Two young girls in Kunming.

Girls coming

A couple of days ago Linn wanted to get her nails done as it’s extremely cheap in Kunming compared to Sweden (about 1/20th of the price) and while waiting I walked around a bit and saw these two young girls coming in a near by alley.

Girls playing, Linn fixing nails

I walked a bit more and when I returned I saw the same girls standing outside the same store where Linn did her nails. I took another shot.

Girls playing, Linn fixing nailsGirls playing

Now, they really did time pass fast and we had a great time together. They really wanted me to take lots of shots and their mother came too – but I didn’t get a picture of her. (or one of the girls mother as of the one child per mom rule).

Girls playingGirls playingGirls playingGirls playingGirls playingGirls playing

All shots taken with the Sigma DP1s and developed using SPP 4.1 / but I really have no idea about colors as I sit on an old laptop only visually calibrated.

These are part of my China 2010 set. Almost all are higher ISO, 200 and above. lots at 400 and 800 as weather was pretty dark. Raining a lot. Also I’m not keen on the way SPP 4.1 handles noise at higher ISO, will perhaps redo some using SPP3.3.

Post processed using Lightroom 3.

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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3 Responses to Two young girls in Kunming.

  1. Andrew says:


  2. Hmm says:

    Made in China :)

  3. haha, yes.. Made in China.

    I know some has commented by mail about one of the girls eyes – and yes, there is a problem and no I didn’t talk to her parents about it even if I probably should have. If I get the chance I might try to convince her mom to take her to the doctor although she looked very poor to me (the mom) so I guess it’s a money thing.

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