Sigma SD1!!! (Updated with comments on features)

People are calling like crazy asking – Did you see? Did you see?? And NO I didn’t!! :O I’m on my way down now and I WILL see!! :D (I hope)

What’s your initial reaction to this mighty beast? – 46MP!!!!

My highlights made on Ferry to Denmark.. (updated)
Storage Media Compact Flash (Type I, UDMA compatible)
That would be the fastest possible cards would work – and most likely this camera will have be able to save lots of data per second and that will be so necessary.

Image Sensor Size 24 x 16mm (1.5x APS-C)
This will possibly be the biggest APS-C sensor out there – it’s exactly 1.5x crop factor and 34% larger than current SD14/15 sensor – the Nikons has smaller and what they called 1.5 is actually something like 1.53x. What this gives us is two things – Larger images and possibly sharper images as a full frame version would have been harder to get sharp enough to resolve the amount of detail possible by the sensor. My own dream size would be 1.3x as it’s WIDE and still working with most APS prepared lenses.

Effective Pixels 46MP (4,800×3,200×3 layers)
That IS Medium Format resolution – a sensor that has LESS noise than Sigmas sensors today and they’re trying to extend shutter speed to fit lanscapes photographers. (whatever that means) . Higher ISO, like ISO1600 will have much improved noise – if what I gather in bit’s and pieces around the booth is true.

AF Point 11 points twin cross sensor
Not much to say here – AF will improve, usability will improve.

LCD Monitor • 3.0″ TFT colour LCD monitor Approx. 460,000 Pixels
For those who don’t know – the LCD on the SD15 is VERY GOOD! And this is the same one! It’s brighter than, say  Canon 5D mark2 and very colorful.  Now what I want is some type of LiveView function too. :D

Weather sealed (O-ring)
This is a biggie! This camera will be a number one choice for nature photographers and weather sealing is a must. lots of lenses will come out that will be weather sealed. The new 120-300 2.8 OS is among the first.

Micro AF adjustments in menu (THIS ONE IS HUGE!!!)
And finally one of my absolutely favorite features! And I so much hope this one to be correct as it’s in the menues now and I hope it stays there!  A sensor with this many pixels will HAVE to be precisely focussed because a tiny bit off will be seen soooo clear. One of the main requested features from ME .. hehe

And the design!! It looks great! Like a more manly version of sd15 :)

I can’t wait to get my hands on this camera – it’s just such a wonderful start on my journey to Photokina! And those lenses!! 150mm 2.8 OS!! And the mighty 120-300 2.8 also with OS! (optical stabilizer)! I thought Sigma would only release the DP1x but man I was wrong!!

Go Sigma!!

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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91 Responses to Sigma SD1!!! (Updated with comments on features)

  1. Eirik says:

    My first reaction. WOW fantastic, love at first sight . But also hoping SD1 can do video. I see some new buttons , also like the weather sealing.

  2. Anders Bjørn says:

    As I wrote earlier; damn I’m excited!!

    @Eirik: No video in SD1 – it’s a camera!

    But for sure I want the SD1 – and I’m really looking forward to seeing some shots from that camera! And even getting some X3F test-files to fiddle with….:)

  3. Love and Hate says:

    Nah, I will become pensioner when they make full-frame camera(((

  4. Manuel DF says:

    I think that could be the camera to recompense myself when I’m done with my studies :o). What I don’t understand is, why sigma will release the SD1 that fast after the SD15. As the cameras with foveon chip always where for enthusiasts, they will gladly spent the premium for SD1 in february instead of a little bit less for the SD15 right now (if engadget is to believe, it should be in the price range of the eos 7D… thats ~1.4k€). Thats bad timing.

    Two other things that hit my mind where:
    – 2 TrueII processors for 4 times the pixel count
    – the some ol’ 460k display

    regards, Manuel

  5. Del-Uks says:

    Full Frame would kill them all !

