Detailed confession.. Video! (updated)

I used my family in order to create the above video. The first you see is Alma, that’s my sister Ingrid Wetterstrands daughter (her husband Thomas is seen saying “very sharp details” at one point), the next actor is Anna Wernerliv who is one of my younger sisters and pretty soon after you find one of my younger brothers, Per Ingvarsson showing off as the mood maker he is. He’s btw a gifter musician which I hope I can somehow show in some future video – perhaps filmed with some nerdy Sigma camera.. The rest shown are my mom and dad, Elisabeth and Lars Ingvarsson (she’s the one who painted the thingi). – incase you didn’t know, I have a huge family to hide behind in times of need. ;)

Also, if you wanna see how the Teddy would look at 15.5MP foveon pixels here’s that version. Only ONE shot in the middle as you see is taken at a closer distance and also note that the overall color will look much different if I used a SD1 – The Sigma SD1 has a much improved sensor technology with less noise, purer color information which will give us much more real images (if that’s possible). And I’d like to think so. :)

Teddy at SD1 resolution. 15.5MP
15.5 MP version. (Remember, only Teddy from the movie has 15.5MP resolution. The rest is 4.6MP. In this shot you can easily compare SD14 with SD1 resolution but nothing more).

Read more about all the confusion I caused over at this dpreview thread.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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23 Responses to Detailed confession.. Video! (updated)

  1. Love and Hate says:

    You have cool family. Who cares about stupid games with toy-cameras))

  2. xris says:

    I dont think this was too smart …

    I guess there was a spike in your pagehits when you published the first sd1-infos – but instead of using the publicity you made sure that

    1) no enthusiast will check your page again for any serious infos if he didnt before that sd1-hype since u made fun of him (and there are better comedy sites…)

    2) sigma wont give you a cam to test if they got brains – since u took care that any test will have to look just bad in comparison (even if its a “joke” – people will remember)

    I’m sure you will think of the rest yourself in a while… if not try some photocommunity that had your videos talked about…

    Anyways, I think my life just got too short for this site…


  3. Anders Bjørn says:

    No need to spread bad vibes….!
    I admit – I was fooled. But it was a good laugh, I can even laugh at myself!
    No harm was done to any one….

    But, and it’s a big one, we still want the SD1 – Both testshots to admire, and a camera to have….

    Best regards, Anders

  4. Hi Xris – I’m so sorry you took it this way.

    I left a trail of information if you looked between the lines but I can understand if you didn’t see them. They were not that obvious if you didn’t know where to look.

    I also added words like “wish” and “fake” in my tags (visible for anyone to see) – also some others over at youtube such as “trick” etc.

    As a little relief. The resolution at the first painting is not too far away from what you can expect from the SD1. You will however find that SD1 provide better colors as the new sensor has much less noise and therefore will create a better overall picture with more real colors.

    Also, I would never at any point disrespect an NDA by doing anything stupid such as this – if I had a camera to play with that is. :)

    I have during this weekend felt quite a bit ashamed as so many of you showed such happiness and excitement over what you saw – and for that I’m truly sorry that I didn’t make myself even more clear. I was actually thinking about having a third video where I zoomed in at some molecules, or atomes. That would have made a clear case!

    I hope that you one day will forgive me.

  5. I am disappointed that these weren’t SD1 images or that got to see any images taken from the SD1 beyond those that were shown at photokina.

    But this video almost makes up for that disappointment; I had a great laugh. Thanks Carl

  6. Lauro says:

    and the silly nerd of the year goes to…

  7. Pawel says:

    hey Carl. cool idea :-) good joke. had a laugh at the end :-)
    but you had me excited for a minute or two…

  8. patrick says:

    Well I suppose the wish of getting our hands on a Sd1 goes even beyond your professionalism, because these kind of pranks can only be made(and appreciated I suppose) by a true sigma/foveon fan..
    the rest is history ;-)

  9. Ryan says:

    Hi Carl, good trick for the last few days. Thanks for your videos. It would be absolutely stunning what SD1 could bring us like your image above. It seems like you have great family. Enjoy your life.

    After I sold my DP1, I could never forget the sharpness of the image its produced. I will keep an eye on SD1, hopefully Sigma not only could increase mega pixels on SD1, but can also makes less tricky with the white balance and improve usable ISO.

  10. Philippe says:

    It’s not as if we pay Carl for keeping the site going so I guess he’s allowed some creative freedom.

