SD1 family RAW pack 1

SD1 RAW pack 1
SD1 Raw pack 1, 250MB in size. Click here to download.
ISO200 and 18-50 2.8 Macro used.

These shots are not all “perfect” – one is very over exposed and you need to play around in spp in order to restore (which is possible). I took those group shots using bracketing and thats the reason for over exposure. You need Sigma Photo Pro 5 in order to load the above pack. get it here.

Now I’m off to the airport! Enjoy my family. :) If you can find me in those group shots, then that’s a bonus! (timer used)

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. James says:

    Downloading now, thanks Carl!

    Enjoy China

  2. Thanks Carl!
    I am pulling an overnight shift and there is nothing going on so I have my MacBook and got the pack downloaded.
    Wow those files are something, My 2GHz C2D is on its knees when I press the full res button and wait….
    Detail is great but it seems the lens is limiting resolution from what I can see.
    The most impressive thing to my eye is how accurate the color is from the start!
    The new sensor really packs a punch we have not had before.
    Native 200 ASA makes me happy! Like my Nikons.
    I lookforward to stuff from your trip to China. I spent a week hosting Chineese from Dalian at my company’s training center in Dallas. I would love to see their fast evolving world someday.
    Congrats on your new position whatever it is.

    • Ahh, thanks for the specs – more please! My travel system, Macbook Pro 13″ (7,1 = older version Core 2 Duo) 4GB Ram takes 50s total from first load to second load. Only the second “full res load” takes 40s. This IS killing me! :D I know Raw Developer will have SD1 support soon.. ;)

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  4. Dan says:

    Thanks for sharing your raw images Carl.
    I don’t get the option to view at Full Res (or 100% zoom) in my SPP5.0.0. The magnification loupe is grayed out as well. But I am able develop it at same size though. Is it because I probably don’t have enough RAM or processing power?


    • Anonymous says:

      You need to click the “full res” button first

      • Dan says:

        Thanks Anonymous, clicking Full Res button worked but then it took about like a minute to process on my 3-year old laptop. I wonder how fast it processes on newer computers. Hopefully much quicker or professional SD1 photographers will have to spend too much more time at work.

  5. Dan says:

    SDIM1210.X3F is a tough shot because there’s too much sunlight resulting in high contrast and overexposure on the sensor. I think this is part of the root cause of the purple fringing as seen in the attached crop (exaggerated). The other side to it could be the fact that it’s shot with a wide angle lens.
    This is something which can be fixed in post other processing software, but Sigma should implement a remedy in SPP.

    • You need to pull down the exposure slider as well / looks awful the way you did just now. :) But yes, the lens isn’t new or a prime or very expensive. I think most of these shots looks great in the middle though.

  6. Btw, I’m now visiting a Apple Shop in Shanghai, the Pudong one. Amazing shop really! I went here with the new Magtrain, 430km/h – such an amazing train! I’m being hosted by Zhang Heng, and DP1 shooter from Shanghai. :)

  7. Stefan says:

    Thanks very much for these Carl! Not that I’m remotely likely to be buying one of these now – like so many – but still curious! ;-) Colours look pretty good to me, and as you say sharp in the centre. FYI opening to full res in SPP5 takes 18s with a Core i7 920 (2.6Ghz).

    I expect you have noticed already but there’s some kind of horizontal and vertical stripes at the top of the 2nd Midsummer image ( ) – no such problems in these Raws so perhaps it’s something to do with pp / jpeg conversion?

    Look forwards to the Foveon equipped iPhone 7 that Apple have very sensibly recruited you to help develop… oops the secret is out! ;-)

    • Wow, 18s! That’s less than half the time of my laptop! i7, is that the quad core version? I’m hoping that the next Macbook Air has an i7 quad option – it’s such a beautiful computer and the SSD makes it sooo fast. But CPU is kind of important when it comes down to X3F’s.

