Sigma SD1 – What we don’t know..

EDIT: We now know that MED resolution is 3264 x 2176! (directly from Sigma). Yes!
EDIT2: Eric Magnusson corrected resolutions on the SD9 – which is Hi: 2268 x 1512 Med: 1512×1008 and Low: 1134 x 756
EDIT3: Info about batteries. Same as SD14/SD15.
EDIT4: – Someone wrote lots of interesting SD1 stuff in Japanese! Scott had it translated and the user “termite” posted the whole thing in the comments section – A whole lot of info!

The last three days has been very interesting as Maro, a Japanese photographer and some others – has been able to scratch a little deeper into the hidden spec list of the Sigma SD1. Now, I might have missed something so please add your own info and we’ll try to make this as complete as possible. Will be kind of interesting to compare to the real deal later. :)

The “known” story can be found here. Also Sigma’s SD1 site is up! with one sample shot and leaflet. You can also see the “back stage” photo session here. :D

Resolution(s) and speed.
Sigma has gone back to the way it was – and once more added the HI, MED and LOW resolution. They use a technology called VPS – where they cluster pixels together in order to get faster readouts (higher frame rates) and slightly better noise ratio. We don’t know the exact resolution numbers yet but so far we sort of know the following: (Update: We know at least image sizes – speed and buffer is still only vaguely known)

HI: 4800×3200 (15,5MPx3 – 46MP) @ 3,5-4fps 7-8 frames.
MED: 3264 x 2176 (7,1MPx3 – 21,3MP) @ 4fps 12 frames (my guess)
LOW: 1600×2400 (3.8MPx3 – 11,5MP) @ 5fps 15 frames (Maro wrote 15 frames in this mode but I think it must be more as it has the same amount of internal memory as the SD15 – and that one can handle 21 RAW at 4.6MP – Or my Google translation is wrong!)

Above picture is taken back in 2003 using the SD9 in LOW mode. :) Full size.

Noise (ISO): 100-6400.
According to Maro, the new ISO100 is the old ISO50 – and ISO200 will be the new “standard”. ISO1600 on the SD1 has similar noise levels as todays ISO400 which is really unbelievable! ISO400 is truly useful on todays SD’s. Auto ISO could be between ISO100 and 800 but I really hope they make that one jump longer.  ISO6400 is available in Extended Mode.

Batteries are the same as with SD14/SD15 (Wohoo for us old timers!).
Battery pack (vertical grip) from old SD14/SD15 will fit although there is a new enhanced version especially made for SD1 available.

There are now also RAW + JPEG which is a very welcome edition.

RAW files sizes are around 45-50MB.  JPEG file sizes in RAW+JPEG mode are around 7MB.

View finder now shows the number of shots left before the buffer fills (Yes!) and smaller focus boxes!  All 11 focus points are twin-cross type sensors.

What we’re still missing: (read comment below by Maro to get some answers)

  • Speed of saving file – utilizing that UDMA6? (really important to us wedding photographers)
  • Number of pictures per charge.
  • Focus micro adjustments .. at both ends on a zoom or only at one spot? And does this work with all Sigma lenses?
  • Can camera settings be adjusted while saving a file? Menu reached? See numbers of files left on card? (NO LCD on topp makes this a question).
  • Max / Min shutter speed.
  • Tethering?
  • Video out – mirror of LCD or better?

Alright, thats about it for now.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. Charles says:

    A bit about VPS, or binning as it is known on other chips. Binning makes read out faster. Binning can also be used to increase signal to noise ratio or ISO. Averaging pixels together reduces the signal to noise ratio by the square root of the number of pixels averaged. Summing the pixels gives a higher ISO.

    Binning the SD1 at 1 by 1 gives the native resolution of 4800 by 3200. Binning at 2 by 2 gives a resolution of 2400 by 1600. Binning at 3 by 3 gives a resolution of 1600 by 1066. Binning at 4 by 4 gives a resolution of 1200 by 800. Binning at 5 by 5 gives a resolution of 960 by 480. So even at 5 by 5 binning you have a 1.8 (Foveon) MP image.

    It would be nice to know how Sigma is going to work with binning.