    On the high megapixel front I just did a studio shoot with a Phase One P65+ at a whopping 60MP, with a nice sharp Schneider Kreuznach 110mm lens … in case you’re interested what a ‘top of the line gear’ Bayer file looks like here’s a link to download the RAW file, always interesting to have a peek ; and it’s always difficult to find sample files of such cameras on the web ) even for comparison once the SD1 is finally out. Personally I don’t think it’s that spectacular in regards to the system’s price tag but of course the resolution is quite high and there’s ample dynamic range for the file to hold up to post-prod.

    File is totally unretouched of course, it’s gonna look quite different in the end.

  11. Mauersegler says:

    Lucky you that your niece helped you out on delivering the confession in a sweet way ;-)
    So don`t feel bad. After a second thought, I think it was quite obvious that it is a joke as you mentioned fake, future and wish. Plus the SD 14 was twice visible in your video. I like your creative approach on new things :-) in boring waiting times like this. I guess people are just desperate on news of the SD1 and the did not want to see anything else. They should take it with humor and remember that you don´t have any advertisements in YOUR blog so you won´t benefit from any hits.

  12. Gert Petersen says:

    Hello Carl Rytterfalk !
    You did not fool me ! You gave me a lesson ! Thank You !

  13. JohnLindroth says:

    Carl – this was a very funny series. Created more talk and excitement on DPR than I’ve seen unless a REAL new camera is announced. I am easily amused…

  14. Anna Wernerliv says:

    Hey hey apple. Apple… knife! hahahahahha… also a joke. A goood laugh is good. :)

  15. Philippe, thank you so much! That sensor is about as good as it gets from a bayer perspective and it’s really nice looking and it will be interesting to compare with SD1 and perhaps SD2.

    A bit difficult to find what color WB should have though. Would this be about correct?
    [img] shot 2010-12-07 at 23.37.58.jpg[/img]

    You don’t have anything with skin and such? :)

  16. Philippe says:

    Yeah it’s difficult to find the files from these kind of systems on the web that’s why I thought why not post it here in the middle of the high-MP mania ; ) Glad you appreciate it. WB should be flash. I’ll have a file from the retouching guy tomorrow who took home the actual piece of clothing so he’ll color-match. I’ll post an example!

  17. Philippe, I’m looking forward to that! And once more, thanks! Now I’m currently looking at this crazy chinese forum where someone remounted a DP1 to a Zeiss.. Soooo cool!!

  18. Philippe says:

    Just looked into the file … with flash color temp is 5000, tint 0.

    [img] shot 2010-12-08 at 00.28.41.jpg[/img]

  19. philippe says:

    Here is latest … I think the highlights might be a little exaggerated
    [img] Bleu V4.jpg[/img]

  20. Mauersegler: Lucky you that your niece helped you out on delivering the confession in a sweet way ;-)

    Hi Mauersegler, and thanks for your very kind comment. I did have, or at least try to have advertisement in the past – my last try was some highlighted links to B&H and before that I tried Google something.. But I felt really bad about it and I took it away pretty soon after, each time. Not sure why, but I hate advertisements on my blog, feels like I can’t be really honest.. Anyways. Thanks!

  21. Mauersegler says:

    Hi Carl
    My school chinese is a bit rusted ;-), but I just had a look at the `DP18`. It looks fantastic! I just wonder where the IR filter is? Isn´t it worth an own thread? I would instantly buy one or sacrifice my poor DP1 for it.
    If Sigma would give me one with some nice primes lets say (equal. FF) 20/ 5,6; 35/2,0; 40mm2,8 pancake; 85/2,0 That would be THE perfect street camera. Ohh yeah!!!
    Please don´t forget the full working AF adapter for the SA mount and some inbody stabilisation.

  22. dr.noise says:

    Your sisters are awesome!
    I don’t even feel bad for being pranked thanks to them.

  23. Derek says:

    A nice way to squander any ‘credibility’ you might have had. And to simultaneously set up the real SD1 as a tremendous letdown when it becomes reality.

    As for the various ‘hints,’ methinks you take yourself a bit too seriously if you expect the bulk of viewers to have paid such critical attention. A photo blog is hardly worthy of investigation. You’re probably “perused” more than actually “read.”

    Oh, well. I had ten minutes of interest in a Sigma. I suppose that’s better than zero minutes.

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