A couple of ducks later..

Camera: SD15 Lens: 120-300 @ 176mm Exposure: ISO200 f5,6 1/100sCamera: SD15 Lens: 120-300 @ 176mm Exposure: ISO200 f5,6 1/100s

How big is the buffer on the SD1? How many frames per second? How much space will one shot take? And how many different resolutions will be available?! And will fps change with lower? How well will it deal with shadow noise?! Will highlights still be amazing? How well will existing lenses cope with the 15,5MP x 3 resolution? How good battery life? Will live view be available later?

These are some of the thoughts passing through my mind as I get ready to squeeze the trigger..
Camera: SD15 Lens: 50-500 OS @ 375mm Exposure: ISO400 f6,3 1/60sCamera: SD15 Lens: 50-500 OS @ 375mm Exposure: ISO400 f6,3 1/60s

Camera: SD15 Lens: 120-300 @ 275mm Exposure: ISO300 f5,6 1/60sCamera: SD15 Lens: 120-300 @ 275mm Exposure: ISO300 f5,6 1/60s

120-300mm bird in flight - iso400120-300mm bird in flight – iso400

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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18 Responses to A couple of ducks later..

  1. Chunsum says:

    There must be a good Yunan recipe for the ducks. :D

  2. Clive says:

    Carl, you have a strange mind.

    But we knew that. Of those Teutons… ;)

    And I like the ducks. Always.


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  4. Bob van Ooik says:

    @chunsum share!

    @Clive don’t we all have a bit of a strange mind? And I owe you at least a dozen emails… Yours are very appreciated I just never seem to get to answer you…

    @Carl look up bird watcher in the urban dictionary… Not sure youbwant to be associated with that term ;)

  5. Tom Schum says:


    Very nice processing of those ducks! My only contribution here is a shot of a rooster in Key West Florida USA, where they run free:
    This one was shot with the SD15 on-camera flash, and the 50-200 OS lens. I think I used a little too much pushing in SPP4.2, and it looks a little bit un-smooth. You have a way with finishing your images that is giving me plenty to think about.

  6. Dan says:

    Carl, Great detail captured w/o noise even in the shade… You may have used spot metering. Nevertheless this is a good example how Foveon technology is capable of recording great amounts of detail even in tough conditions such as this one. (I’m of course referring to the bright background)

  7. Hulyss Bowman says:

    It just show how Foveon is able to take great shoots, even In High contrast conditions :)

  8. Interesting.
    No EXIF-data of the Pics, only one clue, the pic names.

    Carl, if these are taken with the SD-1 you are more than welcome to produce a “Duck SD-1 Raw-Pack” and hand out …

  9. @Clive, (Bob, it’s your fault I’m using the at sign).. Yeah, I was hoping you would say that – it’s hard enough being myself, think if I tried to be someone else! :D And I like the fact that you like ducks. :) They’re for you my friend.

  10. @Dan, I added EXIF info and as you might se these are all above ISO300 (one lady duck came out waaaay under exposed 1.5stops).. so the Sigma coups well with bad weather but of course these would like so much better if I used a tripod and asked the duck kindly to stand still. I’m almost inclined to go there again only to get a PERFECT shot – you know with a smaller aperture – around f8-f10 – keeping the entire bird in focus – using ISO50 at the correct exposure.. using a separate meeter. (I have one but no batteries). What I want to say is if these looks good, then a great one will look totally awesomely amazing!

  11. @Goflorp (and Jeremiah).. I added exif to make you happy – Happy because these are shots taken with the current model that you can get TODAY! No need to wait! :D You will be able to create awesomeness starting tonight if you wish!

  12. Bob van Ooik says:

    @carl, I’m living with a woman so I am used to getting all the blame, no worries ;)

  13. @Bob I know the feeling. :)

  14. I went to the duck’s today again. I filled my meeter with fresh batteries and brought my Elinchrom Quadra fully charged.. Now. Did I get anything? Birds far out in the water but none of them were interested about my geeky setup! I must have looked pretty stupid with the flash and lens setup to shoot nothing. :)

  15. Matthias says:

    Next time take some bread with you. Should be part of your setup :)

  16. Jim Roelofs says:

    Tell those ducks of your important new status. You know, now that you have become a (pre)sponsored Sigma SD1 tester. They’ll probably mob you and demand autographs all round.

    Quick! get that brolly off the Quadra to keep them at a safe distance, you celebrity, you. ;)

  17. @Matthias @Jim, I’ll take your advice and see if it helps! :) I think Matthias idea might work the best..

  18. Clive says:

    @Carl yes, and yes ;). And not much happens in this world without the individual.

    @ @Bob yes, I know ;). And see both you and Carl are already complaining about your riches ;) …yes, I understand…!

    since comments are working again,

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