Lucky little Bee

Now, I had a some days together with only DP2 – the strange thing is that when I bring the DP2, then all situations are begging for wider – and when bringing the DP1 the opposite. But these below worked perfectly well using the DP2’s 42mm lens. Also, a reminder. Edited on nothing calibrated but I think they should look ok.

Lucky Bee
This little girl  stood outside the window of a restaurant and she looked at me constantly – the guy sitting there is the restaurant owner and he tried several times to scare her away by banking on the window and by by looking at her with angry face.. But she remained with the same face, looking at me.. This is perhaps the only time I been thinking about adoption. :P

Also notice that some have a cropped version as well.. it’s not me taking two shots. :)

Trying to hideCrop of hidden manCorn and stuffCrop of cornModern Dali

StrangerCrop of strangerIn DaliLinn awaiting drinkCrop of Linn awaiting drinkAt dentistTesting wedding make-upfarmwilleDesaturatedLinn at market BananamanCrop of BananamanPosition Fishing pigscrop of pigat hospital 2at hospitalStreetMy chinese dad

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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17 Responses to Lucky little Bee

  1. Richard Box says:

    Nice shots Carl,

    I especially enjoy the one of the guy fishing with the dead pig in the water. You don’t see that every day!

  2. Ted Johnson says:

    Hi Carl,

    Looks like the DP2 did fine with those shots! But you could carry both the 1 & 2 at the same time.

  3. Scott Greiff says:

    Very nice results! That thing / DP-2 is SHARP! By “banking” did you mean “banging?” :)

    – Scott

  4. adrian says:

    amazing! i could feel the atmosphere in those pics, especially the one with the sacks and in the hospital.
    the last pic also hit me with its sharpness and vivid but realistic colors.

    thanks Carl for the update!

  5. Carl Rytterfalk says:

    Scott, Yes.. :D That would be swinglish as Banka is the swedish word for banging.. So, because we talk about it here I’ll let it be. :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ted, of course. But as you might see these are ‘situation’ pictures.. moments that are gone most of the time the next second and having the wrong camera up is more or less the same thing as leaving one at home.

    But yes. I will have both with me from now on and it’s all your fault. :D

  7. M A Andrew says:

    Hi Carl

    Am thinking about investing in the DP2. Is the DP2s worth the extra?

  8. Hi Andrew,

    I don’t think so if you don’t plan on getting the DP1x – then it’s definitely worth a lot it’s annoying to have to change behavior when switching between cameras.

  9. Fairul says:

    Hi carl,
    hmm? why does DP1x matters in terms of switching behavior between cameras?

    Hi andrew, i think u shld note that dp2 eats more batteries than dp2s

  10. Hi Fairul,

    DP1x and DP2s share the same layout and controls on the back – all buttons works the same way. DP1s uses the same as DP1 and it’s quite different from DP2.

    And yes, battery should hold longer. :)

  11. M A Andrew says:

    Thanks guys. Just need to find somewhere in UK to buy it

  12. soelin says:

    Carl. For the hospital shots and (other low light) enviroments, do you shoot with manual focus? I’m new to the SIGMA cameras. I find the DP2s struggling to get a good focus especially in low light situation. Thanks.

  13. Hi Soelin,

    Yes, I use MF most of the time.. often by just relying on the approximate distance using the thumb wheel. If I have time then I use MF and magnified view – once you get used to it you will be quite fast.

    Today I relied on AF only, just to see how well it works. Most shots came out perfectly ok – although in daylight.

  14. Fairul says:

    wow carl. thats awesome. i cannot imagine using MF without first magnifying the view.. even with slightly off distance will give blurry image.

  15. Ricky says:

    because he uses the optical viewfinder

  16. Ricky, I didn’t. I could have had. haha. :) Didn’t bring it. but the BEST framed shots has most likely been framed using the LCD hidden from a low angle – so that no one would notice.

  17. Joshua Amahit says:

    Hello sir, Aside from the difference in focal length when it comes to the Dp1 and dp2, what exactly makes the Dp1s and Dp1x different to the Dp1? and the Dp2 different from the Dp2s and Dp2x? :3, quite confusing :3

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