Jewelry photography, day four. (Updated)

Final capture for day four: We had a long talk today, me and the jewelry guy. He wanted the text within each ring to be unreadable so we decided that taking each text away using PS would take way to long, but using a wider aperture could work instead. I had to move the light quite a bit (I used lowest power at f20 on those last shots) and now I had to use  a semitransparent white circular reflector in-between the softbox and the “set” . I finally got a working F8. I could go all the way down to f5.6 but then it was hard to see anything exept one or two diamonds in focus.

I also wrapped the whole sets bottom in golden reflective material – and it seams to work pretty nicely. There is a 3000px version of the below image.

Four diamond rings

Slightly older part, posted this morning: Today I wanted to try something real and off went Linns ring. I told her to clean it carefully because of all the dirt seen by the mighty 105mm Sigma lens. But wow, we didn’t expect this much scratches to be there – and thanks to photoshop and my great painting skills I was able to partly save her ring. :)

This time I added the Sigma 530 DG, snooted from the right – and the big softbox as always from the top, slightly tilted so that I can reach with the Sigma SD15. Developed using Sigma Photo Pro 4.1 using vivid color mode.

Real gold, real diamond.

Real gold, real diamond.

Also, here’s another shot, another ring, this time a fake one – just trying different ways to reflect. This time I’m holding a long hard, white paper above the ring, infront of the flash. Creates a light, pretty OK looking thingi. And don’t look too close on this one, at 100% size it looks horrible!! Sooo much dirt. (although I didn’t upload the full size of this one).

another fake ring, test..

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25 Responses to Jewelry photography, day four. (Updated)

  1. I was talking to the jewelry guy now and I now have a shot to work from. He really wants it to be very yellow – perhaps I should add a yellow plastic over one of the side lights.. hmm.. ideas? And isn’t the second one pretty green?



  2. Bob van Ooik says:

    yep the second is awfully green!

  3. Ted Johnson says:

    The “after” of Linn’s ring is wonderful! Funny how Tiffany uses such a restrained color palette, almost like the second example above, but not as green.

  4. Hi Ted, the ones he likes (included from his site, above) are not from Tiffany but photos he had (by another photographer) made for a prior collection years back.

    I’ve been looking at lots of ring images and I think most of the high quality stuff has lots of PS, hand painted reflections.. Which does take lots of time. Hmmm

  5. [img] shot 2010-08-25 at 15.45.14.jpg[/img]
    I tried yellow paper inside softbox, reflective golden stuff etc etc and nothing gives that “yellow” feeling that he has on his old shot. I’m thinking that flash is a bit “too” correct and if I use bad light bulbs I might get the “correct” yellow. hmm..

  6. Thomas Starander says:

    Maybe you should try a Lastolite reflector with a golden surface.

  7. Clive says:

    Hi Carl – the thought is why not ‘color correct’ the shot taken with normal lights to the gold emphasis he wants. Software is very flexible and cheap — and post-adjustable ;). Save you work.

    I did try some things offline. I wasn’t convinced in converting your black reflections to royal Scandic blue as had thought about. But in dimming it down, I greyed the blue a lot, and may like some of the effect.

    For your use, maybe you could try grey instead of black elements in your box. Degrees of grey – to get whatever effect he and you want. Maybe even a little blue in the grey, but I don’t know that the color will be acceptable. Anyway, it will reduce the hard contrast on the present black areas, if that works.

    I think it’s the softbox giving the most effective 3d reflection, the one on the top especially of the ring which emphasizes its shape.

    Second ring is probably ‘white gold’, but it is a bit green here too.

  8. Hi Clive, well.. I tried to “color correct” but as you might know, Foveon files are sooo sensitive to WB adjustments that if it’s jus a tiny bit off, it really looks off. But sure, it’s much in how I adjust, and how I post process although I really want to find THAT so that I don’t need to sit hours infront of PS. :)

    The idea about grey is good. I thought about it, and I will try. :)

  9. Thomas Starander, thanks for the advice. I’m now using something similar but by another company and I filled all empty space around the object to see if it gives a nice depth of golden yellow.. Looks like it’s sort of working. I received 20 new rings today to try.. :) wohoo..

  10. Niklas johansson says:

    dom senaste bilderna blev ju as snygga ju :)

  11. Clive says:

    Oh, fully on board with SPP color correcting sensitivity ;). What I had thought of was maybe the simple old-camera-style ‘color filters’ deck in Photoshop. I’ve started using that for some things, and you can make a preset of course.

    the other factor might be that gold could be one of those tricky perceptual areas of color, as its inverse of those beautifully shaded blue-greys is. I remember getting a slide-to-print corrected back in the days of wet processing. I had a bird-against-broken-clouds in the Arctic dawn. To get that blue-grey right, because it was beautiful, and against the goldish clouds was very difficult. The developing shop head sat down with me about it, and I paid him something reasonable to try – came out ok.

    Anyway, progress on this problem. Quite appreciated to see you work it, Carl. And community…


  12. Clive says:

    Yes, on the photoshop idea, I was completely missing that using the Image:Adjustments:Color Filters would of course upset your white background….

    So it is a much more complex problem; yes, with lights, color balance, Selective Color, differential response of the sensor, etc. etc.

    My my ;)

  13. Bob van Ooik says:

    random thought, which colour mode do you use in SPP? I noticed that landscape and vivid add a lot of red. Which could make this yellow gold look like red gold. Maybe it is an idea to start with an awfully neutral shot out of SPP. Hard nut to crack this :D

    PS. I’d cut back a bit on the stars. Just on the stone would be sufficient. Never saw gold spark like that ;)

  14. Hi Bob, it is a hard nut to crack – especially when the man wants something very shiny and strong. Tomorrow I’ll know if he is satisfied with the last set of four.. :) This was – even if it took some time, fun!


  15. Hi!
    You are improving. From the set of four rings I personally like the left one the most because of the reflections. I understand the customer’s wish to not see the text inside but I would not open the lens so much. I find now the shape of the ring is disappearing. Anyway be prepared to sit long hours in front of the monitor retouching the shots, it comes with the territory, jewelry shooings, sigh… Good luck! You will do it fine.

  16. NewbieSD9 says:

    Another nooob suggestion hope you don’t mind Carl :-)) mebe shoot the rings inside a fridge … it’s all white and got yellow (ish) light :-))

  17. NewbieSD9, I just have a hard time imagine myself inside that fridge, taking that picture! :D

  18. NewbieSD9 says:

    jewelry guy … He really wants it to be very yellow –

    Hey Carl

    Ive been using a meyer orestor 135mm f2.8 which turn things into a warm glow, closest foucs is about 4-5ft.


  19. Anonymous says:


  20. NewbieSD9 says:

    thats the image from the meyer 135mm f2.8 25 blade

  21. NewbieSD9 says:

    sorry 15 blade

  22. Anonymous says:

    Carl Rytterfalk:
    NewbieSD9, I just have a hard time imagine myself inside that fridge, taking that picture! :D


  23. NewbieSD9 – I hope it’s your screen that needs calibration, because your images comes out pretty dark and sometimes way contrasty on my side. I have a strong feeling it’s a screen issue.. Or maybe that’s how you like it? :)

  24. NewbieSD9 says:

    I got’s no idea Carl … will have to do some sleuthing :-))

  25. NewbieSD9 says:

    Hey Carl :-))

    My typical SPP 3.5 settings :

    Exp 0.0
    Contrast 0.3
    Shadow -0.7
    Highlight 0.5
    Saturation 0.3
    Sharpness -0.7
    X3 Fill 0.0

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