  6. Del-Uks says:

    Ok… not full frame…

    • Sensor : APS-C 24×16mm Foveon X3 (4800 × 3200 × 3 layers) / 46 MP (15.3 MP effective)
    • Compact Flash (Type I, UDMA compatible)
    • Viewfinder Frame Coverage : 98% / Magnification : 0.95x / pentaprism
    • AF Point : 11
    • Flash : NG11
    • LCD Monitor : 3″ 460’000 pixels

  7. Marc says:

    Don’t really care about the video (grab a sony a55 with continous autofocus for that one), couldn’t bother about the 460k display either as long as the final files will be composed of … 46 Million PRISTINE Foveon Pixels!!! SIGMA THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS, Finally, finally!!!!!!!!! This baby is gonna save the Foveon platform, this is a true ‘next step’, a true working resolution … this camera’s output will EASILY rival any current pro-DSLR and may even take a little bite out of the MF segment because it’s output has the same pristine and crystal clear quality (yes, no AA filter, no pixel smudge)

    Now if only one could mount Canon or Nikon Lenses …

    And I hope they will somewhat stick to the release date …

  8. Marc says:

    This is a true option for professional photographers, resolution will be more than sufficient for most applications. The output, with all the detail and clarity will be perfect for any kind of product and studio work … I think one of the reasons for instance that no jewellery photographer is working with a Ca-nikon DSLR is the AA filter, for diamonds you really need the non AA clarity and sharpness only provided by MF nowadays, Beauty shots is another application, imagine the richness of the skin, the fine grain, same for product shots, level of detail will just be astonishing.

    The only thing I don’t understand is why they don’t offer their cameras with Canon Mounts … I think many, many photographers would buy a SD1 if they didn’t need to change their lineup of professional-grade lenses. Sigma would sell so many bodies, I think almost every professional Canon shooter would consider adding a SD1 body to his/her lineup because of the Image quality of the Foveon … the profit they would generate from the sales of the SD1 body alone would by far outweigh the profit they generate from the sale of lenses this camera will generate. It would also really establish the Foveon as a new industry standard.

  9. Ricky says:

    OH MY… I’m moved… so I will see… stunning photos from that… Foveon 4x3MP was already the real “HD”, now… I can’t ever imagine… better noise control..
    That’s HUGE! oh, WOOW!

    probably expensive but sure much much much much more HD than any APS-C!

  10. Per Smedberg says:

    I am a little bit worried. The resolution on the SD14/SD15 is about the limit of what really good lenses are. And I thought one major advantage of the 4.7Mpix sensor is that the pixels are so large compared to other sensors.
    I thought the way to go was to keep the pixel-ratio and go fullframe.
    That would have a real impact on the market.
    Now it feels like Sigma is jumping on the stupid “most-megapixels-when-you-die-will-win” competition.
    Well, it doesn’t matter – I WANT A SD1 NOW!!!! :-)

  11. thechebb says:

    This is pretty great news – look forward to getting my hands on this and seeing awesome images from the Sigma faithful… you know who you are :)!

  12. NewbieSD9 says:


    MF in a dslr

    Hopefully, maybe, fingers crossed mounts like Kodak SLR … in both Canon & Nikon.

  13. Zabba says:

    Now I have a reason dumping my 5d mkII…

    Go Sigma!

  14. Tilman Paulin says:

    argh :) Thought I’d buy a new DSLR after Photokina (sold my D80 a while ago…)

    Now this sounds brilliant. I’m just worried they’ll play the waiting game with us again.

    Well, let’s hope for the best. Since they’re probably keeping some people from buying the SD15 with this announcement, it may not be overly long until release (maybe half a year?) (crosses fingers) :)

  15. Anonymous says:

    on the other hand, maybe I’ll just buy the SD15 now, so I can sit back and enjoy the wait… :) hmmm, now there’s a thought… :)

  16. Kate G says:

    Now we’re talking Sigma …

    I think this one is gonna be a homerun for Sigma, 15.xx MP is a very usable resolution, (with interpolation let’s say 25MP), many photographers don’t need more for most applications. If Sigma manages to maintain IQ as witnessed with their previous sensor (and let’s hope the denser pixel-count doesn’t impact the typical Foveon IQ) this is gonna be a very sought after camera and Sigma will finally manage to firmly establish itself on the market. Line-up of lenses is great too.

    Would love to see some sample pics!!

  17. Kate G says:


  18. Kate G says:

    ” … while price is indicated as somewhere in the neighborhood of the Canon EOS 7D”
    Source :

  19. Ted Johnson says:

    I’m bummed until a DP shows up with this sensor! ;)

  20. Zabba says:

    Tilman Paulin:…Since they’re probably keeping some people from buying the SD15 with this announcement, it may not be overly long until release (maybe half a year?) (crosses fingers) :)  

    Very good point!

