Sigma SD1 leaflet and new sample shot..

[edit] along the side of the photo is information about the resolution – and I opened it in Photoshop and added the exact DPI of 187 which gave me a shot that had pixels one pixel wide – so it should be a full sample – even if the container is a little bit weird. I’d like to see it as a TIFF. :) [/edit]

Sigma has added both a Sigma SD1 leaflet and a sample image as a PDF, it’s not full size but it still gives an idea of resolution and quality to be expected by the camera.
Sigma SD1 sample by Rowland Kirishima
Sigma SD1, 85mm, ISO100, 1/125s, f6,3

Click photo to download PDF. Sample is provided as a PDF – so lots of info and resolution is lost. But if you zoom in you can still see a pretty good amount of detail. The eye for example shows photographer Rowland Kirishima sitting on a chair playing enjoying the SD1.

Close up of dog's eye - Not from 100% cropped shot!

Above photos found at and taken by Rowland Kirishima. Those of you lucky enough to attend the fair, please report back!

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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54 Responses to Sigma SD1 leaflet and new sample shot..

  1. Mauersegler says:

    Lots of Detail for just 1190 × 1683 Pixel can`t wait for the full sized version.

  2. Mauersegler, where did you get that number?

  3. Halldor says:

    This is some amazing detail. I would like to see a outdoor photo, not using studio lights. I know what Sigma is capable of in the studion, the next step is showing us some photos under “normal lighting conditions” :)

  4. Mauersegler says:

    I downloaded the image from Sigmas Webpage and that what it says under information
    [img] 2011-02-09 um 15.09.14.png[/img]

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  6. S says:

    1. Open PDF in OpenOffice
    2. Save as OpenOffice drawing (.odg)
    3. Open ODG file with any archive manager (as ZIP, RAR etc.) and extract PNG from Pictupes directory:
    PNG file, 14.3Mb, 3136×4417 pixels

  7. pedro says:

    You will get a 3076 x 4350 px sized CMYK-Tiff doing this: Open in Acrobat and export the embedded image going through ADVANCED/EXPORT ALL IMAGES.

    I think there is already lost much of the details, though.


  8. Open it and have it translated.. It’s fun to see how they compare to Pentax 645

    “SD1 some way convey the greatness and might not even be compared to say is amazing.

    Then we saw the other booths. For example, a well-known consumer camera rather high PENTAX 645D (745 000 yen com whopping price at its lowest! / 2011.2.9 now) take a look at photos of.
    I’m sorry reflection is conspicuous, SD1 is far superior to that of the depiction of maybe you can understand.”

  9. S and Pedro, Thanks! :)

  10. Bob van Ooik says:

    Looks like the file is made from a A2 sized Indesign file. So the actual image is upscaled in the PDF document? When exporting at the dpi as mentioned on the side, scaling artifacts do show up. I wish they just uploaded a JPG… I also have a suspicion that some color might be lost due to the fact that the PDF has a CMYK intent. mmm

  11. Dan says:

    It sure looks nice on a 58 x 82 cm (A1) print.. Hopefully there soon will be more sample shots available!

  12. Matthias says:

    Sigma please publish JPG (100% quality). PDF will lead to strange discussions only…

    Tiff would be even better, but maybe they want to wait for final firmware before showing too much

  13. marc says:

    Swiss article about the fair. Apparently SD1 due out second semester 2011 :

  14. Ken says:

    Marc what is second semester supposed to mean? Is that comparable to 2nd quarter? Does that mean it wont come out until after March?

  15. Matthias says:

    The swiss article says “in second half of the year, in Japan, at least”

  16. Anonymous says:

    B&H has had the SD1 on there site for awhile. Why would they put it up there if it is at least 4-5 months away?

  17. nico1974 says:

    Really disappointed that there is no firm release date for the SD1 yet.

    Looking at SD1 prints that have been captured with camera phones on twitter and trying to comment on how good or bad they are or looking at a highly compressed pdf files is like trying to compare apples and oranges.

    We need to see a real size TIFF file or at least a real size low compressed JPG file to be even able to comment on how good or bad this camera really is. All the rest is just wishful thinking

  18. Nico1974, I’m partly with you, but not entirely as I’m one of those reaaaaally waiting for this camera which makes ANYTHING super interesting. But sure, I’d LOVE Sigma to give us both RAW and TIFF’s for our pixel peeking greedy eyes. Why not give us the camera too when they’re at it?! :)

    And, those images seen so far looks really nice. It’s all pointing into the right direction so to speak.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Matthias and Marc, thanks for the link. Hopefully that article is guessing. :P

  20. Joshua says:

    Sigma SD1 must be very useful in landscapes ,portraits and even commercials, but I am wondering if it is useful for a father. Since children move fast, you need fast response time for that. Hopefully Sigma persuades every father into buying one for their sweet children :-).

  21. Thanks Matthias! Much easier to view those images like that :D

  22. nico1974 says:

    Carl I am really waiting for this camera too and will probably end up buying it if it is as good as the other Foveon sensor cameras in terms of Image Quality but Sigma are doing a terrible job again at marketing their products

  23. marc says:

    Yup it’s gonna be a nice system to buy into, specially with the new lenses, Sigma is really flexing some muscle here, perceptions will shift … good job guys!!! Imagine how much it just takes on a corporate side, the whole financial planning behind that, true corporate artistry and some real visionaries behind it, I guess it’s what people have been waiting for a long time, bring some passion back into the game. After all, Canon also produces photocopiers and fax-machines, it’s a big corporate machine … still their lenses are shit-sharp, but Sigma is getting there. Already Carl’s pics, with the 50-500 look amazing, so now we’re just waiting for the resolution.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’ll have two paralell systems, one 5D MK II (it is still a very good system) which I’m gonna hand over to my girlfriend, and the SD1, for me!! Oh don’t worry compared to the cost of an appartment in Paris all this is truly peanuts … ; )

  25. Travis says:

    I’m very excited, not surprising to see 2nd semester, Sigma do love taking their time, I was expecting mid-year anyway… Might be good timing to give to myself as a Christmas present haha!