  2. jd says:

    your math is wrong. 960 * 480 = 460,800 pixels (0.46 megapixels), or a little less than half a megapixel.

    it is not 1.8 megapixels and even if you boost it by 3x (which of course is bogus), you only get 1.4 megapixels. binning a 3×3 block is 1.7 megapixels, which is close but still not 1.8 megapixels.

    plus, averaging (binning) pixels increases s/n ratio, not reduces it. that’s the whole point.

  3. Wow 26MP in MED… That would be fantastic and useful. Would I be correct in assuming that the low-light shots would be a little better in MED because of the photodiodes would be acting as bigger photodiodes while using the whole real estate of the 24mmx16mm sensor?

  4. maro says:

    •File size in MB (RAW)

    It will be between 30 and 54 MB. (I guess)

    •Speed of saving file – utilizing that UDMA6? (really important to us wedding photographers)

    It depends on CF writing speed. SD1 must be utilized for UDMA6. However, it is on the way to the goal.

    •Number of pictures per charge.

    Between 7 and 8 pictures per charge with RAW,Hi,ISO100, on the displaied SD1.

    •Focus micro adjustments .. at both ends on a zoom or only at one spot? And does this work with all Sigma lenses?

    I’m sorry. I did not asked about this. I cannot reply.

    •Can camera settings be adjusted while saving a file? Menu reached? See numbers of files left on card? (NO LCD on topp makes this a question).

    Answer for all question is “Yes”.

    •Max / Min shutter speed.

    I’m sorry. I did not check it.


    I cannot understand the meaning of your question.

    •Video out – mirror of LCD or better?

    I guess it will be mirror of LCD, not sure.

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  6. Mike says:

    Maro, thank you for your information. Just one point of clarification, “number of pictures per charge” means “how many hundreds of pictures can be shot on one battery charge.”

  7. Maro, nice to see your answers to Carl’s questions. Thank you for all your insight into the SD1.

  8. maro says:

    > Mike

    > how many hundreds of pictures can be shot on one battery charge.

    Thank you for your pointing my misunderstand.

    The answer is “I don’t know. We will need a lot of batteries, perhaps.”

  9. jd says:

    “Between 7 and 8 pictures per charge with RAW,Hi,ISO100, on the displaied SD1.”

    7 to 8 pictures per charge??? you must mean memory buffer, not battery. it would be the biggest joke of the century if the camera took only 8 photos and then the battery was dead.

  10. ChuckL says:

    Will the SD1 use the same batteries as the SD14 and SD15?

  11. Sebashi says:

    Thanks Carl :)

    Yes ChucKl, Maro has cheked this ( there’s pictures )

    Thanks Maro for sharing ;-p

  12. Charles, cluster, binning. :D yes. But, if you look at how the SD9/SD10 did it, Hi: 2268 x 1512 Med:1134 x 756 Low: 756 x 504 – Then you see that the only binning into 2×2 is between HI and MED. But between MED and LOW there is something completely different going on – but still working. So if that is happening, then the “new” MED on SD1 could have the same relation to HI as the old LOW to MED. :D Hence my above calculation.

    If not, then MED is 3.8MPx3 and Low 1,7MPx3. (Which I don’t really believe).

  13. Maro, A huge thank you for your time to come here and help me out – and for your superb insight and writing on your blog! It’s been a please following it!

  14. jd,

    Hi Jd, well, as Mike already pointed out it was a misstake as he meant images in buffer while I meant shots per battery change.

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  16. Frits Thomsen says:

    Just to clarify … binning on a Foveon can be done with any numbers of pixels .. not nessesarily 2×2 , 3×3 , 4×4 et.c. it can just as well be 2, 3, 4 , 5 , 11 or any number of pixels lumped together.

  17. Frits Thomsen,

    Well, I wonder how they did with this new MED resolution.. :) 3264 x 2176.. Can you explain? or someone? I clearly understand the more exact 2×2 binning system but with your 2, 3, 4 I’m not following as you want the end pixel to be square and you can’t really divide pixels into half’s..

  18. Sebashi says:

    Carl, with the Mid resolution ( 3264 x 2176 ) you get directly from Sigma, nothing more ??? ;-p

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  20. Frits Thomsen says:

    Something like this , perhaps ?
    3 pixels in a L shape as 3200 is roughly 2/3 of 4800 and 2100 is roughly 2/3 of 3200

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Pierre says:

    I’m only sure that:
    The SD1 will be released tomorrow…

    Noooo! Private joke!

    Sigma drives me crazy!

