The China wedding.. Full story. :)

Images taken by two Chinese photographers using Canon and Fujifilm cameras in jpg mode. I tried my very best to enhance in LR3 but there wasn’t enough data really. Although we got lots of good memories!


My China wedding
Starts with relatives gathering – us dressing up and here we are ready to show humbleness and respect to the oldest, Linns grandmother  by bowing three times. Feels very vey strange but she looked very happy so.. :)

My China wedding
Then it’s time for me to serve green tee to the “head” relatives of the family. Here I serve Linn’s (and mine according to Chinese traditions) mom. I enjoyed this part much more. :)

My China wedding
After serving all of them the tee, Linn’s grand mother gives us two red envelopes with money. That means that she accepts our marriage. She’s 86 btw and a really tough lady. :)

My China wedding
After the ceremony I carry Linn down many stairs and to the awaiting car, a BMW X5 limited edition.. :) Some friend lend it to us, and we had it decorated China style.

in the wedding car Crazy Linn 2
We drove first to a park by the huge erha lake, and there the wedding photos bagan.

woohoo DSCF0702 Beizu and us Beizu Colors slightly off. :) Parts of my new family Looking at kites Look, kite! Me with my best friend. Talking three layers Getting ready leaning Showing Bestman how DP2 works Showing off my DP2 At the lake in Dali

The park was fun, and lots of people were looking. :) I had to say Hello quite a few times.

After the park thingi it was time to go to the Hotell, a huge five star thing that was prepared for us. We stood at the entrence of the hotell giving candy and cigaretts to the guests and shaking hands. Mom and dad was standing there with us. The strange thing here was that lots of guests didn’t come for us, they came because of Linn’s father and they didn’t even look at me, walking straight to dad and congratulating.. hmm.. China.

My new father.. At the party with 300 guests. At the party. Gambei At the party

Then when all 300 guests was seated, eating and stuff we came in walking to the front were a rental talk person stood doing the smooth introduction of our love (she had no idea who we were so this felt strange too) and she walked us thru some decorating steps, like cutting a small cake, pouring champagne on a pile of wine glas and finally to have the traditional drink with our armes around each other. hmm.. I got some shot of that but perhaps you understand.

We then walked from table to table, my bestman told eveyone to stand up and then someone at each table said something nice about the future of ours and then we drank.. :) I had water and they had rice wine. Most didn’t know but after 30 tables, rice wine would likely had me killed.

Now this is written in haste and I’m sure my English is worse then usual. But at least you got a taste of Weddings in this part of China.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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30 Responses to The China wedding.. Full story. :)

  1. soelin says:

    Congratulations to you, Carl and Linn. Thanks for sharing some wonderful pictures. Are some of the photos you posted taken with your DP(1/2)?

  2. Fairul says:

    lol. even during busy wedding, carl never left his sigma dp. carl, u shld get married to your cameras also! ;p

  3. sam says:


  4. Sa`d says:

    Wonderful pics, and good work on the processing. And thanks for sharing!

  5. Dear Carl and Linn,

    Congratulations one more time for both of you. Thank you for letting us have a sneak peek into your wedding in China. There were a lot of traditional things going and it is so interesting to see it. Hope you will post more pictures soon. I would love to see the colour of Linn’s traditional dress. By the way, I like the last picture very much.

  6. Ted Johnson says:

    Congrats Carl and Linn!

    I agree with Olga: the last pic is wonderful. What about a color edition?



  7. Luo Fei says:

    Congratulations!!! lots of fun:) I just return back to Kunming this evening,it’s so pity I were not in your wedding… anyway, maybe we will meet at Nordica in some day.

  8. Flavio Leone says:

    Congratulation Carl!

    My wedding is next Saturday, 7th august!!!

  9. Isiah says:

    Awesome post… you both look so happy!! The future will be bright for you :)

  10. oz says:


  11. thechebb says:

    Awesome!!! Thank you for sharing this very special occasion with us. Best wishes to you both! I do like the last photo is that with one of the DP cameras? B&W is just stunning.

  12. Tom B says:

    Congratulations, Carl and Lin! A world of joy and love to both of you!

  13. Julio Noyola says:

    Wow, you guys finally got married and back to China! I feel very happy for you two and wish you the best. You look very happy and Linn looks radiant as usual. Hope to be able to go back to Kunming one of this days while you`re there.
    By the way, I`m one of your discret fansm we meet at Nordika when you were working there long time ago; you helped me to get started with my then new iBook G4.

    Congratulations and all the best.


  14. jacky boy says:

    Congrat Carl! Nice to see you share your big day with us!

  15. Ricky says:


  16. Sven says:

    Love you bro’h! Say hi to Linn from us in Villa Marieberg! :-)

  17. NigelR says:

    Congratulations to you both. Super pictures by the way.

  18. mark young says:

    congrats and may your love be as intense and consummate as our love for the foveon sensor

  19. aurin says:

    So happy to see you together smiling like the sun, loving gratulations and may you share even more wonderful times together, hope to see you someday in sweden!

  20. Britta says:

    Miss you so much, longing to see you both! Want to see a LOTS of fotos from both weddings! Love!

  21. Annie Berggren says:

    Wonderful wedding! and congratulation! …..Carl, are you keeping Lin Chinese surname (劉)???

  22. Maxhoo says:


  23. Clive says:

    Hi Carl and Linn,

    Very much enjoying the pictures, all of the stream coming from China up to today.

    Linn, you look very pleased to be there, and the both of you have shown many faces I like to see during this journey of weddings ;).

    For each of you, a very nice feeling and thought, I think you know.

    Best for now, and I will try not to be so late to comment — look at all your friends here, though…!


  24. Annie, She is keeping it as a second name. Her new name is DongYun Liu Rytterfalk. I tried to get Liu as a second name but that was impossible for the Swedish authority. She will keep her old full name in China and only change in Sweden.

  25. Laurent says:

    Great moments thanks

  26. 周大白 says:


  27. 周大白 says:


  28. marcuslow says:

    thats pretty much the same way its done for all chinese even here in Malaysia. As for the wine, yeah, you had to entertain every table and drink 1 cup, so most of the time there is a standby driver (bro/relative) to drive both the bride and the bridegroom home or just help move him to the hotel room.
    I find some of the picts really hilarious though, esp the one where u are engrossed with lin and 2 ladies to the left was posing on their own world and the first one where the “mid” guy strikes a kungfu stance to take photo…

  29. Kevin says:

    Congrates man! I am from Yunnan, but I live in Canada now. It’s nice to know your wife is my “Lao xiang” :)

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