  21. Kate G says:

    ‘Sigma plans to ship its new flagship SD1 SLR in February.’ … from some twitter account, take with a grain of salt

  22. Anonymous says:

    ‘Sigma didn’t announce prices, but it Amir-Hamzeh said it would be “very competitive” and in the neighborhood of Canon’s higher-end EOS 7D, which costs about $1,500 with no lens and $1,700 with a 28-135mm kit lens.’

  23. Kolobonya says:

    Wonderful news!!!!

  24. Marc says:

    That is cheap, comparatively, I’m SO GONNA BUY ONE!!

  25. NewbieSD9 says:

    Wet Dreeeaaam :)

    Crystal ball, crystall ball … next … Simga brings out DP size interchangeable lens cam.

    Go Sigma Go Sigma Go … into Orbit

  26. Bob van Ooik says:

    We are equally excited, what a nice surprise to wake up to this morning.

    A few real life pics can be found here:
    Looks a bit unfinished as of yet. But in this case it will really be the IQ that counts. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  27. Saad says:

    cant wait to see you try it out

  28. Will all/most of the exisitng Sigma lenses be compatible?

  29. Danny says:

    Holy crap! Wow! They have my money without a shadow of a doubt! Good job Sigma this is just awesome! Thank you.

  30. blue says:

    Oh yes, the information about the SD1 blowed banged in like a bomb!

    As an ownwer of the SD9 and SD10 I had until now no reason to grade up, but this is a significant step forward (weather proof / extreme resolution).

  31. florian says:

    I am waiting hard for this one.
    Sadly, I dont think that my Sigma 50mm 1.4 HSM lens in Nikon mount will be compatible.
    I am still dreaming about a Full Frame DP3 compac camera.

    By the way, what about the noise & iso on the new SD1 ?

  32. Ricky says:

    that’s the question, now that I’m in a more rational mood: less then 15% bigger sensor and almost double megapixels than before. So, it would be strange if the noise/iso rate will not be worse than the SD15. This in theory. On the other hand: 1) now it’s 4 years later, technology is better. 2) Federico Faggin, the Foveon CEO, designed for Intel the first microprocessor of the history, so in “his magic hat” he knows how to build circuits. 3) We can always downsample to kill noise LOL.

  33. luning says:

    wait for your sample ! Ha Ha Ha !!!

  34. florian says:

    To be the ultimate low noise Landscape / available light or studio camera, The Sigma SD1 also will need to handle long exposures, which heats the sensor & brings noise.

    What about a FF ore 645 medium format foveon ? this could replace film.

  35. Ricky says:

    florian, alas it will be available by 2020. now it’s time to check this sd1. Sigma, oh please Sigma, choose ryan as beta tester so we can see the best shots and development on his blog :)

  36. Hi says:

    It’s funny many are ready to buy this camera w/o seeing photo samples from a journalist first.

    I have a DP1, but will not proclaim a sale sight unseen. Then again, impulse buyers are useful. I buy your stuff on ebay sometimes :)

  37. Marc says:

    I don’t really care that much for the ISO thingy … important to me is that this camera excells for studio work, as for low-light I think shooting with a fast prime is always the best solution … a 50 or 85 1.4 can get you a long way, much more than high ISO.

    Anyhow with this kind of resolving power you better invest in some quality glass. Remember this camera’s output, if Sigma got it right with the sensor, will bring you very close to Medium Format characteristics in terms of clarity and per-pixel definition at a very workable resolution, all that for a fraction of the price.

    You can’t shoot a Hasselblad in low light either. If you want to do low light and difficult conditions get a Nikon D3s which will shoot you through the darkest of nights, wars, genocides, the arctic, fashion shows, the olympics … whatever shooting conditions you are in, it’s a pure-breed reportage camera.

    The 1Ds is primarily designed with image quality in mind and as such is more suitable for slightly more controlled lighting conditions, just like Medium format.

  38. florian says:

    The low lights of Pentax 645D are quite impressive, depper & richer than on Nikon or Canon systems.
    I doubt Sigma aims solo studio photographers, foveon is designed for special slide-shot like color rendition & aims landscapers as well. Who shoots landscapes, shoots long exposures…
    Well, lets 1st see what the sample will look like, I cross my fingers !