    I can’t wait: i’ll buy a SD15 soon
    But I know I’ll regret!

  23. I cant wait , thank you for info :-)

  24. Roninsteel says:

    Dear Mr Collins

    Thank you for your email.  Unfortunately we have no confirmed dates from
    Japan on when we will start to receive deliveries of the SD1.  I would
    say it will not be available until the middle of March at the earliest.

    Kind Regards


    Gary Rutter
    Sigma Sales Dept
    Sigma Imaging UK

    Tel:01707 329999

    See us at the Focus on Imaging show on stand N3. NEC, 6th – 9th March

    Sigma Imaging (UK) Limited. Registered in England No. 4114616

    Registered Office: 13 Little Mundells, Welwyn Garden City,
    Hertfordshire, AL7 1EW

    VAT Number: 765707108

    The information in this email is intended only for the addressee(s)
    named above. Access to this email by anyone else is unauthorised. If you
    are not the intended recipient of this message any disclosure, copying,
    distribution or any action taken in reliance on it is prohibited and may
    be unlawful. Sigma Imaging (UK) Ltd does not warrant that any
    attachments are free from viruses or other defects and accept no
    liability for any losses resulting from infected email transmissions.
    Please note that any views expressed in this email may be those of the
    originator and do not necessarily reflect those of this organisation.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Paul Collins []
    Sent: 11 February 2011 11:41
    To: sales
    Subject: Sd1 release date

    As you know there are various rumours about the release date of your new
    SD1 camera body. I thought that rather than being misled by these I
    would ask you direct if you have a date for the sd1 to go on sale
    bearing in mind that. Nikon also are about to release the D800 I have
    recently purchased a DP1X which I am enjoying and has wetted  my
    appetite for the foveon sensor technology

    If you have any information please let me know as waiting can be
    difficult if no progress forward has been made

    Yours Paul Collins

    Sent from my Padlet

  25. Erik Magnuson says:

    Carl Rytterfalk,

    Carl Rytterfalk: But, if you look at how the SD9/SD10 did it, Hi: 2268 x 1512 Med:1134 x 756 Low: 756 x 504

    Carl, I don’t think Sigma ever shipped firmware with Med: 1134 x 756 Low: 756 x 504. That was part of the initial specs, but what shipped was Med: 1512×1008 and Low: 1134 x 756. In this case Med is binned 2:1 horizontally (e.g. 1116×1512) and the output size of 1512×1008 is created by interpolation.

  26. Erik Magnuson says:

    Frits Thomsen,

    Not quite 3 pixels in an L shape, but instead binned by column so the pixels will not be square. I’ll bet on 2400×3200 with 3264×2176 created via interpolation like every other Sigma camera has done MED.

  27. Pierre says:

    Kostas Sarris,

    Wikileaks is my friend ;)

  28. Erik Magnuson,

    Ah, Yes. I read what Dpreview wrote and took their numbers for granted. So my own shot above was shot using the LOW. :) Too long ago to really remember. Thanks for the correction.

  29. Grr.. I have problems with WordPress – latest update made comments look strange – no images is shown and line breaks are gone. Bob? :D

  30. Anonymous says:


    Pierre, you will not regret getting a SD15. It is also a great camera.

  31. Termite says:

    From dpreview: Some additional SD1 notes posted by xeno63 on his blog:

    Some of these are my own personal opinions, and I’m probably leaving something out.

    X3F RAW file sizes range from 45-50MB

    The JPEG in RAW+JPEG mode are around 7MB

    There is little to no difference between write times for RAW+JPEG and plain RAW

    One RAW file takes about 10 seconds to write to card

    At present the camera is verified to utilize UDMA Mode 6 cards

    They (Sigma?) is currently verifying UDMA Mode 7 cards and these should be faster than Mode 6 cards.

    A new version of SPP will be needed to process SD1 RAW files. (You get an error if you try to open SD1 files in the current version of SPP.)

    The RAW processing algorithms are completely different.
    SPP for the SD1 is currently under development (It will support RAW files from current cameras.)

    [ed: hmm…] An additional “Adjustment RAW mode” will be added due to the increased complexity of the RAW data coming from the SD1

    In “Adjustment Mode” you won’t be able to use the loupe or magnify the image, however, processing speed will be increased ten-fold.
    You will be able to use this mode with current RAW files, but there won’t be an equivalent speed increase

    The workflow will be where you modify a RAW image in “Adjustment mode” then you convert it to a Full RAW file.

