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Hi everyone. I’ve been off website duty for a while now – almost had a small vacation and during this time I’ve been making a website for the local photo club and have decided to give my own site a real makeover – perhaps not so much on the surface but beneath it will be much sleeker (more HTML5) and everything will hopefully become snappier and more functional. I will also incorporate a place for all of you to show your own photos (upload) like I wanted long ago but now I think I’ll be able to finally pull it off. I’m still trying to make it happen with RAW as well, would be awesome. A public RAW-pack! :D

I seems like the SD1 has been slightly delayed due to everything that has happened lately in Japan – but when it’s time there will be huge amount of SD1 related thing going on here.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. Alberto says:

    That sound fine for the web,

    it´s a tragedy for the japannese people, and the SD1 release is secundary,

    But, it seem we will not see the Sigma SD1 this year

  2. Person says:

    What makes you think we won’t see SD1 this year?

    Kazuto Yamaki from Sigma hinted that they will release it before the ‘next big show’. They only had to shut down their factory in Aizu for a few days.

    Maybe Carl has some insight on this.

    Is there something I don’t realise, or is there really no way will see the SD1 within the next few months?

  3. Person,

    At first most of us thought it would be out in late february – so even if it’s here in a month we could see that as delayed. I have no date at all at this point. But I hope that I’ll be able to play with it within a month or so. :) I still have my hopes up for a sooon release.

  4. Person says:

    Ooh… that’s good to hear.

    I really hope you get to test one soon, Carl. That would make the wait easier for us all :)

    Fingers crossed that we will see the SD1 sooner rather than later.

    Maybe the ‘big show’ that Yamaki mentioned will be the Seoul P & I show later this month. He already stated that the SD1 will make an appearance there!

    There’s also NAB next week in Las Vegas…

  5. Jesper Hansen says:

    Public raw database…Now you are cooking. The one thing no one has gotten. And to note. The idea of a sharing site for different versions of raw converters (SPP) and a, hopefully, active community to suggest better ways, versions of the pictures presented. Incidentally I have acquired a SD14 an am looking very much forward to get the best thinkable results from this camera. Do you know anyone who is using Linux as a base for all things photo? I have SPP 4.2 running on Linux Mint, but I have no help as to finding any working color calibration methods for Linux.

  6. Jesper Hansen,

    i know! :D SPP versions is here already, but I guess you already knew that. Linux.. I know there are people over at the dpreview Sigma forum that at least knows about it – I think DCRaw works, especially for SD14 files.

  7. spalbird says:

    I had a look at that photo club page – very good job!

    SD1 is secondary… Even in Tokyo workers stayed at home for some days – Sigma’s factory is much closer, I anticipate blackouts and more damages than they communicate…

  8. Jesper Hansen says:

    Carl Rytterfalk,

    Seems to me this site is the only one that speaks a coherent language. I found some Sigma FanBoyz but then the pages were Japanese only.

    What have you achieved in liaison with Sigma? Have you become a Beta-tester for the company ?

    I am surprised to see that there’s no evidence of a UK or German sigma-user pages. Or am I amiss here too ?

    Have you found any official sales numbers of production line up ?
    How many Sigma SDxx DPxx have been sold ?

    Thanks for this link That’s very detailed.


    • Hi Jesper,

      You can say that I (or my site) has grown closer to Sigma over the years – and they do send cameras and lenses sometimes for testing but without any harsh rules and I’m still free to write positives / negatives / nothing as I please. That’s also what I know they will do with the Sigma SD1 and I can’t tell you how eager I am to put my hands on it.

      The great thing with Sigma is that it’s more of a family company and that they listen a lot to their users. It’s not always possible to move as fast as we might want them to due to the huge amount of patents restricting their wings – but they listen for sure and they read comments regularly on sites like mine. I don’t know many other sites – in other languages – there is some in China (growing rapidly in terms of Sigma users) and of course in Japan. But other than that.. The X3 Magazine is written mostly by a dutch guy – but in English.

  9. spalbird,

    Yes, the SD1 is for sure secondary. And thanks for the comment on the photo page. :) I’m using it as a learning tool and I’m still developing it as we speak. I’m reading into CSS3 for the moment.

  10. Alberto says:

    I think if there aren´t “fresh” news and specs about SD1 this month I will pass and I will go for Nikon route.

    A shame as I like Foveon over all the rest sensor technology.

  11. Person says:

    Me too.

    SD1 really needs to hit within the next month to make an impact.

    I firmly believe that the Foveon IQ is clearly better than anything else on the market and is the only technology that can surpass film. However, for commercial reasons the SD1 needs to come out pretty much NOW…

    Unfortunate but true, I think.

  12. John says:

    Sadly, I would have to agree with Alberto and Person. I’m looking for a new DSLR, and the image quality of the SD1 is really a great attraction for me. However, if there is still no news of it within the next few weeks, I think i’ll just have to go with the new nikon d5100. it has decent image quality at a decent price! :)

    come on Sigma! hope you guys manage to push out the SD1 real soon! :)

  13. Person says:

    Well… it has to be said John: the image quality of the SD1 is several universes beyond the D5100!

  14. John says:

    Person, definitely I agree with you! But if it appears only 1 year down the road then I think I would forgo the extra image quality for time spent with a camera! My hands are itching to get to a DSLR already!

  15. rtrski says:

    I hope you’re right. I’m already scavenging lenses (ebay, Adorama used, etc.) and have sold all but my general use 14-54mm for my E-30. Going into tele and wide-angle withdrawal here….

  16. Robin says:

    Nice new feeling on your site, Carl! Less blue, and if there was something like corporate design, this is a little gone. But I’ll associate this new layout with Carl soon, I think. And I like it, it’s more clear … I can better keep track on all the categories, comments, etc. now.

    Well, comments here should rather be posted to SD1-thread? ^^ Of course there are a lot of people willing to enter photography with an DSLR now. I can see their problem, asking if SD1 is worth the wait, especially while not having any DSLR until then!

    But a lot of users already bought a system of a brand of their choice. E. g. me. Being Canonier for almost 7 years, I entered Sigmas world only 2,5 years ago, but parallel with Canon. It’s a small second system yet (SD14, DP1), but it may grow if SD1 yields what it promises. I’m ready to switch, but I also want to keep my beloved lenses … So to me it’s not the worst thing having to wait. I’ll have time to find my decisions …

    • hehe.. site is evolving every day now. I’m searching for “the” feel.. not there yet but coming closer. But thanks for your support! :D Ideas are welcome as well.

      You’re also among the lucky ones as you have a Canon system! Those lenses isn’t that hard to convert. And I’m pretty sure that SD1 will hit market within here and summer so people who read this – hold one! It’s coming!! :)

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