First PS Day (and second)

Alright, my first PS day session is done – I actually went there and stayed the entire day to listen to other speakers as well, to get inspired and sort of know what was expected of me – and we had some unluck too, one mini-DVI cable was wrong and I couldn’t hook up my iMac that i brought with me. But was fixed after 5 min. Will bring MacBook next time. :D Oh well..

I showed lots of pictures from you guys – and myself. :) And I talked about why I started with Foveon / Sigma to start with. I had a short look at Sigma Photo Pro, Raw Developer and Silkypix as well. Will not say too much here as there is two more sessions ahead and I want to save some.. :)

Anyways. Great interest after the session about the DP’s. I had the DP2 and SD15 with me as well as the Sigma 530 DG and both a small snoot and beauty dish. :D hehe..

Also, were you there? Please add a comment! :)

Second day:

This time I changed my keynote quite a lot and added some more shots and took away some – made everything a little bit more clear. I did sound a lot like a sales representative from Sigma which I aint so I will change that to the last session this friday in malmö. But I had much more time, and could show some really neat stuff in Lightroom, and with Raw developer and Silkypix. I forgot to show Sigma photo pro but that didn’t really matter. The idea behind showing other developers is how I after that continue to make magic inside Lightroom with “other” develops.

I also showed how to use Enfuce (a open source  HDR lightroom plugin), using a fantastic picture by Boris Buschardt from Iceland.

Will fine tune my show even more to Friday. This is much more fun than I thought.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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15 Responses to First PS Day (and second)

  1. Isiah says:

    I’m very sure that you did a great job! :)

  2. thechebb says:

    Sounds great Carl, sorry I didn’t follow through with the RAW images, got really busy and forgot…. :(

  3. Katrin Risberg says:

    I were there! And it was an excellent day, thank you for your presentation, very inspiring! / The girl with the flash-question.

  4. Patrick says:

    Any video taken on your speech?

  5. Axell says:

    from my vacation
    from Estonia

  6. Axell says:

    [img] S3-0080 Lahemaa RP (kopia)-2.jpg[/img]
    from my vacation
    from Estonia

  7. Katrin, thanks! :) I will try to remember to show that flash thingi in Malmö – I think more people should hear about it. hehe.. :)

  8. And no, there is no video. I wanted to but as I started to talk I forgot about it. I even prepared my shiny iphone 4, but I was standing in the dark and the projected image came out really washed out in the video (I tried some on the person before me).

    Perhaps I’ll give it another shot in Malmö.

  9. Anonymous says:

    from my vacation
    from Estonia

  10. i read your enthusiasm about Sigma SD1, but i think this camera would be unavailable until 2012 (maybe 2013 if had same time of SD15), maybe Sigma give you some pre-series in 2011, but for us nothing for almost 2 years. now, i can take the question, i’ve find a new SD15 for 730€ in germany, but i would have real difference to my SD14 (i’ve asking you for some RAW in august but you’ve some problem by the firmware of your SD15). is possible to have some RAW of this camera at 400/800/1600 (not more i’m not interested) to evaluate the real difference?
    excuse me for my english, i’m italian.

    ps: i view that you call us for best sigma shot, if you want again, i’m proud to give you a lot.

  11. Massimiliano, id be happy to view some of your best Sigma shots! Also, let’s hope that sigma will be able to pull this one off! They need to gain that trust again!

    I will have shots from sd1 as soon as sigma let me. :) I really hope that reality is as good as what I’ve seen so far.

  12. 1 – in attach some photo taken by SD14

    2 – please, give me an help for the offer that i choose of SD15?

    regards, for all

    ps: if you want more photo, i’ll send immediatly. for other, i don’t use it a SIGMA PHOTO PRO but only silkypix pro for develop my shoot.

  13. you can send me a selection of RAW of SD15 with this 3 ISO speed (400, 800, 1600)?

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