    Sigma is looking into a Kelvin-based white-balance adjustment, but they are finding it difficult to achieve. This is mainly because with Bayer sensors you deal with a two-axis adjustment, but with Foveon it is a three-axis adjustment.

    High sensitivity is an algorithm with a goal to keep as much color information as possible. So with the current Foveon sensors (in current cameras) produce a large amount of noise as sensitivity increases. With the new Foveon sensor there is barely any noise.
    ISO sensitivities from 100 to 6400

    ISO800 produces almost no noise and ISO1600 is very usable
    ISO6400 is available in “Extended Mode”

    The SD1s shown at CP+ had a Firmware version of 0.5. It looks like there are quite a number of incomplete functions and a number of bugs remain.

    The back-side AF button was on the camera, but it currently doesn’t function.

    Autofocus on the demo units was clearly faster than the SD15 and will only improve over time.

    All 11 AF points are twin-cross sensors and every sensor is equally sensitive.

    The AF sensor was announced to be sensitive from -EV2 to 18, but the final unit will be sensitive from -1EV. [ed: there was perhaps a typo here. I couldn’t tell if the announced sensitivity was -2EV or just 2EV…]

    AF Micro-Adjustments will be available on a per-lens basis, but it’s not clear how many lenses worth of storage the final unit will support.

    The top LCD was removed from the SD1, but each button will display information on the LCD screen when pressed.

    The SD1 specs show the rear LCD to be the same specs as the unit on the SD15, but the LCD on the units at the show seem to be different and much better.

    All of the SD cameras have been easy to hold, but the SD1 is even more so.

    There is a mysterious menu item selection that seems to indicate that you will be able to change the lens information (this is unknown and may not even end up in the final product)

    Even though the camera might record the lens information, Sigma does not and will not apply and lens corrections to the files in-camera.

    There is a “Cleaning Mode” in the menu system (The feature was in previous SD cameras, but it was never easy to remember how to do it.)

    The shutter sound is even quieter in the SD1

    Mirror-shock is smaller (even though it was small enough even in the SD15)

    The viewfinder looks even brighter now that the crop-factor is 1.5x instead of the 1.7x in other SD cameras.


  32. [img] sisters son..jpeg[/img]

    Just trying to bugfix my blog. Images is not shown, a “hotfix” has been released but it does’t work for me. grrrr

    Ok. I now know that I’m not alone. Lots of people have reported similar bugs already so a real update is on it’s way. Sorry for the inconvenience. I really want to see those images of possible scaling technique posted above without having to cut and paste!

  33. Pierre says:


    Incredible! Something else than a simple rumor?

  34. PeteD says:

    Great to hear that the LCD might be an improvement on the SD15 as Nikon and others use over 900K dots on their mid range DSLRs now.

    The noise specs sound very encouraging, does 200 ISO as the “normal” ISO (I picked this up from elsewhere on Carl’s website) mean that this is the ISO figure where no noise reduction is applied to the output of the sensor?
    I’m hoping that the colour blotching effect at high ISOs on earlier models will not be an issue with this camera.
    The latest issue of “Outdoor Photography” has an article on digital cameras useful for landscape photography and the SD1 gets a small mention as an up and comming likely contender.

    The only down side to these notes is the 0.5 version of firmware currently in use for the CP+.

  35. KoGo says:

    Hello, dear friends. Several times a day I “google” SD 1 and want to share the las info. Please read details from the following blog:


  36. Carl Rytterfalk says:


    Ah, first about the LCD – the current LCD found on the SD15 – especially after the latest 1.01 update is really good – it’s better than 5D Mark II (900k) – it’s brighter and has more contrast – it’s really crisp and clear! So if someone says that the SD1 has a better LCD than the SD15 then we’re in for a treat!

    Higher ISO’s are rumored to be much less blotchi – sensor in itself is creating cleaner files. And about the firmware – I wouldn’t worry too much about that as they’re working more or less day and night.. At least that’s what I heard.

  37. Knut says:

    New youtube film of Sigma SD1 from just uploaded:

  38. Joe Chrisman says:

    I would like to get an SD1, but did not have much luck
    locating a dealer in midwest that seems capable of selling
    one, let alone knowledge of making the SD1. Made calls a few
    months ago. Thank you for your assistance.