      And NO, I didn’t notice those lines. It’s a bit funny because we saw these lines in some shots taken with the pre-sd1 and I took all my “pre” shots with RAW+Jpeg and the Jpeg never ever contained any lines – but the RAW did. I think it has do do with noise reduction algoritm or something like that. Hopefully fixable. I guess that’s partly a reason to why I wasn’t allowed to post any full res shots from before.

      Let’s hope they fix this.

    • Stefan says:

      Carl –

      The lines are rather faint so maybe you missed them… Along the top of the image in the sky, most visible just to the right of centre. Seems to also have some yellow/green banding… maybe in the Raw too?

      (l: original, r: luminosity contrast increased)

  8. Toby says:

    Opening a SD1 picture with my i7-2620 4Gb needs around 14sec.
    I think thats not too bad, because saving into jpeg after the fullres prozessing is much faster. (around 3sec)

  9. Dan says:

    Thanks guys for including some benchmark numbers. Looks like I would need a new computer if I had this camera.
    15s might still be too high for some. This is probably when batch processing comes in handy.

  10. Greg says:

    colors apart, i’m not really impressed…

    i would like to look at a landscape, with lot DOF, and a good prime before judge.

    thanks Carl for the pack :-)

  11. Philippe says:

    Thanks Carl
    You are a really good guy to share your raws for the Sigma community.
    All the best for your chinese trip (hummm, the Magtrain is not a copy of the french and german hight speed train??? ok ok no politic here hahaha).
    Now i am going to open these raws and see what i can do with spp5 and LR.

  12. Mike Earussi says:

    Carl, thank you for posting SD1 files that are finally good enough for us to actually be able to see just how good the IQ of the SD1 is. They are by far the sharpest Foveon files I’ve ever seen, good enough to print these at 100% and still get decent results (the max size I ever print the SD14 is 66%). I can now see why Sigma thinks of this as almost equivalent in quality to a lower resolution digital MF back.
    The only flaws I’ve seen in your particular shots are a tendency, at least on my computer, to have a slight magenta bias, easily blown highlights, and some lateral color in the corners, no doubt from the lens. Other than these few, and relatively minor, problems, they’re great. Thanks. Mike Earussi

  13. LionelB says:

    And not to forget that monochrome white balance works fine in SPP5. Almost forgotten in the rush to colour :-)

  14. Mike Earussi says:

    Carl, the highlights in the last two photos are totally blown out. Does the camera have a tendency to overexpose?

  15. Person says:

    I have an SD1 too now and I can say:

    – Yes, the camera does overexpose a little. This can be good though, because there is a lot of headroom and the sensor gives its best when ‘pulled’ back post capture. The camera exposes for shadows.

    – The slight magenta cast is related to the SD1 color-space bug in SPP. If RAWs are shot with the in-camera sRGB tagging, the embedded in-RAW jpegs do not show this cast at all.

    • Mike Earussi says:

      Thanks for answering, a little negative exposure bias should fix that then. Personally I prefer exposing for the highlights–I just don’t like blown highlights.

      • When using amy Sigma a little over exposure is often a good idea.. With the Sd1 it’s only true when shooting iso200 as iso100 is too easy to blow. The in-camera jpeg blows out super easy and is not to be trusted.

  16. Bill says:

    Carl in shagnhai apple shop :)

  17. Richard W says:

    To those that are willing to pay for this, make sure you get a perfect sensor. As there is defective dead pixels on this bigger foveon sensor just as previous gen. Look at the sample photo Las Vegas. I’m referring to green dots/ single dead pixels in alot of places in this one single photo: firetruck blue stripe, windows, stairwells, most inherent on dark areas, they stick out. I notice this problem with 3 separate dp2 exchanges i had with amazon years ago, the SIGMA Photo Pro merely tries to mask it when it detects these defects but most of the time it just showed up before it processes the photo when viewing.

  18. Richard W says:
    sample photo#10, the only photo that is shot in low light. Foveon flaws show up in dark scenes.

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