Sigma Dp2x announced and..

Sigma today announced the following (or some of it).. And as far as I can see they’re really pushing that optical stabiliser into more or less all lenses in the line up! And not only that, if you translate that Japanese stuff you find that the 105mm also has “Adopted a highly weather resistant construction, also supported the harsh conditions of professional photography” – of course, it’s supposed to be used together with the soon to be released Sigma SD1 and MAAAN is this going to be fun!

SIGMA 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 II DG HSM
Sigma 12-24mm
SLD glass + Full frame + HSM + dust and moisture resistant..
(According to the google translation that is)

Sigma 105mm OS
Optical Stabiliser + SLD + HSM + full frame + weather sealed

SIGMA APO 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM
50-150 OS
Optical Stabiliser + SLD + HSM

SIGMA APO 120-300mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM
Sigma 120-300 OS
Optical Stabiliser + HSM + full frame + weather sealed + FLD glass!! This is a biggie because it’s really top of the line type of glass!
(Also said to be Sigmas best lens ever made!)

Sigma DP2x

According to Sigma it has something called AnalogFrontEnd or AFE. Analog signal data gets better, thus the tonal rendering gets better.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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19 Responses to Sigma Dp2x announced and..

  1. Chunsum says:

    nice isn’t it?

  2. Alberto says:

    Hi Carl,

    you are a lucky guy, you will have so many toys soon…

    Do you now if the new 105mm has IF like 150mm macro or it extend the barrel like previous version?


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  4. Yes, this is going to be a great year for Sigma, a year to remember! Hopefully because of good stuff! :)

  5. Steven says:

    It sounds exciting, until I look at the price tags. It’s great that Sigma are making better quality lenses but when I already want the upcoming SD1, the fast 50, the 85, the 50 – 500 and the 70 – 200 these new lenses just look like a tease to me (and my wife’s worst nightmare). I certainly don’t think I will be upgrading my 50 – 150 which is a perfectly good lens without the OS.

  6. Sergio says:

    Hi Carl!

    But what is the difference for this Dp2x Dp2s?


  7. Sergio, the biggest difference is the implementation of AFE, Analog front end. The only thing I know is that it will make IQ somewhat better.

  8. Ricky says:

    Sigma if you can read me, I’m waiting the DP3 with optical image stabilizer, so we can push shutter speed to do photos in bad light without tripod :) :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    however these new lenses are inspiring

  10. LionelB says:

    What I would love to see is a fixed lens DPmacro and a fixed lens DPtelephoto. Simple cameras made to do just one thing – but to do that exceptionally well. With imagination the telephoto is a real possibility but with rangefinder-style lenses, macro would be more of a struggle. The zoom route is too obvious and too well travelled. Sigma’s strength is in being different.

  11. Patrik Emmoth says:

    Dose anyone know if sigma is gona produce a DP with interchangeable lenses? I dont know if I have been misinformed or not! But I really hope that they do produce one!))

    • Christian Hass says:

      Nothing’s been announced, but it would be great to see.

      Personally I think a micro 4/3 based Foveon camera would make a lot of sense. Sigma’s said they’re looking to get into m4/3 lenses so there would be a nice synergy.

      In addition there’s a growing number of m4/3 users who could pick up a new Sigma Foveon m4/3 body for their existing lenses. Somehow I think it would be easier to get a market share there, than to tempt DSLR users to drop their existing bodies and lenses and start fresh.

      And if a x1.5 crop Foveon sensor can compete with a MF Beyer sensor at low ISO I would expect a m4/3 Foveon sensor to be competitive with a crop Beyer sensor.

      Of course that would require the development of a whole new sensor, so it’s probably just a dream on my part. But we can always dream, right? :)

      • Patrik Emmoth says:

        Yes!!)) I will keep on dreaming! It would be a good synergy for sigma to get in that area of m4/3! Its a growing market for good reason. I personally own a G2 besides my DP1s for shooting situations that the sigma doesnt manage! Its a light and handy format like the Dp-cameras, but with more features!))

      • I think I agree. :) Even if I want bigger sensor at all times – never a smaller one (I would die for a Foveon medium format camera). Market on the other hand likes the 4/3 format and the more players, the better. A smaller SD1 sensor would likely be around 10MP x 3 which sounds great to me!

      • Ann says:

        I would love that.

  12. Erich says:

    Sigma continues the price-policy of the SD1 with the 120-300mm: MSRP of $4,700!
    What ever – Sigmas is out of MY focus …

    • Sigmas “pro” lenses has always cost a lot. That has nothing to do with SD1 if you ask me. Check out 200-500 2.8 or 300-800 or 500 or 800.. They have lots and lots of “expensive” glass – but they’re all cheap compared to what Canon / Nikon offers. My first 120-300 2.8 wasn’t exactly cheap and that was years ago..

      • Erich says:

        Sry, Carl – this was no fair comment from me (delet or what ever you like to do). Looking at the european price (2,990,- Euro) it isn’t that bad for a pro-lense. But it looks like i’ll need a pro-lense for the SD1 to get out best results. At last the summary of cost (body, min. 3 lenses etc) is nothing i can think about – thats’s what i realy wanted to say.
        My budget fits much better for a Sony A77 and some Zeiss- or G-lenses. I will miss the optical VF and of course the Foveon-sensor, but i still have money to go on holydays to interesting places where i can enjoy shooting nice pictures …
        (Sry for the bad english)

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