  39. Tom Schum says:

    To Pierre, I agree the SD-15 is a great camera and I too got started with Foveon via a DPx camera. My own experience with my SD-15 is that it is a little more difficult dealing with interchangeable lenses. You don’t have that problem with a DPx. I started with a Sigma 50-200mm F4-5.6 DC OS HSM which is their lowest cost OS zoom, and it is a spectacular performer. I highly recommend it!
    Scott reports the SD1 at the show seemed to have a better LCD than the SD-15. I think on my SD-15 the display improved marginally with the new firmware rev 1.01, but it is still not possible to adjust the brightness of the display (unless I have missed that menu item). Simply adding a brightness adjustment would explain why the very same LCD might look better on the SD1: I think it is much too bright in the SD-15, so much so that the colors are washed out.
    To Joe Chrisman: I think you’ll do better with the national dealers in the USA such as B&H or even Adorama (over the internet). I worked with a local Sigma dealer getting my SD-15 and they seem to be very slow to get my new and expensive lenses (of course I am asking them to get brand new lenses such as the 85mm f1/4, which might not yet be available in Sigma mount). Also, they simply have not delivered on accessories such as Sigma UV filters, and a spare SD-15 battery: I ended up ordering the battery over the internet, and I won’t be bothering the dealer about the UV filters (I’ll order those over the internet too). It might really be about Sigma USA serving the national internet retailers better generally, I’m not sure.

  40. Pierre says:

    Tom Schum,

    I agree! I’ve planned to buy a second hand DPx camera or an “hold” SD 10/14… Before moving to SD1 (ebay’s y friend!)

    I’m equiped with an “old” ;) EOS 5D. As a landscape photographer, I’m really satisfied with my EF 35mm/1,4 L. But image quality delivered by the camera is no longer acceptabe (especially in A3 pictures)

    So befor moving to sigma, I’ll have to try it!

  41. Pierre says:

    Tom Schum,
    I agree! I’ve planned to buy a second hand DPx camera or an “old” SD 10/14… Before moving to SD1 (ebay’s y friend!)I’m equiped with an “old” ;) EOS 5D. As a landscape photographer, I’m really satisfied with my EF 35mm/1,4 L. But image quality delivered by the camera is no longer acceptabe (especially in A3 pictures)So befor moving to sigma, I’ll have to try it!

  42. Riot Nrrrd™ says:

    Can I ask a Sigma For Dummies™ question?

    The 14 effective mp sensor in the new DP2x model is the same one as in the existing SD14/SD15 cameras, right?

    If so, does that mean that this new monster 46 effective mp sensor in the SD1 could possibly make it into a future, say, compact “DP3″ type successor to the DP2x?

  43. Riot Nrrrd™,

    That’s my beliefe. A DP3, perhaps with interchangeable lens that would be awesome. Or why not a 4/3″ camera with a smaller sensor (x2.0) but with the possibility to use all existing lenses already out there! That camera would likely become very populair by those already into the 4/3 standard.

  44. Pierre,

    That 35mm lens would likely be quite easy to remake to fit on the Sigma SD1. :) There is lots of interesting sites with “how to”s out there.

  45. marc says:

    NEW PIC from the same ‘dog series’ … damn I wish they would announce a release date, this is torture …

  46. Eric says:

    Would Sd1 really release in 2011 early?
    If it is not,I wanna to buy 5D2

  47. Dominick says:

    Here’s the email I received from Sigma today… Nothing new, but I was trying :)

    “Thank you for contacting Sigma Corporation of America.

    Unfortunately as we do not distribute outside of the US I would not know the availability for Canada, you would have to contact the Canadian office (Gentec International) for that information.

    In the US we do not have an availability date set yet.”

    If Gentec International have interesting information to share, I’ll post again !

  48. Alan says:

    I chased up a dealer in the UK about a Sigma flash gun I have on back order. The dealer contacted Sigma UK, and the message that came back was “… flash gun will not be arriving until the end of May because Sigma are concentrating on final testing of the SD1 …”. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer …

  49. person says:

    I’m also in the UK and was told by a dealer to expect the SD1 in May!