  39. Marc says:

    That being said if Canon is still good enough to shoot big-shot model Lilly Cole, Bayer sensors can’t be all that wrong, again subject, creativity, setting and light will always make or break the photographer :

    Photographer Olaf Wipperfürth:

  40. Ricky says:

    in a medium-format type of use I’m already sure that this SD1 will be incredible. and, yes, much more cheap ;).

  41. florian says:

    hope so, crossing toe fingers as well :)

  42. Eric says:

    Tilman Paulin:I’m just worried they’ll play the waiting game with us again.Well, let’s hope for the best. Since they’re probably keeping some people from buying the SD15 with this announcement, it may not be overly long until release (maybe half a year?) (crosses fingers) :)  

    The way I see it, SD15 and SD1 are launched to spread the range of Sigma cameras. The DP2, for less than a thousand dollars, will be the entry level camera, the SD15, at around a thousand dollars, will be the middle-of-the-range camera, while the SD1 will become the high-end camera at close to two thousand dollars. Those who won’t have the money for the SD1 or does not want to put that much money on a camera will fall back on the SD15.

    So I believe the waiting game for the SD1 could be as long as usual. Let’s see what happen next.

  43. Graham says:

    Hmmm Can’t wait for the reviews. Should be ready by 2015 when I retire.

  44. GJM says:

    On the other hand, this has the potential to totally revolutionize the digital photography world. If Sigma can pull it off. I wish them luck.

  45. Pawel says:

    it is time to start saving! I haven’t been so excited for a long time :-)
    finally another breakthrough from Sigma! DS15 was so disappointing.

  46. Hi folks – Just watched the SD1 on youtube, it
    s so nice looking and I agree with those above that don’t wanna play tha “Sigma waiting game” – Enough is enough! Give us the camera already!

    Got a flat tyre on the way down here and need to change the tiny one I have now.. aaaaa.. To drive around 140km/h on autobahn in the fourth lane (high speed lane) and suddenly hearing this pssss sound with lots of cars everywhere all around you wasn’t the best of experiences – pitch black too! Crossing over feeling that steering was about to become none existing, I felt scared that I wouldn’t be able to use the SD1 so I gathered some extra strength and managed somehow to cross over to the safe lane. :)

    And the German people were kind enough not to drive me over. :D

    So later today I’ll be at the Koelnmesse where Photokina is.

  47. marc says:

    Sounds like a true odissey … bursting tire on the highway is very scary tough, hope all is fine!
    Hej as you are one of the confirmed ‘sigma ambassadors’ you should try and negotiate a little test session with the Sd1 … sample pictures would be fab too ; )

  48. florian says:

    Ow, that kinda s#cks ! hope you are safe : did the guys ask you for an autograph ? :)

  49. Bob van Ooik says:

    Oh man that s*cks. Hope everything went pretty ok. See you tomorrow!

  50. Sven says:

    Was it the front right tire? In that case, told you so.. ;-)

  51. Marc says:

    Check out ‘Sigma SLR talk’ on dpreview user forums unser ‘Sigma SD1 image sample’ … some guys did ‘SD1 sample images’ (at full SD1 resolution, 4800x3200px) with a multishot-pano using SD15. the resolution for sure is impressive … if the SD1 will give you exactly the same amount of detail is questionable, specially in regards to lens resolution and corner sharpness a real-life SD1 shot will probably not quite keep up with this level of resolution. Pixel density on sensor could be another limiting factor … but anyhow it looks very promising.

  52. Ricky says:

    there are 5D photos of SD1 photos here:

    well… that doesn’t make much sense; perhaps the news is that on three sample shots they are all studio shots

  53. Bob van Ooik says:

    @Ricky I bet it was easier for Sigma to test the SD1 technology in a controlled environment like a studio, hence the studio shots. They will probably now finish the body so they can start testing in the field. Then we will start seeing landscape/cityscape shots, hopefully.

    @Carl Did you get a look at prints, could you share your impressions?

  54. NewbieSD9 says:

    Carl = Captain Scarlet = INDESTRUCTIBLE :-))

    Glad u safe n sound dude.

    Crystal ball Crystal ball … DP styleee interchangeable anytime in next year, Full Frame Foveon in 2 years, MF Foveon in 3 years …

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  56. Anonymous says:

    IMHO “they’re trying to extend shutter speed to fit lanscapes photographers” since a landscaper usually work on smallest aperture available and usually he should still work with fast shutter speed in windy days, for sharpest image, probably they are tryin’ to maximize the behavioure of the camera at high iso…

    I’m a bit afraid about the cromatic aberrations… Since there’s not any AA filter, and the pixel become smaller, any lenses that not correct every single colours (really Apo) would create many problem on this side.

