Impossible detail! 46MP?

Photo prepared using SPP 4.x. I’ll let the video speak for itself.
The lens? 50mm 1.4

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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28 Responses to Impossible detail! 46MP?

  1. Okay, I am officially, seriously Jealous Carl.
    Contracts on getting a new toy to play with.

  2. Britton says:

    that was supposed to be congrats, not contracts. :^)

  3. Ryan says:

    Carl , got SD1 ?

  4. Lauro says:

    Looks better than medium format
    This picture is in 15mp or converted plus 3 to 46mp?

    Best regards from Brazil

  5. RJ says:

    Hows the white balance and metering? Thats has always been the problem with the previous sigma slr’s?

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  7. Anders Bjørn says:

    Hi Carl.

    Now I’m jealous! – You’ve got your hands on a SD 1… Bastard! :)

    Come on! Spill the beans; is it a pre-production example or is it the real deal? How close are Sigma to actually being on time, with their promise to launch it in a couple of months?

    Regards from Denmark, Anders

  8. Mauersegler says:

    hmmm, were does Carl states he used a SD1? Maybe he is not allowed to tell us? Maybe he could feed us with something like : I did not use a SD14/SD15 ;-)


  9. thechebb says:

    I only have one word to say….Superduperamazingfantastico!

  10. Olympero says:

    Hi all from Spain,

    come on, he don´t say it is the Sigma SD1, maybe it is an upsized SD15 file.

    Let´s wait and see what is this.

  11. Richard says:

    Sounds obvious to me that if Carl is beta testing the SD1, he cannot say a word. But 46Mp as a kind of question in the title, photo opened using SPP 4.x (a new version of SPP for the SD1?), that are the kind of clues that tell a lot…

    And by the way, can you achieve the kind of details seen in the video with a SD15, or SD14? Naaa… impossible!

    Sigma users, be prepared for a revolution!

  12. Anders Bjørn says:

    Would Carl blur out the camera, if it was a SD 14/15? – Nah, I don’t think so! And wouldn’t he be mentioning the correct version of SPP, if it was not a beta-version??

    And, by the way, note that it is Lightroom which is used in the video – Which means it is a X3F-file, converted in SPP 4.?…

  13. Keron says:

    Olympero: Hi all from Spain,come on, he don´t say it is the Sigma SD1, maybe it is an upsized SD15 file.Let´s wait and see what is this.  

    I can say it’s SD1.



  14. crop 1:1? says:

    Carl, hello!
    Maybe you can see the cropped 1:1? Fragment? It’s very interesting to see the mosaic.

    Sincerely, Evgeniy

  15. Matthias says:

    Hi Carl,

    Is SPP 4.x finally 100% multithreaded? You know, that is my buy/no buy decision for 15×3 MP:)

  16. dr.noise says:

    I aint’t even mad

  17. I haven’t seen anything in the press about that stealth cloaking system that was clearly visible in your video. ;-)

  18. Tom Schum says:

    I can tell you that the Sigma 50mm f:1.4 is the best lens I have ever seen, and I think it is an excellent choice for this test.
    I’ve been taking pictures for an artist using my Canon mount version of the lens on my Canon EOS 30D, and the clarity is wonderful.
    I’ve ordered the new 85mm f:1.4 for my Sigma SD15 and I hope it is the equal of the 50mm f:1.4 in terms of clarity.
    Regarding availability, I have had the 17-50 f:2.8 DC OS Sigma mount lens on order since August 2010 and they tell me it might ship at the end of this month (December). I would not be a bit surprised to see the SD1 suffer a similar delay. Maybe it will be in the marketplace by the end of 2011 (for ordinary people like me to get).
    Disclaimer: SD15 does all I need, so I don’t have plans to buy SD1.

  19. Carl is traveling at the moment and will not be able to answer any questions until tuesday. // Assistant.

  20. Carl please send it over to me when you are done or get Sigma to send me one to test :)

    Otherwise, congratulations on getting to test the SD1 camera and we all appreciate you sharing what you doing with it. Thanks so much Carl.

  21. Stefan says:

    Nice teaser Carl! – Congratulations, what a scoop! Your reaction when you zoom in to 2:1 speaks volumes, that looks like one genuinely excited photographer to me… look forwards to seeing more.

    Re the new version of SPP – is there a chance that it might finally be able to deal with the DP’s occasional green corners?

    I recently got a DP1s to get a taste of what the SD1 will hopefully be building on, I love what the DP does right so the SD1 is looking like a real possiblity.

    Go Sigma – the revolution starts here! (we hope ;)

  22. Stefan says:

    Anders Bjørn – there is a tag for ‘prototype’ so it looks like it’s not a production version.

  23. Anders Bjørn says:

    @Stefan; Thanks for the point…. I missed that!

  24. Mark Boehm says:

    You are very creative!

  25. loewewz says:

    wow… huh…. is that true?….look at that … its impossible… totally impossible…
    I love u Carl lol
    … and you lucky bastard

  26. vodka-apricot says:

    Hej Carl,

    I’m an old reader of your blog, registered today only. First thank you to retain your site on the web.

    I sold my old Pentax DSLR equipment since I went to DP2 18 months ago.

    Now a DSLR is missing me too much…And I aim the SD1 logically…But if you tell that it won’t be released until end of 2011, I can’t stand it anymore I will have to switch for a SD15…

    Do you an answer?

    Thank you and merry Xmas

  27. vodka-apricot, haha, If I was selling Sigmas I would probably say, go get a SD15 – but I’m now myself and I think – and hope that SD1 will be released SOON! Late February is my absolute wish. :)

    If on the other hand you have things coming up, then wait is maybe impossible and then a SD15 would most likely be loved and cared for and a perfect second body to the SD1 / SD2 / SD3

  28. vodka-apricot says:

    Thank you Carl.Now I have a KIND OF advice.

    Warm regards from South of France.

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