  50. Mauersegler says:

    The SD-1 is expected end of June 2011 here in Germany.
    So not so far away.
    Eheem Carl, are you sure your testing just a lens?
    … how about some new teasers ;-)

  51. Mauersegler says:

    ohhhhhhh yessssss :-)
    feels like beeing a 10 year old again, waiting for x-mas.

    • I know the feeling. :P

      • Person says:

        I’m a little worried the SD1 might still be delayed for quite a while. It’s true that Japanese magazines have been showing a few new prints, but there was no announcement at P&I in Seoul and Kazuto Yamaki refuses to make any encouraging comments on Twitter…

  52. Person says:

    OMG…. could Carl be testing the SD1 as we speak?!

  53. Hulyss says:

    I sooooooo wait this camera !!! I really hope it will come before end of June !

  54. John says:

    Hey Joshua, do you happen to know which Japanese magazines are introducing the Sigma SD1? :) Would really like to read what they think about it!

  55. John says:

    Ooh that’s cool! Thanks! :)

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  57. c.d.embrey says:

    For studio use a camera needs to be tethered. Will Sigma make software as functional as Capture One ? One can only hope.

  58. Hulyss says:

    Yes please. Would be awesome to remote him from a computer like Canon.

  59. I have been thinking lately, could the low resolution option at 3.8mp render more detail and a better image than the SD15? Just as from the same sensor, the SD15 gets an average of a 2MB bigger RAW file than the SD14, maybe that can explain the lower amount of shots that the SD1 holds of the 3.8mp if it were to have more details and a bigger file size than 4.7mp RAWs of the SD15. Just a thought.

    Also it could be very smart on Sigma’s part to have 2 editions of the SD1 (SD1 and SD1 Extreme or something like that), one with the buffer and seen from the calculations above (High is 7-8 frames, Med is 12 frames, and low is 15 frames) and one that cost $200-$300 more or so that would have twice the buffer capacity for sports/extreme nature/etc photographers. I wouldn’t need it, but it would be a way for Sigma to offer more and attract a better audience of photographers. Any thoughts about that, rather you would like that or if you think it could be easily done?

    • Person says:

      Hi Carl,

      Just saw on, posted May 11 :

      “On the 11th March, the North East of Japan was struck by a massive earthquake and tsunami. Sigma’s state of the art factory is located in the Fukushima prefecture but was fortunate to escape with limited damage and disruption. Unfortunately some of Sigma’s sub-contractors and suppliers situated on the coastal plain were not so lucky.
      We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and customers for their support, understanding and generosity at this time.”

      Why was this posted now? Two month anniversary of the earthquake? Or does it mean there is a bigger delay?

      Would like to know your thoughts…

  60. Dominick says:

    New promotion of the SD1 on
    And also by mail, I received it yesterday.

    Maybe soon…

  61. odyseuss says:

    Sigma USA has announced the pricing of SD1: MSRP $9,700 USD has more details:

  62. Mauersegler says:

    That is a BAD joke. Why should they price out all of the loyal existing customers ? Wouldn`t that just kill any business?
    Please Carl, tell us there is a low budget SD-16 Version arround the corner for us mortals. That leaves me with my SD14 in a dead end and I will concentrate on my Pentax System. Suddenly the K-5 looks very nice…I am sooooo disapointed. :-(

  63. odyseuss says:

    Apparently Sigma is targeting the market of medium format cameras and digital backs. While I agree that, potentially, the IQ of SD1 rivals that of medium format cameras, tagging SD1 with a price of Pentax 645D (9,99d.95, B&H price) is still a bold move.

    With this price, now I become very curious about SD1’s reception when it is official released.

  64. William says:

    I think…
    Mr. Yamaki got a visit. Maybe from some yakuza men.
    The SD1 is threatening the Leica S2, the possible new Sony Foveon-like sensor and Canon and Nikon while they are still recovering from the earthquake.
    A lot of money and power is at stake.
    Mr. Yamaki got an offer he couldn’t refuse.
    And now, with the production line complete and a warehouse full with camera’s the SD1 dream has turned into a nightmare.

  65. Mauersegler says:

    While we waiting for Carls SD-1 review, we can read Bobs “no-review” as a warm up.

  66. CJ Rekay says:

    Well, I just purchased an SD1 + 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM OS lens for $7529 today from Sigma.

    None of the dealers I checked seem to know that the SD1 is available. Strange!

  67. Person says:

    Same here! Hope it arrives soon.


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