Göteborg by night..

Göteborg by Dp1x
O 1.3s . f/7.1 . ISO 50 . 16.6 mm

Went to Göteborg (Gothenburg) today and the evening was clear and bright.. I had the DP1x in my pocket and used all kinds of poles, walls etc to support the long shutter speeds necessary. EXIF should be intact incase you want to look closer. All images except the tractor shot was developed using Lightroom 3.3 – Tractor was developed using Raw Developer 1.8.11.

Göteborg by Dp1x
O 2s . f/7.1 . ISO 100 . 16.6 mm

Göteborg by Dp1x
O 3.2s . f/7.1 . ISO 100 . 16.6 mm

Göteborg by Dp1x
O+0.4s . f/4.5 . ISO 100 . 16.6 mm

Göteborg by Dp1x
O 0.8s . f/7.1 . ISO 100 . 16.6 mm

Göteborg by Dp1x
1/8s . f/4.5 . ISO 100 . 16.6 mm

Göteborg by Dp1x

O 0.5s . f/7.1 . ISO 100 . 16.6 mm

Göteborg by Dp1x O 1.6s . f/6.3 . ISO 50 . 16.6 mm

Göteborg by Dp1x
O 2.5s . f/6.3 . ISO 50 . 16.6 mm

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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17 Responses to Göteborg by night..

  1. Pascal says:

    Great shots! Was it hard getting the white balance right? You did a good job on that! You seem to use Lightroom for most of your photos, but if I remember correctly you occasionally use Aperture as well. Do you like LR’s treatment better than Aperture’s or is it the user interface?



  2. Hi Pascal!

    I’d love to use aperture but as for now it’s way to cumbersome as it has no support for any sigma raw – Adobe on the other hand always has support even for the latest additions of the Sigma lineup.

    Apple – please add native x3f support now!! :)

  3. And yes, White Balance is always critical and so difficult, especially at situations like this where you have so many types of light and a magenta sky.

  4. Brian says:

    I really like these. But I’m dumb how do I see the exif data?

  5. DP man says:

    Could have done the same with Sigma P P instead of adobe?



  6. Brian, Strange.. I recently turned on EXIF in Flickr but somehow it get’s lost on it’s way. On flickr.com/rytterfalk you can see all the shots with exif beneth. grr. I added that info above so that you would be able to see it. :) The little O stands for Original and should link to the full sized version of the shot.

  7. DP Man, It would have looked slightly different. There would be a feeling of more sharpness and detail – as well as slightly less lightroomish colors. Hard to explain. It would look better if I used SPP but I was in a hurry..

    How did you like the tractor shot? It’s developed using Raw Developer..

  8. Jacques says:

    Very nice pictures! I’ve tried Lightroom and Silkypix but I’ve always got the best results with SPP, i don’t like the blue of lightroom. For me, SPP is the best way to post-processing, i love it! Raw Developer seems very good for B&W…

  9. Silkypix is a bit magic I must say – They also have great support for many Sigma cameras but the latest upgrade failed to upgrade for me so I can’t install and use SD15 and DP1x files.. grrr..

  10. Pascal says:

    Yeah, it’s a shame that that Aperture doesn’t support Sigma RAW (yet). It took Apple also quite some time to support the Panasonic LX3 that I use. LR’s output looks great (as does Aperture’s), but I just like Aperture’s interface a lot more.

    Anyway, I’m impressed by the results you get. Although I’m primarily a Nikon (D300) shooter, I regulary visit your site. Your photos ooze a lot of fun and enthusiasm. Very inspiring.



  11. Jürgen Krüger says:

    Hi Carl,

    very impressive Your pictures, but these purple colour on
    some of the snow in the foreground – was this true purple ?

    And yes, Apple should support Sigma raw files, even if You
    convert them to DNG, they are prevent You to work with them
    in Aperture.

    But Sigma should also support native DNG for the freedom of
    their costumers !



  12. Hi Jürgen,

    The true color of magenta.. I could process the one you like using RD, SPP and perhaps Silkypix if I could get the update to work.. Then the true magenta would likely to be somewhere around there.. :) The sky had this bluish magenta color so it’s not that strange that it’s there.. but it might be me too. :D

    Native DNG is built upon bayer raw info – I think we will have to live with conversions made by Adobe DNG converter for now.. I don’t see any real use of DNG and if you look at all the big players – who supports it really? The DNG file so far is an extended TIFF file and not true raw.

    But please enlighten me if I got it wrong. :)

  13. please, give me the original X3F, i’ve installed Silkypix Developer Studio Pro (latest version) and i’ve trying to compare with Lightroom 3.3 and Raw Developer 1.8.11 and SPP 4.2 yesterday night (in many photo shot with SD14 and 30mm F.1.4 saturday night without flash at 200 ISO), but for me difference is so great (other are really far to Silkypix)

  14. raouf says:


    As a new Sigma DP1 user, I enjoy this little gem. These pictures are beautiful. I would like to know if you use any filter on the lens. If it is the case may I take night long exposures pictures without lens filters? Thanks

  15. Hi raouf, I’m on my way out but will answer your question fast – All Sigma cameras will take very nice images if you give it time and light. As you see on all these, there is time (long shutter) and light (both sky and streets) and you don’t need any filters, only something to lean on, like I did.. :) Or just bring a tripod (which I think is cumbersome, especially when it’s -12C).

    And Massimiliano Amadori, I will upload those X3F’s for anyone to play with later tonight. I’d love to see what you can do with them.

  16. raouf says:

    Thank you for your time. I will try this kind of shoots!!!! Really happy to learn that.

  17. massimilano amadori says:

    sorry, silkypix haven’t DP1x support for now.

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