain workflow that worked very well with my sd15/sd14 files and i wanted to apply it to the SD1 files.. now it’s different! that’s the biggest hurdle you’ll go through when you start working with this camera..

  7. Person says:

    Do you think it’s intentional though? If so, why don’t they add more sliders that work like the old ones?

    Really annoying because it’s best to fix that stuff in the raw stage!

    To carl: love the film-like tones you can get out of that last shot. Shame the focus is on the bike! Although the bike looks insanely sharp and 3D at -1.2 sharpening (which is my fav setting right now)

  8. LionelB says:

    Again some more extreme SPP adjustments here but then toned down with some sepia in Apple Preview (keep it simple …)
    The irretrievably blown highlights instead of being white are persistently milky lime green. Seen on the aluminised seat cover on the scooter. The same with other images in the pack.

  9. Person says:

    I’ve noticed this highlight issue – would be easy for Sigma to correct with some simple code if they get around to it!

    • Yeah, I’m sure most if the issues we see is due to SPP and will be fixable. This is the very first public SPP version 5 and they need people like you and me to find issues in order for them to deal with it.

      Looking forward to future versions.

      • Matthias says:

        Hi Carl,

        They released SPP 5 without testing a single SD1 file on Windows with German settings. It simply crashes.

        Same for several other countries, all that format numbers like 12,34 instead of 12.34 .

        Could you please tell them to fix it by adding a single line of code to SPP?

        I tried several times to contact Sigma Germany about this but I will waste no more time with them…

  10. LionelB says:

    Same technique. Low exposure. Lots of fill light. Massively over-saturate then bring back with sepia. Opens up the shadows nicely.

  11. LionelB says:

    I didn’t claim it was subtle :-)

    Good to play though …

  12. Dan says:

    Is it legal to make illegal drivers licenses? This guy is probably not gonna like it when he wakes up and sees all these different renditions of his nap. Or maybe he just fell asleep in the wrong place. Great capture though.

    • Most things in China is the same as around where you and me live. It’s not legal to make copies of anything like movies, official documents or iPhones – still they do. :)

  13. sunny tsui says:

    Sorry Carl…..

    I’m a Chinese living in Hong Kong, you misread those Chinese words. The last word means “cover” or “plastic pack” that we use to hold and “protect” our ID cards or driver licences and it costs only one Yuan (1 Chinese dollar), that’s it.

  14. Person says:

    Maybe you are both right? The ‘cover’ sign could be code for illegal passports?

  15. Person 2 says:

    It’s all so so, nice camera, yes yes somewhat better than Bayern counterparts, some-what (for people who are pixel peeping, which is NOT the end-viewer), and then the plastiky 3D effect and saturations is not necessarily something everybody loves, to me it looks like artificial and photoshopped (it looks a little bit like 90’s style retouching, or like some cheesy kodak adverts in the 80’s) … it actually lacks a certain film-like organic-ness … but hey, just my 3 cents.

  16. LionelB says:

    I see Carl that you used ISO100 for all of the RAW pack shots, rather than the native ISO200 of the SD1. I wonder if we are maybe not seeing the optimum (and the main target point for the SPP5 software) in what you have shown?
    Comparison with the new ISO200 standard setting would be interesting.

    • Hi LionelB, There are at least one ISO200 shot (man sleeping beside the bike) but I will add another RAW pack soon where I used AUTO ISO. ISO 100-800. I just recently noticed that ISO800 looks much better than I first thought – you will have at least one in the next pack.. (I’ll make sure there is a minimum of two, just for you). :)

  17. LionelB says:

    What I meant was that I understand ISO200 to be the ‘sweet spot’ of the SD1. The image you linked to is too small to tell all that much from but the camera is obviously not struggling at that level. Again though, particularly in the centre (maybe because brushed steel) there is a plasticity which brings to mind Toy Story — or the paintings of Hopper. A sort of hyper-realism. It stands out because other Sigmas render so well. Again probably SPP5 in its (still) beta form.

    • I actually have ISO200 on almost all the time. It’s very easy to find great ISo200 shots – you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know. But I was surprised to see that you were right, a majority of my selected RAW’s were ISO100. Old habits?

  18. Person says:

    I think the hyper-realism is down to several things:

    first, the resolution. we are not used to looking at the world so magnified. if you imagine each 100% crop as a photo of its own, that would be equivalent to an uber-uber-telephoto lens, which is an unusual view of the world in its own right.

    second, noise reduction. turn it off or reduce as desired, because as with any other camera it gives a slight painterly effect at times.

  19. Dan says:

    Thanks Carl for sharing your new work with the community of Foveon enthusiasts here. The SD1 photos have amazing 15MP resolution. However, I was pleasantly surprised to run across some of your earlier work on the SD14 where you developed a shot at double-size 20MP. Here is the example:
    The result is not that much inferior to the SD1, especially when downsized to 15MP. Not a bad result from the SD14’s 4.7MP sensor.

  20. LionelB says:

    Now that the dust has settled, an objective (but quite friendly) review in the British Journal of Photography:

  21. LionelB says:

    I am really struggling with the scarlet red in these. It has such a mighty punch that nothing in SPP5 seems to bring it under control, without washing out every other colour, leaving an overall blue cast. Adding in some yellow-green helps a bit but the scarlet (not all reds) burns out quite dramatically. Of course other programs will fix that but it would be nice if SPP was enough on its own 80% of the time.
    The red towel on the line is the most extreme example of what I mean.

  22. Person says:

    This is a color space bug. Bob van Ooik has made posts about this, showing issues with red in particular.

    I hope Sigma fixes SPP right away (as Yamaki said on twitter), and/or another raw process saves the day, such as Silkypix Pro or Raw Developer!

  23. 24k18k says:

    Thank you Carl for letting us experiencing the SD1!

  24. 24k18k says:


  25. 24k18k says:


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