    Also I’m wondering how much Ram on board the SD1 needs… 46mpx files are enormous, also for a dual processor machine like the SD1…
    The buffer will be filled in moments with 2-3 images also with 10-15 Gb SDRAM on board….

    Don’t speak to much abaout Medium format…
    Medium format over the print sharpness caused by less enlargements needs is important for the shortest dof, and that’s not the case… APS-C is totally different… Also the behaviour of lenses working with a surface that admit a larger coc, is foundamental…

  57. Frits Thomsen says:

    Re : ” they are trying to extend shutterspeed to fit landscape photographers”

    Well I am pretty sure that means lower ISO settings 50 , 25 , 12 maybe.
    Thats would be very convenient for seascapes and waterfalls = Soft water ” without the inconvenience of neutral grey filters.

  58. Frits, I have no idea about lower then ISO50 / But I do know that noise in this new sensor is much lower so using dark ND filter will still be working great.

  59. Frits Thomsen says:

    Thanks :) nice to hear that :)

  60. Earthrise says:

    Hope it can handle long exposures and keep the noise under control! Quite often use a 6 stop filter to get 15 second or longer exposures.

  61. Antonio says:

    I don’t know why some people almost die if a new dlsr don’t has video. No dslr has decent ergonomics for video. That’s why dslrs and camcorders have such different designs !

    The only thing I really would like to see in this camera is a decent, big optical viewfinder, with some kind of manual focus aid, like split/microprism for manual focus lenses.

    I also dont care about high ISOs. All I want is something really decent from ISO 100 to 400.

    recently I tried some old Super-EBC Fujinons on my SD15 and the results were absolutely amazing, far better than with any Sigma glass. That’s why I was talking about manual focus stuff.

    I’m just waiting for the SD1 realease =)

  62. Foveonic says:

    I gotta echo at least one comment I you think this sensor can be shoe-horned into the DPx bodies? Techies? What are the issues? Battery life? Actual physical dimension limitations?


  63. Antonio, you hit the head of the.. nail? anyways. Your thoughts about focus assist of some sort .. like with the split screen / mirror is great and I have for years and years been asking Sigma to make that but without much luck. They will try to implement a working lens focus adjustment via menu which is a great step forward.

    Foveonic, I’m pretty sure they will make a DP1xxx using the new sensor! :D Or even other creations, better ones!

  64. Foveonic says:

    A DP camera with this size sensor and resolution would be the ultimate pocket rocket. I really hope this becomes a reality.


  65. Ricky says:

    well, my DP2 is already fantastic ;-)

  66. haha, my Dp1x is like my DP2, equally fantastic!!!

  67. Antonio says:

    Carl Rytterfalk: Antonio, you hit the head of the.. nail? anyways. Your thoughts about focus assist of some sort .. like with the split screen / mirror is great and I have for years and years been asking Sigma to make that but without much luck.

    I had this problem solved by Mr. Haoda. He made a custom split/microprism screen for my SD15 and sent it one week ago. I’m just waiting until I receive it.

    There are no Sigma screens on the list but just ask Mr. Haoda and he will make one for you.

  68. Antonio says:

    Hello !

    I just received and installed a split/microprism manual focus screen from Haoda. It’s simply fantastic. Highly recommended.

  69. Antonio says:

    Carl Rytterfalk: Please return with results! I’m very interested in doing the same thing for my SD14/15.  

    Carl, the Haoda screen works perfectly with the SD15, even the focus point squares lights !

    The screen is very bright, but you need to pay attention when installing it. It’s easy to be confused about which side faces up ! Also take extreme care to not bend the two extremely thin metal shims. Just take notes about their positions.

    The kit also comes with a tweezer, a plastic tool and two misterious thin strips, that Mr. Haoda told me later to be replacement shims to be used if you ruin the original ones.

    This screen is a MUST for any serious SD-XX owner.

