A day at Marstrand. Strobist.

The knife maker. Shot on Marstrand using SD14 + Sigma 50mm 1.4 and using sun as main light and Sigma 530 DG and back shape light.  ISO50. Now, ISO50 is such a compressed format that you really need to expose with great care. His shoulder is totally white and if it was shot at ISo100 it would still be information there. There is, if I convert to Monochrome but because it’s only info from one or two channels (Showing strange colors if still shown) Sigma has decided to erase everything in those areas.. I had lots of overexposed ISO50 shots yesterday and I regret shooting at ISO50. Stupid me.

If you look closer you’ll see a light shadow in his glasses, that’s where the round shape of a tiny beauty dish were before I erased it using LR3. Strong sun from the back and the Sigma 530 DG from slight above using a beauty dish making the sharp light disappear. SD14 + 50mm 1.4 + ISO50 (or more ISO25). Too much light entered the 50mm so I had to emphasizes those shadows and the hat quite a lot.

The oldish couple. Shot using 10-20 with sun as main and 530 DG as side light. Slight green color on the left shows where 530 is placed. SD14 and ISO50.  This came out slightly dark, best viewed at full size.

The above shot was slightly overexposed ISO50 shot, skin was overexposed in the color version – this version is equal to ISO25.  These two guys are well known over at www.99.se Goflorp (handle) and Rei Trulsson.. Nice to talk a bit with to of my readers in real life. :)

Childhood friends passing by, had to take their picture. The 530 from the far right. I should have used one more flash on their legs, that would probably make this shot a lot better. And yes, the 530 was a little too powerful this time. SD14 10-20mm ISO50

And finally, three shots of Linn. I’m so happy to have her around so I can play!! :D

SDIM7418.jpg SDIM7563.jpg SDIM7571.jpg

These last two could have been more worked on in SPP or LR but.. I didn’t. In the last shot the flash was slightly to close to her and skin is a little overexposed. Could work better as monochrome. All three  shot using SD14 and 10-20mm. ISO50 on all.

All above images available as full size on flickr. Handle with care.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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3 Responses to A day at Marstrand. Strobist.

  1. thechebb says:

    These are great photos – just wondering why shoot at ISO 50 instead of ISO 100?

  2. Yes, that’s what I ask myself too.. haha, Stupid really.

  3. Manuel DF says:

    Hmmm… somewhere this post slipped thrue my daily visits. Anyway, the pictures look stunning. I wonder how good the artificial light of the flash an the sun play together – thought there would be problems with the different white balances.

    It would be great if somebody could tell why a higher ISO would be better in this situation. I really don’t understand it. I have a strong technical background, but I am just a beginner in photography. So some ways of thinking (like overexposing ISO 50 corresponds to ISO25) are not common to me.
    From what I know until now, more ISO is just more amplification to the base signal. The upper limit of exposure time an aperture should be set in a way that the signal from every channel fits into the 12 bit the A/D-converter knows. If the problem is that there is to much light on one channel, how can pushing the signal even higher solve it? Should the delta to the other channel not even rise? And what does Carl mean with “compressed format”?
    I hope that I not annoy you to much. But I just don’t won’t to stay stupid, please explain :).

    By, Manuel

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