Sigma Photo Pro 4. In depth videos. 1-6

I recorded a series of videos for Sigma America and they have them in their youtube channel, but somehow they’re unable to upload them in higher quality so I uploaded them myself – although without their intro. You have to imagine it. :)  I hope you find something useful and don’t forget to watch in HD!

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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13 Responses to Sigma Photo Pro 4. In depth videos. 1-6

  1. Daniel Portier says:

    Thank you Carl,
    Nice to see how you to take care of those x3f files. It made me reprocess some of my shots I took this summer. Especially regarding the color corrections in combination with the white balance presets(shade/overcast). I almost always used auto white balance, but sometimes skin color can be really hard. And now I will not hesitate to try the other presets.

  2. Isiah says:

    Thanks Carl!

  3. soe says:

    Great tutorials.

    I have to say I really like Sigma Photo Pro 4.1. I like its simplicity and how it can transform an ordinary x3f images into something extraordinary.

    Out of curiosity, I tried to process a few x3f files in Adobe Lightroom, which I normally use to process raw files from my Canon 5Dm2. While Lightroom has more features than SPP4.1, I was surprised to see that I could not quite bring out the same color vibrancy and overall details that I get from processing with SPP4.1. SPP does something magical to x3f files!

    Thanks, Carl.

  4. Pawel says:

    Rick shots from SD15 and new 8-16mm look great. I think I’m convinced now that it is worth upgrading. In the cave shot I was really stunned how much of the overexposed sky you were able to rescue. I don’t think SD14 has that much DR.

    thanks for the tutorials!

  5. uri c says:

    hello carl

    i wrote to you in the lats post and you answerd everyone else but me why ? am i bothering you ?

    “ello carl

    today i got sd15 with 17-70 OS for tests for a few days.

    i must say that it’s quite amazing , the sharpness it’s unparallel to canonikon. there is alot of air between objects and color is an exmaple of my wife.

    the only thing the concern me is the delay when pressing the shutter to the actual time it takes the shot and the next thing is that you can not do anything while the camera is writing the files to the SD card. do you think that sigma will repair this in the nest firmware ?

    thank you for your time and help

  6. Hi Uri, oh, sorry about that! I’m sure I miss answering lots if comments and emails even if I try hard to keep up. I also look forward to see some nice sd15 shots from you! :) and about the annoying stuck between shots – let’s hope they can fix that – would be nice!

  7. uri c says:

    hello carl

    thank you for your time and help

    there is also a feeling that there is a delay or shutter lag when pressing the button is it true or it is just my feeling ?

    do you now a better way to deal with the green cast even in low iso like 100. do you know how is the predicted focus is it fast because i want to shoot flying birds.

    i did not bought the sd15 yet because i have a few things i have to decide

    thank you for your time and help

  8. Hi Uri,

    Ah, test. :) I missed that word. I haven’t shot any birds with the SD15 so I currently have no idea how well it does that. And the green cast that you’re seeing, what developer are you currently using? SPP, Lightroom or something else?

  9. uri c says:


    carl i use spp4.1 because it gives the best sharpness !!

    what about the shutter lag time ?
    i must know how the sd15 deal with predicted focus.
    that way i will know if to buy the 300mm 2.8 or 120-300 2.8 what do you think is better lens

  10. javamonk says:



  11. Jens Flachmann says:

    thank you for those really helpful videos!

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