A city stroll..

I was having a stroll yesterday together with Bengt – Weather was amazing! Ice creams melting and doves were sing.. making dove sounds. I brought the 85mm and the mighty 50-500 OS – and Bengt mostly used his 18-50mm macro and some oldish film camera from the 30s.

Bengt Werner with 50-500 OSStena Line at 85mm

When there is light, there is love! The Sigma produces such stunning captures when light is great and it’s a pleasure to play around is SPP (The RAW developer that comes with the camera for those of you that don’t know). Most shots taken using the 50-500 OS as it has this nice reach and you can shoot anything without confrontations. :) With the 50-500 I’m a ninja. The above boat shot is the only one taken using the 85mm.

Strong skinface offColorsPerfectly in focus Hmmm
The old man on the portrait shot above is worth a close up look, so please look at the original which really shows how great the 50-500 OS can be. Alright, here’s the original of the seagull as well.. Admit it, you all want a lens that can do that! :D Or perhaps the camera?

Having a drink

And finally – I just can’t help myself..

Sweet doveTaking a shower

Anyone having the problem that when you focus manually and take a shot, that even if you saw your subject in focus it ended up off?

Well, that’s what happens when your mirror is slightly off – my SD15 mirror has been off since I got it and today I decided to fix that (Sigma says it has to be sent to Japan for them to fix) and it turnes out that it’s actually quite simple and easy to do yourself.

But that’s a different story for another day! :D

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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25 Responses to A city stroll..

  1. LionelB says:

    The flat cap is crazily good ! And the wear on his right lapel. The texture is so real that there should be scents of wool and after-shave and old newspapers. And street noise. Great !

  2. Dan says:

    Very dynamic stuff… The colors have a warm tone ala Kodachrome. I think that’s how the image was captured. You most likely didn’t mess with the color or white balance.

  3. pawel says:

    hey. I did adjust my SD14 a while ago, with the two screws inside and now it is focusing perfectly (“perfectly” for sigma standards…) both in AF and manual. Apparently with such adjustments you can only adjust the center AF (and most likely you will screw all the other ones) but who cares about them anyway :-)

    • Ah, so perhaps you might have a few words of wisdom to add when I release my next “mirror adjustment post”. :)

      • Arek says:

        Hi Carl!
        I’m waiting for the SD15 adjustment post :-) I’m not sure if what is the reason why some of my pictures taken with SD15 are not in focus – the lens, which is not great (18-200 3.5-6.3 DC OS) or the body focusing problem, which is common in Sigma :-(
        Best Regards!


  4. So you found Onkel Kånkel !

    Year I agree with Dan the color tones are very Kodachrome.

  5. Jim Roelofs says:

    Carl, lovely work, but then I did not expect anything less from Mr Foveon.

    Looking forward to that next story.

    Sincerest regards, JR

  6. marc says:

    Birdies and the occasional street alcoholic, nice!

    Some new speculation on the release date of the SD1. October o3 … 2011 ; )


  7. Hi,
    Nice set of photos, I like the Face Off shot, nice different angle.
    First time visiting your site- I’ll be bookmarking it.

    • Thanks Chebb! :) It’s funny how time flies. When I started drooling over the foveon sensor – that was 10 years ago! I have no idea how many years I known you, but quite a few I think. :)

  8. John says:

    Happy Birthday, Carl! :)) Hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday with your family, friends and probably the SD1! :p

    Really great shots taken, and I really love the bokeh and sharpness rendered by this lens! :)

  9. Dan says:

    Thanks for your contributions to the photographic community.

  10. Clive says:

    Great to see, Carl, and I agree with everyone about the textures of reality….

    Also, interested to see that tattoos on just anyone aren’t only a San Diego thing — though I think they might have started it, from the combination of youth/islander ethnicities, and the prevalence of tattoo parlors left over from the biggest Navy times.

    Nice you are getting to the summer, in the wonderful edge seasons…


  11. LionelB says:

    So, come clean. Did you fake the EXIF for the flat cap and the seagull or are those really SD15 ? :-)

    • They’re all SD15. :) And perhaps more people will invest in the SD15 now that the SD1 is out of reach. Still no news from my sources within Sigma so I guess this is the correct price point. I think it’s a sad day for photography. I truly wished this camera to be a “peoples” hasselblad.

  12. LionelB says:

    Perhaps we were all forgetting that there is a great and affordable Foveon camera already – the SD15. With the quality of those photos I mentioned, it needed something pretty special to make a trade up worthwhile. How many of us actually do A2 prints or larger and need ultra quality ? Of course, a blog about a camera that nobody else has is not going to be very entertaining. Plenty still to do though with DP series and practical projects :-)

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