    I also just added some “new” M42 lenses to my SD15 set, a Chinon-Tomioka 50/1.7 and a Pentax Super-Takumar 85/1.9, and waiting for a Zeiss Tessar 50/2.8

  70. Eric says:

    Have been using Sigma cameras for years, starting with the SD9 and steadily upgrading to their latest bodies, I really liked the alternative they offered to the rest of the systems that are out there, but I think this one is going to finally push me to a change to Canon. What’s the point in just playing the MP game, the sensor is still not full sized and how can you even consider a DSLR without video? So far I just got myself an additional Canon body for video, in the hope that eventually Sigma will offer their great technology inc video function at some point, and now yet again they announce a new camera that offers too little too late. Very disappointed. I’m starting to think Sigma is never going to launch a camera that really has it all.

  71. Ricky says:

    I don’t know the reason but the question: “how can you even consider a DSLR without video?” to me seems always a bit like “how can even consider a high speed train without wings?”

  72. Tom Schum says:

    About the use of Canon or Nikon lenses:
    Since the distance from the back of the lens mount to the surface of the sensor is different from the Sigma mount, I suggest the following on the SD-1B (too late for the SD-1):
    1. Front end of camera would be redesigned to hold the lens interface. This would bring the front surface of the camera in toward the sensor slightly, to accomodate the lowest-distance mount (not micro-4/3 however because that would interfere with the mirror).
    2. At least 3 different lens mounts would be offered to fit this interface: Sigma mount, Canon mount, Nikon mount. Obviously we would want to accomodate Pentax, Sony etc later.
    3. Each lens mount would contain its own lens-eject button, so if for example you have many Canon lenses it would be easy to change them without removing the Canon lens mount from the SD-1B camera. Of course the lens mount would have to have some sort of eject button too, on the camera itself, so it, too, could be easily swapped.
    4. Maybe only the Sigma lens mount would be able to support the dust screen, so it might be necessary to remove the dust screen from the other mounts in the design stage. This would leave internal optics subject to dust problems…compromises, compromises!
    5. These lens mounts could be sold by Sigma for min $400 each (street price), so serious photo buffs would afford them, but others would merely buy Sigma lenses. Choice of price point is important.
    6. This idea would later be adopted by the makers of other cameras of course, since it makes it easy to induce owners of the other major brands to change sides!

    I think Sigma’s bread and butter is selling lenses in the secondary market. Sigma might have to reset priorities a little to give the camera side of the enterprise some room to grow. This might be very costly (and scarey) for Sigma. We might not see it happen at all.

  73. afshalders says:

    What’s the point in just playing the MP game, the sensor is still not full sized and how can you even consider a DSLR without video?

    I agree about the full sized sensor but not with “without video”. First the needed ergonomics for each task are completely different, abd believe me, a camcorder and a photographic camera have different designs for a very good reason. The second point are the lenses. Good lenses for video are far more complex in terms of design and the expected performance are in a very different level. Just take a look of how much a cinema 35mm zomm costs compared to a top level 35mm still lens. It’s all about aperture, lens resolving power, contrast and distortion control. Still cameras and video cameras are completely different things, even in amateur level.

    I don’t care is a still camera is equiped or not with video. That’s why I have a good Canon Vixia HD Camera.

    The only really bad thing I don’t like from Sigma is the poor quality control at the lens production line. There are LOTS of frontfocus/backfocus problems, but in terms of image quality the foveon sensor shines well above the average. As I stated before, I use my SD15 with some good M42 lenses from Tomioka, Zeiss, Pentax and others.

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  76. PeteD says:

    Coming in rather late on this topic but my sincere thanks to Antonio for his tip on obtaining a split microprism kit from Mr Hoada for assisting manual focus with Sigma SD cameras. He has just partly demolished another of my reservations about buying a SD1.
    Lets hope that Mr Hoada will be able to pull off the same trick with the new camera.

  77. Antonio,

    Ah, yes! I just now saw his answer! That was written when my wordpress installation was behaving inappropriate. Thanks! And if you have any nice shots taken with any of those lenses – the please share! :)

  78. Anonymous says:


    Well…I love my DP2 as well. But…fine detail in landscapes is somewhat lacking. Sorry…other subject matter is amazing. I know that is expecting to much of the little DP2, spatially it is still a 4+MP camera that at best rivals 8MP result. I luv it so….but, like everyone else I want the world.


  79. Anonymous, 8MP? That would be about the lowest number I’ve heard it being compared to! :) I’d say around 12MP would be more correct and more in some situations.