  26. Isiah says:

    OK… I have extracted the “full” image…enjoy!! The original extracted TIF file is 55MB!! Full Image.jpg

    [edit: I made a link of the shot as it slows down this thread to have it “live” ] / Rytterfalk

  27. Anonymous says:

    Just printed an 8×10… Full quality on Epson… WOW…nice

  28. Joshua says:

    Thanks, Isiah.
    I found that there is a strange line on dog’s nose. Is that a bug or something?

  29. Supersignet says:

    Sample photos and everything are okay and nice and fun to look at, but I want to know where the missing specs are, what write times are like and when and if and where we can get our hands or eyes on a production model. I also want to know what the Autofocus is like, if we can change the focus screen etc….

    I was ready to buy an SD1 this month, but it looks like Sigma, in true Sigma form is not ready to meet expectations. I’m a big fan of Sigma, but I wish they would get some new people in their marketing department, people who make time lines that can be met.

  30. pedro says:

    Regarding the ‘line artefacts’ on the dog’s pic: There is not only one on the dog’s nose. These line artefacts are everywhere on the photo. I think it is compression blocks.

    To prove: Zoom into the photo by 200 or 400 %.

  31. Don Cox says:

    “Really disappointed that there is no firm release date for the SD1 yet.”

    At this stage of development they will mainly be fixing software bugs. It is impossible to predict how long it will take to fix bugs. What looks like a simple problem can take days to sort out, while another bug might be fixed in minutes.

    Another likely problem will be yields on the sensor chip. They will need to build up a reasonable stock, and in the early days of producing a new large chip there are often many faulty chips or batches.

    Sigma will certainly have the camera on the market as soon as they can. They are not delaying so as to annoy customers.

  32. 8hertz says:

    thanks, SD1 informations~ :)
    I see a picture of you were
    (sorry, I’m not good at English…I used a translator ;) )

  33. Joshua, I agree with Pedro and others that also have commented on the line seen on the nose – to me it looks like some type of artifact from InDesign and it can be seen a little everywhere like a pattern – I tried to see anything similar on those other images from the flash movie but nothing even close.. so it’s likely a PDF thingi not meant to be.

  34. Marfalkov who extracted those images from the flash movie sent those as well and I now post some of them here.. :)

  35. Ricky says:

    this photo seems to be weird, if white balance, lens, depth of field..I don’t know!

  36. Ricky, which one? The dog or any of these later ones?

  37. I think they didn’t really have a perfect WB setting.. Here’s my version. :)

  38. Ricky says:

    the dog. ahahah your version is really better :D


  39. Mauersegler says:

    Ricky thanks for the link. You better mention:
    More stunning 100% SD1 photos.
    If that is real… I just pray the SD1 has no major hickups, mind you I can live with the SD14 for a while now ;-).

  40. Knut says:

    Although the specification for the SD1 is limited at this time, there is one value in there that could indicate the operational performance of the camera.

    The AF operational spec is from -2 to +19 EV. What this probably means is that the camera is able to operate in very dark places. According to wikipedia -2EV is the same amount as the light produced by a full moon. And – comparing this value with the main professional cameras from Canon and Nikon, the corresponding values ranges from -1 to +18 and -1 to +19 for Canon and Nikon respectively. Note that all values are measured with reference to ISO 100 for all cameras.

    That is very promising indeed.

  41. Foveonic says:

    Oh my….I await patiently. However, Sigma has a really strange perspective when it comes to marketing their wares…oh well.

  42. Foveonic says:

    What Fun!

  43. Sebashi says:

    Maros have tested the sd1 at CP+

    Talk about the frame rate and buffer of the pre-serie …

  44. Maros wrote some strange things – anyone Japanese that can have that text translated into “real” english? Or at least the best parts? :D

  45. Sebashi says:

    Thanks :)
    Automatic translation sounds weird … it’s better now !

    4 fps for 2 sec is enought for me … off course more would have been great, but I’m seeking for image quality first .
    Autofocus speed sounds good too !

    I think we’ll have to wait 2 or 3 month more before availability …
    Come on Sigma !

  46. Dennis Beyer says:

    It`s surely getting interesting now. Frame rate of 4 fps would be alright. The amount of data created is huge after all. From what I hear and see and as a result of some guesswork I expect the SD1 image quality to be close to the quality delivered by my Phase One P45+ Back- but with the typical Foveon look and dynamic range. I`ve been a Sigma user for the last 4 years, and I love it.
    When it comes to buffer and writing speed… I never ever want to see a new Sigma camera slowing down a 200-images panorama shooting again- with many corrupted, unusable files every time the buffer hits the limit…. Can`t wait to see the final specs!!!!!
    And, what I don`t get: why do some lenses get weather sealings, and some lenses do not? Many NEW (!!) lenses that would go perfectly with the SD1 don`t sport weather sealings, like the 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM (which is by the way an impressive lens) or the new 50-150mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM…..

  47. video from the CP+ and SD1:

  48. Sebashi says:

    Carl, cannot see your link ..

    Here some pictures of the SD menu, and frame rate with different setting

    Seems to be available next month

  49. Brian Benham says:

    I would like to see how this looks/works with natural lighting. Here in the NW we have gray sky 8 months out of the year so sometimes one has to get creative with the camera options and shutter speeds

  50. marc,

    Looks like stills from a movie – I guess we might see a behind the scene, making of movie as well soon. :)

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