Playing with two YN460-II


Today I had a wedding photo session – used Sigma 10-20 and Sigma 70mm together with my beloved SD14. Linn assisted (I LOOOOVE when she assists!) and on he way home we had a car full of gear, far away from home. What to do? Of course, we stopped and took some shots of each other. Sky was rapidly changing which made everything so much more interesting. :) And just for fun I used my new Chinese equipment. Two speed lights, stand and some transmitting equipment. Shot of me was way overexposed (ISO50) but in monochrome WB there was lots of information in blown areas so I turned it BW. Shot of me is also cropped some.

Btw, the cheap chinese equipment that brought works perfectly well together with the Sigma, (including DP’s) which is really nice! I had my Elinchrom Quadra in the car but – the Yongnuo YN460-II worked great, especially when two put together.

SDIM7362-Edit.jpg SDIM7335.jpg

Everything developed using SPP 4.1 and post edited using LR3 (darkening sky some etc). Full size available at my Fall 2010 set at Flickr.

You might ask why I don’t use my Sigma 530 DG Super instead of some cheap chinese ones – well, as you see the light is on a pretty light stand and it’s windy, I don’t dare having my beloved and TTL working 530 on that one without someone being able to save it of it falls. The two in the background DID fall – and one broke but was easy to fix. :)

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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15 Responses to Playing with two YN460-II

  1. Eason says:

    It seems a cheap light and easy to use. Thank for the share, and I’ll try to buy one.

  2. Isiah says:

    Really neat pictures…I really like them… I like the lighting :)

  3. Thanks Isiah! :) And Eason – if you find them, please share!

  4. Richard Birket says:

    I was just wondering if this is the flash you were using here:-

    I’ve been interested in getting hold of a cheap flash for my SD10.

  5. Hi Richard, Yes that’s the one! I’m thinking about making a package with two flashes, stands, umbrellas, triggers (the same as I use with place for two flashes on each – and two of those + transmitter) and with a total price around €150.. I have pretty good connection with the Chinese stores.. They will post worldwide directly from China.

    It’s so much fun. :)

  6. Jens Flachmann says:

    I am very interested in such a flash package, you can count me in! btw i really like your blog a lot!

  7. Hi Jens, thanks! And I’ll make a note about the flash-pack – you will most likely see a post about it when it’s ready. :)

  8. spalbird says:

    1st picture is awsome :)

    As your only on camera flash I highly recommend the Nikon SB28 used from ebay if money matters. In Auto settings exposures are nice and the flash recharges fast. Built quality is better than Sigma flashes IMO.

    According to the Spec list, the YN460 is quite capable though…

  9. Asido ™ says:

    Hi Carl…
    Your picture is very awesome.
    Is that directly from camera, or any post edit?
    It’s extremely sharp, the colors are amazing, white stays white.
    How to output such image? Really appreciate if U have tutorial.

    • Hi Asido, It’s more or less directly from camera – the Sigma SD system has this very unique ability to really create dream like quality when put under good light and above scenes are as you see, in truly great light. Daylight, sunlight and flashlight all put together = awesomeness.

      So, post is done in Lightroom and incorporates a slight darkening of the sky – perhaps a slight adding of vignette just to make things more fun. Not sure if anything else.

  10. chelismonasterio says:

    hi carl!!what do you use to work with these flashes with a sigma sd??and inalambric control?in the second photo i can see it,but don`t recognize.thanks

    • Hi Chelis, well, the word “inalambric” is new to me – and the only thing that my “simple chinese flash kit” does is sending a flash signal to the speed light so that it goes off. Very simple. The flash it self only has two settings – slave on / off and +/- for adjusting the flash power. It really doesn’t get any simpler. And I like that.

  11. Qiestz Dron says:

    Hi Carl,
    The result very awsome on my eyes, do you always use two yongnuo speedlite in every picture above to get that awsome result?

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