  80. Antonio says:

    Carl Rytterfalk:

    Ah, yes! I just now saw his answer! That was written when my wordpress installation was behaving inappropriate. Thanks! And if you have any nice shots taken with any of those lenses – the please share! :)


    I have some few examples ready at the moment

    Leica glass on the SD15. Leitz Telyt 560mm

  81. Anonymous says:

    Have been using Sigma cameras for years, starting with the SD9 and steadily upgrading to their latest bodies, I really liked the alternative they offered to the rest of the systems that are out there, but I think this one is going to finally push me to a change to Canon. What’s the point in just playing the MP game, the sensor is still not full sized and how can you even consider a DSLR without video? So far I just got myself an additional Canon body for video, in the hope that eventually Sigma will offer their great technology inc video function at some point, and now yet again they announce a new camera that offers too little too late. Very disappointed. I’m starting to think Sigma is never going to launch a camera that really has it all.

    Eric, you should check out the Sony A55 if you really want a camera that “has it all” – of course, the resolution and color fidelity will not compare with a Sigma SD1 (when the new Sigma camera finally comes out). Of course, I am not the Sigma user switching to Canon. I am the Canon user who recently switched to Nikon (to get the folding screen of the D5000 just before the Canon 60 D was announced), and now is switching to Sony and getting ready to add the Sigma SD1 for landscape and some commercial and macro shooting. I plan to get the SD1 and the 30 f1.4 EX, then the 10-20 f3.5 EX and the 50-150 f2.8, which I will use most of the time. Eventually, for butterflies and birds I hope to be able to afford the 120-300 f2.8. If not, maybe I’ll get the 150-500.

  82. I decided to give up about the SD1. Definetly I won’t expend $6000 in a dslr not full frame, regardless of the image quality. I’m not a pro, I don’t live from photography and I surely have much more interestings things to do with this money, to travel for example.

    I told last time that I use Leica glass in my SD15 and I prefer 10 times to buy a damn good lens rather than a body, specially if the maker has just maybe five really good lenses that may match the sensor quality. I just got a SD9 from ebay ($250) and will look for a spare SD15 taht will also be converted to Leica-R and put a decent custom made focusing screen on it. I’m willing to pay $2000 in a really good lens, but not this ridiculous price tag for the SD1

    To be honest if I judge necessary, I’ll go for a Mamiya, not Sigma. Ate least they have a huge collection of realy good lenses.

    Now I have a SD15, a SD9 and a DP2. And will stop here.

  83. Matt McBrody says:

    Sadly Sigma have shot themselves in the foot with this one. The specs look great, and I delayed buying the SD15 to wait for the SD1, but at the price they announced (some $9,500 or £6800!) it’s simply ridiculous. You might as well save up the extra money and buy a Hasselblad digital-backed MF camera. I love the DP range of cameras so will stick with those, for DSLR I will stick with other brands.

  84. KTR says:

    I was rather disappointed to see that in the latest incarnation of the Foveon chip in the DP Quattro Sigma has gone way from the Merrill design of 3 sensors per-pixel that capture full colour information.

    Whether it is an “improvement” or not is beside the point. The Merrill version of the chip in the DPxM and the SD1 Merrill cameras already delivered stunning Image Quality.

    Sigma should have put their resources into improving the performance of the SD1. Of course, viewed objectively it is a fine camera. The trouble is that when you have become used to what the best from Nikon and Canon can do it is very frustrating to use.

    I love my SD1. The quality of the images is wonderful, the shutter is beautifully damped, and so on … but for most of my photography I still use a 10 year-old Canon DSLR that is much more convenient and easier to use, and that delivers good enough results for everything except billboardfs and giant exhibition prints.

    The things that Sigma should be working on to produce a camera that can compete with Nikon and Canon are, in order of importance:

    1. MUCH faster write times
    2=. Improved battery life
    2=. Faster, more sensitive, and more decisive AF
    4. Further reductions in high-ISO noise
    5. Complete the partial weather sealing (and add weather-sealing to the existing lens range wherever possible)
    6. Add an SD slot or a second CF slot

    If they could do all that – instead of messing about with a sensor that is already superb – then the SD1 might become a big seller.

  85. KTR says:

    I forgot a couple of other things:

    ESSENTIAL: We need , somehow or other, to get X3F files processed by Lightroom, Photoshop, and ACR

    NICE TO HAVE: It would be nice if Sigma released their cameras with an EOS mount.

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