Dp1x vs SD14. One shot.

I had the pleasure to have a walk with two of my babies, the Dp1x and the good old SD14. Took a shot using the 10-20 set at 16mm and here’s the result from a scene where light is very tricky, and colors are difficult with the same settings – Tho colors has different settings in SPP as they ended up so far from each other.

SDIM1716-2.jpg SDIM8255.jpg

You can see that SD14 has a tendency towards green that the Dp1x (and DP2 and SD15) lacks. Also, reds comes out way stronger in the DP1x Рperhaps a tad too blue too, but that could be my processing (for sure). And my suspicion about Dp1x (and SD15) that they have slightly less DR is pretty easy to spot in the above image as the door of the car is more or less blown out in the Dp1x shot but not so much in the SD14 shot. I think this has to do with how colors are processed. In order to get better and more realistic colors they had to cut some of them slightly earlier and that results in what we see above. In the monochrome WB version, everything is there!

Ok, Now I’m off to have a cup of coffee together with Surte Fotoklubb.

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3 Responses to Dp1x vs SD14. One shot.

  1. Patrick says:

    Ok now this is troubling me. I rely in a lot of landscape shot on the fantastic DR of my Dp1s and sd14. As I usually shoot using a polarizer, this is even more important since shots that are a bit underexposed and come out too dark, usually can still be fixed easily in SPP.
    Will this be (more) problematic when I decide to purchase the sd15 or dp1x? Any more experience on this?
    Thanks! Keep up your great work!

  2. Patrick says:

    Added an example to my former post. Look at the amazing detail still in the bright sunlight AND in the tree shadow!

  3. Patrick, I think it’s safe to say that shadows are cleaner with the SD15 and Dp1x and if you think about that, perhaps the thing to do is only to underexpose a little and then compensate for the lost highlight that way. I will make some tests so see if that’s true – perhaps we could gain some DR too along the way. :)

    Nice shot btw!

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